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More of a gauntlet than an actual boss fight, you're going to be attacking inanimate objects more than the Dragon God.

Summary of Fight

Again, this isn't your traditional boss fight. You'll need to run to the right side of the area and activate a magical restraining bolt. Then you'll need to run all the way to the left side and activate the second bolt. All the while, you'll be dodging punches and fire breath attacks.


  • At the start, run forward, just enough to see him wind up and punch at you.
  • Learn the timing, then sprint while he's recoiling his punch.
  • Run to the right and hide behind the pillar there. As long as you're in the shadow of the pillar, you'll be fine.
  • His eyes will go from red to yellow when you're in the clear.
  • When his eyes are yellow, run to the right and attack the two broken pillars to the right. If you hear the Dragon God growl, then run back behind the pillar.
  • He will growl twice and then punch, so make sure you're in a safe place on his second growl. His punch will also go through and pillar you're hiding behind, so you'll want to keep sprinting backward if you think you're in trouble.
  • After those old pillars are destroyed, continue on and hide behind the next pillars.
  • Use the same tricks here to destroy the next broken pillars.
  • Sprint to the opening and you're safe.
  • Activate the blue device.
  • Now proceed along the newly-accessible stairs, and follow the path.
  • Use the same tricks here to dodge his attacks. He will breath fire on you here instead of punching, which causes more damage and will cover more ground, so be careful.
  • When you get to the last hiding spot before the upward staircase, you'll have to break the next piece of debris in one try and sprint to the top.
  • Activate the blue device.
This next part can be done two ways.


Ranged attacks are the safe bet here. Just unload on his protruding chin-spike from a distance. Congratulations!


Melee characters are going to have it a little harder.
  • Watch his breathing patterns. He will blow hot breath out periodically. This breath can easily kill you.
  • When the breath is completely not visible anymore, run up to his chin and whack him a couple times. He will recoil and slam his chin back down.
  • Run back to a safe distance and repeat until victorious.

What do I Get for Killing Him?


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