"You Are Our Valentine" - Valve Previews Upcoming Heroes

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That bear has some sick dreads.

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Here are the pictures for the lazy.

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

Here are the pictures for the lazy.

Thanks, I really was considering leaving this thread instead of loading the dota webpage but you have saved me from such a fate. They all look pretty neat, Lone druid transforms then, and Lycan is a pet class?

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They both can summon and transform

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Lycan is one of my favourite heroes and I can't wait to play as him. I'm kind of sad to hear that they have remade Terror Blade... that hero was so fun. I hope he is in the next bunch of heroes.

Lone Druid's bear... so imba. Pity you can't purge it anymore...

Edit: Future Heroes:

  • Mortred, the Phantom Assassin - should be added this or next week. She is my fav hero. Can't wait to play as her
  • Lanaya, the Templar Assassin - should be added this or next week. This hero was added after I stopped playing DotA so dunno if she is cool.
  • Atropos, the Bane Elemental - should be added this or next week. Awesome hero! Can't wait.
  • Gyrocopter - should be added this or next week. What is this? This hero looks so lame.

Heroes to be added in the "near future":

  • Lycan - awesome
  • Lone Druid - awesome-ish
  • Shadow Demon - X_X
  • Obsidian Destroyer - pretty cool
  • Magnataur - don't like it much
  • Dirge - X_X
  • Phantom Lancer - awesome
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Lanaya? Yay!

Still no Lord of Avernus/Abadon? Gah!

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Valve's design with the help of ice frog is unmatched. Seeing what they do to old wc3 character models is fascinating

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This concept art was also released about a week ago.

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God Dammit. I HATE playing against Lycan. I wish they would have a ban or two available for the matchmaking games so I don't have to see him every game once people realize how amazing he is. Kinda like how AM seems to be right now, IMO.

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Cant wait.

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