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Drip Drip is a casual game developed and published by Imminent Games that has the player defending buildings against rain, water damage, and other more unusual threats.


Each level of the game has a different multi-storey structure which is being threatened by rain. This rain appears in the form of water that drips from ceilings and collects in puddles; if not dealt with these eventually collapse the floor/ceilings. At the bottom of each building is a basement which is filled with the water that isn't collected. The ultimate aim of each level is to 'survive the storm' - avoid the basement being filled with too much water, and avoid the structure taking too much damage from collapsed floors, but the player also has secondary objectives such as protecting their tools and making extra money.

Water can be collecting by placing containers directly underneath the drips. These eventually fill and must be emptied by directing them to a nearby open window, with all water dumped outside earning money to spend on more tools (or keep as profit). The player has access to a number of containers, as well as other more specialised tools.

Completing a level unlocks the next, and gives the player a rating from one to five stars based on various objectives:

  • Level finished
  • All containers empty at end of level
  • Damage less than 1/4 maximum
  • Collected 1/2 of all drops
  • No objects lost

The game includes an achievement system with 44 achievements in total, most requiring certain quantities (e.g. five-star ratings on twelve levels, 500,000 drops collected) or level-specific objectives (e.g. using only sponges to pass a level). While the game can be played in a window or fullscreen, it can't be resized; full-screen on a widescreen monitor ends up showing fewer storeys than the default 4:3 game window.

As well as the water, a small number of other threats can occur which directly threaten the player's tools:

  • Collapsed floors and rubble will destroy any tools in the area when/if they occur
  • Heavy rain can produce lightning which (after a warning) will strike an area of the building and destroy tools nearby
  • UFOs and ghosts can attempt to steal tools, avoided by moving them from their grasp
  • A Witch Doctor can appear and attempt to summon an extremely heavy rain storm, unless interrupted with the broom


There are ten different tools available, gradually unlocked as the player completes levels. Using each upgrades it, making it move faster, hold more water, or earn more money when emptying (with similar improvements for other types of tool), with a bonus ability earned when the tool has been upgraded to its limit. All tools have eyes and move around as if alive.

ToolPriceUsageBonus Ability



The smallest, cheapest container.

Moves extremely fast.



Larger and slower than the pan.

25% more money when emptying.



Larger and slower than the kettle.

Empties itself when full.



Larger and slower than the bucket.

Holds twice as much water.

Garbage Can


The largest, slowest container.

Immune to most threats.



Cleans up rubble produce by collapsing floors, and chases away the Witch Doctor.

Immune to threats while sweeping.



Repairs wall and pipe holes (but not ceiling drips) and collapsed floors.

Immune to threats while repairing.



Soaks up puddles of water that weren't collected by containers.

Absorbs twice as fast.



Casts spells that have a number of effects on the surrounding area

Spells last twice as long.

Sump Pump


Directly reduces the water level in the basement.

Removes 4x more water before disappearing.

The Wizard is able to cast four 'spells', which have a limited duration and area of effect (both increasing with the Wizard's level, and eventually covering all but the largest buildings). Each costs $2000 to use.

  • Red Scroll: Remove any active threats, and prevent any other threats from occurring while active.
  • Blue Scroll: Automatically empty all containers without having to move them, but only receiving 50% of the money.
  • Green Scroll: Increases the value of water dumped out windows while active.
  • Purple Scroll: Automatically repairs any damage (rubble, wall/pipe holes, collapsed floors).


The game takes place across a number of locations in the USA. Later levels have more complex buildings, either with more difficult layouts (such as fewer open windows) or simply more storeys, and have longer, heavier rain storms. Levels must be completed in order, but can be replayed once unlocked to add to the profit total or upgrade tools. Completing levels also provides a bonus, either a tool for use on later levels or bonus profit. With a few exceptions tools are available on all levels after the one that unlocks them.


Seattle, WA

Small Home

Unlocks Kettle

Boise, ID


Unlocks Bucket

San Francisco, CA

Victorian House

Unlocks Barrel

Hollywood, CA


Unlocks Garbage Can

San Diego, CA

Apartment Slum

Unlocks Sponge

Phoenix, AZ

Office Building

Unlocks Wizard, Red Scroll

Las Vegas, NV



Denver, CO

Log Cabin

Unlocks Blue Scroll

Dallas, TX

Apartment Slum


Topeka, KS


Unlocks Sump Pump

St. Louis, MO

Unfinished Building


Chicago, IL

Skyscraper (Willis Tower)

Unlocks Green Scroll

Detroit, MI

Apartment Slum

Unlocks Purple Scroll

Montpelier, VT

Frontier Hotel


Augusta, ME



Salem, MA

Haunted Mansion



Old Castle


New York, NY

Skyscraper (Chrysler Building)


Atlantic City, NJ



Charleston, VA

Old Castle


Cape Fear, NC



New Orleans, LA

Bayou Hotel

"ten acres of useless swampland"

Miami, FL

Unfinished Building


Honolulu, HI

Tiki Hotel

$50,000 from minerals in swampland

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