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League of Draven (Passive)

Whenever Draven scores a kill he gains 50 extra gold and cashes in on his adoration stacks gaining 2 gold per stack.

These stacks are gained by catching axes, killing units and destroying towers, half of these stacks are lost upon death.

Spinning Axe (Active)

Draven starts spinning one axe, if he basic attacks he throws this axe and it bounces of his target landing in the direction that Draven was moving at the time of its impact. These spinning axes deal an extra percentage of Draven attack damage. If he catches the axe, he gains an adoration stack and is able to reuse that axe for another attack.

Draven can spin up to two axes at the same time.

Blood rush (Active)

Draven gains increased movement and attack speed for a short duration, catching an axe refreshes the cooldown of Blood Rush.

Stand Aside (Active)

Draven flings his axes forwards, dealing damage and knocking aside enemy units.

Whirling Death (Active)

Draven hurls his axes in a particular direction, stopping only if they hit an enemy champion, the end of the map or if the ability is reactivated. These deal high physical damage.

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