A Dilemma of the AGES

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Sorry for the pun, I just couldn't resist. 
Anyways, a few weeks ago I got Dragon Age from GameFly for my Xbox. Yes, I knew that Dragon Age is a much better game on the PC, but I feared that it wouldn't run on my laptop. After deciding I thoroughly liked the game, I decided to purchase it. After beating the game, my brother, who I persuaded to buy a copy of the game, let me use his steam account to see if it would run on my laptop. Miraculously, it did, and I was stunned to see how much better the game felt with a mouse and keyboard.  I originally planned on playing through the game again, and then picking up the expansion. My question is, should I buy Dragon Age for a second time for a second playthrough, thus postponing my exchange of my old 360 to a new one, or simply stick it out?

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@Red: I too was really surprised at how well it runs on my computer, I tired running GTA IV and its practically unplayable, but Dragon Age runs great
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I have played through the main game 4 times now and the expansion twice in a 360, and having played through ME2 about as many times the radial menu did not bother me at all. If you prefer to play it on the PC go for it, but I don't think you are going to have a vastly decreased experience between playing it on the consoles or playing it on the PC.

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I really wanted the PC version, but I didn't think it would run. GTAIV doesn't run too bad, so I guess i could've bought it. The PS3 version has a low framerate :(

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