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Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II is a Dragon Ball Z game that lets the player play as Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks and even Vegeta. Each character has different attack types and the Saiyans characters have the ability to turn into Super-Saiyans. The game also features a more non-linear progression than that of the original game.


The story picks up right after the Garlic Jr. saga, which is after the Frieza and Saiyan saga (The events of the original game). The story is in the Android/Cell saga, which leads to the introduction of Future Trunks, Android 16, 17, 18, and Cell. The Android/Cell saga is regarded by fans to be the highlight of the Dragon Ball Z series.

The plot starts off with Frieza remaining alive after his defeat from Goku on planet Namek. He and his father, King Cold, head to Earth to seek revenge off Earth's main hero, Goku. But to their surprise, a hero from out of no where appears and tells him that he will be the to destroy him. Frieza at first doesn't take him seriously, he does what he could to destroy Trunks, but fails. Soon after that, Trunks transforms into a super-saiyan and destroys Frieza. Not long after that, he destroys King Cold and the spaceship they flew on.

After that, Goku finally arrives on Earth and Trunks explains who he really is and what's going to happen three years into the future. An evil force that are these two androids will arrive on Earth to destroy all lifeforms, which includes all of Earth's special forces. Goku on the other hand, dies of a virus earlier on. Trunks explains all that to him and then gives Goku a cure for the virus that he may suffer in the future.

Trunks leaves to go back to his own time and Goku tells everyone what's going to happen. Everyone then begins to train for the upcoming event.


One of the new features in the game.

The game features a number of new features; such as a more non-linear progression, the ability to control other characters in the Dragon Ball Z series, side quests, and more techniques to use during combat.

The story progression is more non-linear than the original game, the player can step outside of the story and explore other areas that the game contains. The new feature in the game is the ability to travel from area to area via flying - the game has a 3D section where the player can fly in any direction once the player leaves the area that he or she is in. Some of the areas are some of the famous location that was feature in the anime series, like Kami's lookout tower, Goku's home, and Capsule Corp.

One of the most noticeable feature in the game is to control other characters. When the story progresses, the game will move on to other character. For example, Goku will be affected by virus at one point in the game; once that happens, the player will be in control of Vegeta. Later in the game the player will have the ability to take control of any one of the characters at any time.

Playable Characters

The combat in the game is very similar to the previous game, but new techniques are presented. One of them is the ability to turn into a super-saiyan, that was only something that was introduction at the end of the last game. In super-saiyan mode, the character will temporally have faster speed and strength, but once the energy meter depletes, the super-saiyan powers goes away. All of the characters have their own techniques that differ from each other.

Piccolo in training

The game also features items that can be use. One of them is "senzu beans" - that it uses for restoring health. And a scouter that is uses for scanning any living thing (Human, animal, or alien). By pressing one of the shoulder buttons, the player will enter a grid with all the living things that's surrounding the player in it and can scan it by moving a reticle towards it. What the player will scan is the living thing's power and it's bio. The game also features 25 collectable gold capsules, scattered throughout the Dragon Ball world, as well as other side quests, which eventually lead up to a hidden boss in the game.

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