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Draw Stuff is SDI's first ever game. It is based in a fantasy world, with characters having a choice between 8 different classes, each with their unique starting area. And, while their starting area is very linear and long, it is a very small portion of the game. The rest of the game is very open-ended, and allows you to explore many parts of the world, all while mastering your class with the specific talents that you choose for your character.

Draw Stuff is also heavily in development, so many features are not yet made, and are being worked on.

List of things finished:

  • Class design for: Necromancer and Cleric
  • Concepts for the classes: Magus, Berserker, Thief, Soldier, and Beast Master
  • Starting area design for Necromancer starting zone

List of things under immediate development:

  • Completely new engine and framework
  • New systems being set up that will be used for multiple games, along with this one
  • Redesign of most aspects of the game
  • 2 more projects that will be released directly before (codenamed 55 and Renegade) that will use the same engine as Draw Stuff will be built in
  • Code being set up to allow it to be released on both Windows and Mac



The first designed class of Draw Stuff. It is a very unique class in that it is considered a healing class, while it is also focused around damage dealing. The Necromancer can rip the soul from their target and return it to themselves, either absorbing it themselves or giving it to an ally, granting them health or using it to increase another attribute. They also have a shadow spell as their main ability that is their most versatile ability and possibly the most versatile ability in the game, which can be formed using many buffs, talents, or special items to do many things and take many forms, ranging from simply shooting a bolt of shadow energy to damage the enemy to creating a shadow tempest that obliterates anything near the Necromancer and giving the Necromancer's abilities an additional effect.

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