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Dragon Story: New Dawn is the second game in the Dragon Story Franchise. If you had the original Dragon Story then you can import your world into the new game.

How To Play

In Dragon Story: New Dawn, you need to hatch, feed, evolve and breed your dragons. The Dragons in return give you money

When you first start the game, you need to purchase an egg. This egg needs to be hatched.


To hatch an egg, you need a nest, you can buy one for in-game currency in the beginning and any additional nests cost real money.

Once the egg has hatched, you need to place your newly hatched dragon into a habitat


Dragons need habitats to live on. They are purchasable in the store for in-game currency. There are different types of dragons and they each have a corresponding habitat. Mixed breed dragons can live in either habitat.


To make you dragons grow, you need to feed them. To feed them, you need to build a farm and grow food. Giving food to your dragons will increase their experience and make them level up. Once they reach level 3, 6 or 9, you need to evolve them to continue to make them grow. When your dragons level up, they start making more money.


Dragons need to evolve when they reach level 3, 6 or 9 to continue to grow. To evolve a dragon, you need an evolution temple. Place your dragon in the evolution temple and wait till they evolve


The game also allows you to have mixed breed dragons. To breed dragons, you need a breeding den. Your new dragons can be placed on whichever type of habitat they are.

Types of Dragons

Fire Type

Fire type dragons are purchasable for in-game currency. Fire type dragons require Fire habitats live in.

Forest Type

Forest type dragons are purchasable for in-game currency. Forest type dragons require Forest habitats live in.

Air Type

Fire type dragons are purchasable for in-game currency. Air type dragons require Air habitats live in.

Light Type

Fire type dragons are purchasable for in-game currency. Light type dragons require Light habitats live in.

Water Type

Fire type dragons are purchasable for in-game currency. Water type dragons require Water habitats live in.

Magic Type

Magic type dragons are not purchasable for in-game currency. Magic type dragons require Magic habitats live in. Even though they are not purchasable for in-game currency, you can still breed a fire and water type dragon to get one. They are not very common though.

Diamond Type

Diamond type dragons are not purchasable for in-game currency. Diamond type dragons require Diamond habitats live in.

List Of Dragons


  1. Fire - Fire
  2. Life - Fire, Forest
  3. Tusker - Fire, Light
  4. Wild - Fire, Forest
  5. Forestfire - Fire, Forest
  6. Landworm - Fire, Forest
  7. Firestorm - Fire, Air
  8. Eagle - Fire, Air
  9. Scorpion - Fire, Air
  10. Honeybee - Fire, Air
  11. Athletic - Fire, Water
  12. Charm - Fire, Magic
  13. Titan - Fire, Magic
  14. Planet - Fire, Magic
  15. Crusader - Fire, Diamond
  16. Love - Fire, Light
  17. Laserlight - Fire, Light


  1. Forest - Forest
  2. Life - Fire, Forest
  3. Wild - Fire, Forest
  4. Forestfire - Fire, Forest
  5. Landworm - Fire, Forest
  6. Fruitful - Forest, Air
  7. Fairy - Forest, Air
  8. Parakeet - Forest, Air
  9. Island - Forest, Water
  10. Serpent - Forest, Water
  11. Atlantis - Forest, Water
  12. Mermaid - Forest, Water
  13. Poison - Forest, Magic
  14. Familiar - Forest, Magic
  15. Quetzal - Forest, Diamond
  16. Fuzzy - Forest, Light
  17. Pegasus - Forest, Light


  1. Air - Air
  2. Firestorm - Fire, Air
  3. Eagle - Fire, Air
  4. Scorpion - Fire, Air
  5. Honeybee - Fire, Air
  6. Fruitful - Forest, Air
  7. Fairy - Forest, Air
  8. Parakeet - Forest, Air
  9. Mist - Air, Water
  10. Mindvolt - Air, Water
  11. Clown - Air, Water
  12. Seabreeze - Air, Water
  13. Genie - Air, Magic
  14. Trickster - Air, Magic
  15. Gold - Air, Diamond
  16. Sunrise - Air, Light
  17. Griffin - Air, Light


  1. Water - Water
  2. Athletic - Fire, Water
  3. Island - Forest, Water
  4. Serpent - Forest, Water
  5. Atlantis - Forest, Water
  6. Mermaid - Forest, Water
  7. Mist - Air, Water
  8. Mindvolt - Air, Water
  9. Clown - Air, Water
  10. Seabreeze - Air, Water
  11. Coral - Water, Magic
  12. Wizard - Water, Magic
  13. Mistmoth - Water, Magic
  14. Aether - Water, Magic
  15. Winter - Water, Light
  16. Ice Cream - Water, Light
  17. Dream - Light, Water
  18. Mercury - Diamond, Water


  1. Magic - Magic
  2. Charm - Fire, Magic
  3. Titan - Fire, Magic
  4. Planet - Fire, Magic
  5. Poison - Forest, Magic
  6. Familiar - Forest, Magic
  7. Genie - Air, Magic
  8. Trickster - Air, Magic
  9. Coral - Water, Magic
  10. Wizard - Water, Magic
  11. Mistmoth - Water, Magic
  12. Aether - Water, Magic
  13. Luck - Light, Magic
  14. Hypnotic - Light, Magic


  1. Light - Light
  2. Fuzzy - Forest, Light
  3. Pegasus - Forest, Light
  4. Fuzzy - Forest, Light
  5. Pegasus - Forest, Light
  6. Sunrise - Air, Light
  7. Griffin - Air, Light
  8. Winter - Water, Light
  9. Ice Cream - Water, Light
  10. Dream - Light, Water
  11. Luck - Light, Magic
  12. Hypnotic - Light, Magic
  13. Angel - Light, Diamond
  14. Tusker - Fire, Light


  1. Diamond - Diamond
  2. Crusader - Fire, Diamond
  3. Quetzal - Forest, Diamond
  4. Gold - Air, Diamond
  5. Mercury - Diamond, Water
  6. Angel - Light, Diamond
  7. Infinity - Diamond



Used to Hatch Eggs


Used to grow dragon food. Can be upgraded to Large Farm then Enchanted Farm. Larger farms can produce for food at a time

Breeding Den

Used to breed dragons. When empty, select 2 Dragons and click breed

Evolution Temple

Used to evolve dragons.

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