No Awakening on PS3?

#1 Posted by Pessh (2505 posts) -

I thought it was available on disc and online, thats true, for 360 and PC, however theres no disc version for the PS3. I've checked Game, Amazon, Shopto and Play... nothing. I wouldn't mind getting it off the PSN store, but its £33 (thats 49$ for you Americans.) Am I the only one who wasn't aware of this? Any idea why its the case?

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There is a boxed version of Awakening for PS3; at least, there is in Canada. I'm not sure about other regions. But it's 44.99 CDN (roughly the same American), so it doesn't seem much more cost effective than getting it off PSN.

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I'm pretty sure I saw a disc version at gamestop

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Maybe it's just in the UK then?

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According to the game's official website and gamestop, there is a boxed version of Awakening for the PS3. Where did you hear that there wasn't?

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@wasteguru: Read the OP. I checked 4 of the biggest game websites in the UK and nothing.
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do they not show it on the list if they are sold out maybe? just out of stock? (very unlikely 4 stores are all sold out though..)

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The Canadian BestBuy site has Awakening for PS3 listed for $44.99.  Search around, its out there.
It was an okay expansion, but Im not sure it'd be worth the $50 new. I actually got a deal on mine for $20 plus like $4 shipping off the EA store.

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I checked the Awakening Website and it seems to only list a PS3 disk version on the North American site. Either that or they don't want to promote a PS3 version on the UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany,  Czech Republic, Netherlands, or Poland versions of the sites. Though it probably means that you don't have a PS3 disk version of the game in the UK.

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I don't think it was retail in the UK. Download only.

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@Pessh said:
" @wasteguru: Read the OP. I checked 4 of the biggest game websites in the UK and nothing. "
huh, how did I miss that?  
Thats a disappointment for people in the UK.

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