sup909's Driver: San Francisco (Xbox 360) review

Solid driving mechanics in a fun world, but some game elements are frustrating

I have to say that Driver San Francisco was quite a pleasant game. The whole game is a racing game. You never leave the car, so if that is appealing to you then read on.

One of the coolest mechanics of the game is the ability to switch to any other car in the city at any time. You essentially have the ability to switch bodies. The premise around this is based upon an earlier incident that happens to your character in the game and it actually works out quite well as this incident is interwoven to the world you are in.

The world is mostly open world, and there are various racing events scattered throughout the city. There is a lot here if you are looking to get your bang for your buck.

The biggest hurdles in the game I found mostly to be the same ones you see in a lot of other racing games. Unless you really love driving games, there is ultimately only so much you can do behind a wheel before it gets boring. Side missions are mostly fun at first, but eventually become repetitive. The only really engaging racing side mission involves two cousins who start street racing for college money and quickly find themselves in deeper than they can handle.

The other major hurdles I found in the game, again came from the frustrations I experience in most racing games. What slows a lot of these games down is the happenstance instances that are out of a player's control to cause them to fail. This most often comes in the form of the player hitting oncoming traffic or some other type of obstacle they were unable to avoid, therefore causing them to fail the mission. To make matters more frustrating in this game, there are several sequences that intentionally cause these situations to occur beyond the "ohh crap I didn't see that" instance. They are most pronounced when you are in your two "boss battles" with the main antagonist.

Overall though the game was pretty decent and can scratch a driving itch if you have one. This certainly is not a game for everyone however so just be aware of what you are getting when you get into it.


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