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Hey everybody, I just recently got into Post-game after beat Grigori. I have been exploring the Everfall and currently LVL 87 I believe. I fought for a couple hours last night then for almost two hours today the Online Ur Dragon. I was sooo close to killing him, but because of the 8min intervals he left I had to wait. then when I went back in he was slain.

Now he should be Generation 58, any advice to taking him down? I am using a Mystic Knight class, with focuses on Blessed Enchantments, as it does 130% dmg according to wikia, and combining those with Great Cannon, Holy Furor, and Ruinous Sigil. My main Pawn Thad is a fighter equiped with Dragon Forged Ascalon. Should I use Sorcerers or Archers for ranged attacks? I had such a hard time getting to each red glowing disc when he was almost dead. Do i have to land physical blows like the Metal Golem, or will magick work also?

Any advice is appreciated.

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My advice is to follow the Online Ur-Dragon Twitter account: https://twitter.com/UrDragonXBOX360There is also a PS3 Twitter, but I'm on XBox so I follow that.

Also if you have everything you wanted from the Everfall you might as well finish them game. Start New Game+, get your pawn and then you can fight the Ur-Dragon whenever you like. There is a stone on the beach of the starting village that gets you to the Ur-Dragon. I think it's faster to stock up and head back in the starting village. Unless you want to keep killing all those strange monsters, then you should stay in the Everfall.

The set-up most people use is Assassin with daggers, the skills are invisibility, hundret kisses and gale harness(with that you are invisible, take no damage and move faster), while chugging down liquid vims. Also they use augments that make them stronger at night and when they are alone(they throw their pawns off cliffs).

I think that set-up is not necessary for the normal player. Assassin with daggers and bow is very good, also hundret kisses and the augment that makes you stronger at night. Everything else isn't necessary in my opinion. And if you kill him and your pawn is dead you get 3 levels, but your pawn doesn't, which kind of sucks.

You can fight him as Mystic Knight, but daggers with hundret kisses(which you can do while you are hanging on a monster) are really really damaging and you get a double jump. Also go in when he's really low on health and hope that someone took out the wings already. Or even better: wait for the grace period.

If you are wondering what the grace period is(maybe you know it maybe you don't): it's when the Ur-dragon is already dead on the server, but he appears with his last few hearts and has barely any health left. Grace was a walk in the park. Every heart died with a few hits. But with the latest patch the grace period got a lot harder. Just today I didn't get the kill in grace period. The grace period lasts like half an hour(but you only get one chance). When you get the kill in grace you get the armour, a mask and 4 weapons. When you actually kill him you get everything. Check the twitter for his health status.

Until he's back to low health(he got killed like 2 hours ago) you can kill the offline Ur-Dragon(he's pretty easy). If you are on Xbox and have an Ascalon you don't need, I could trade you for the Ur-Dragon daggers or mage staff.

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Ayyy i missed the kill again lol I've been fighting him the past 2 days. for Generation 57 I fought him for like 2 days and caught him in the Grace Period but he flew off before i could finish him off. I hate the 8 min intervals. I have been using mystic knight class although I do have Assassin completely unlocked which i plan to use today to farm stuff from the everfall since i have like nothing.

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@aaronBLUEeyes: kill the offline ur-dragon a few times and sell the wakestones. it should give you enough money to get some good stuff in the everfall(even though the ur-dragon will give you better versions of whatever you buy).

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Given where you have to hit the Ur-dragon, playing as a class where you can easily scale the beast and hit the wings and upper back is pretty important.

@Bravestar: you give solid advice.

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I may try is it as an Assassin and use Dire Gougeon his sweet spots with Ascalon

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