Post Game Blues...

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#1 Posted by Libertin (21 posts) -

So, I finished the game... I'm sad, lol.

Which means, to me, that I have enjoyed this game immensely despite its story shortcomings.

Don't get me wrong, the actual story had a lot of potential, the ending proved that. But the middle part of the story is almost unimportant and inexistant.

But still... I have loved being part of that world. And again, that character creator is AMAZING. I love my character and I always looked forward to the cutscenes (this game honestly needs way more of those.)

This game would've been perfect had it had the strong storytelling and character interactions of a game like Dragon Age Origins.

Anyway... I'm going to start a NG+ in a few days, lol...

I hope they make a sequel with the same character creation but with a more meaty story and character development.

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#2 Posted by milsvaard (5 posts) -

Dude, the game doesn't end until you reach lvl 200 XD

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#3 Posted by LikeaSsur (1740 posts) -

And even then, you have the UR dragon to fight, loot to collect, quests to still do....this game doesn't end until you make it end.

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#4 Posted by Libertin (21 posts) -

I meant more that the story of the game finished, therefore the game is finished for me, lol.

I started a NG+ and trying different things but story-wise, nothing new is going to pop up. Unless they make a DLC-story for it...

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