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So I am currently completing the game for the first time, and I was wondering if I should beat the game then start the Dark Arisen content in NG+, or do Bitterblack first? is it more difficult in NG+?

I've heard that the ending is really crazy, so I'm excited to see it, but I also don't want to replay the game or do an insane amount of grinding to get to a high enough level to play the Bitterblack content in NG+

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my brain saw "Black Isle...New Game" and i got excited...

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@elwoodan: Bitterblack Isle is the Dark Arisen content. Also, assuming you've been fairly diligent in sidequests you should be at or approaching 50 that is pretty much bare minimum for Bitterblack. Although note you'll most likely have an insanely tough time at even 50 if you didn't properly build your characters out.

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I've beat the game and Bitterblack on normal, then started hardmode, beat the game and started farming runs in Bitterblack, which has a hardmode of its own, once you beat it once.

I was about lvl 50 when I started Bitterblack, and lvl 200 when I had my fill. It's great stuff.

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NG+ is the same difficulty, and you get to keep all your shit. So go and see the ending dude! Bitterblack will wait a little.

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The ending is very unique!

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