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The Plutonium Pak as seen in the stores

In November 1996, the version of Duke Nukem 3D was v1.3d. 3D Realms created a new version of the game, which updated the game to v1.4. The game was given the subtitle "The Atomic Edition". In order for customers who already owned the original v1.3d CD, a purchaseable patch was created. That patch was called "The Plutonium Pak".

The patch fixed several bugs and added the 4th episode "The Birth" containing 11 new levels, 1 new weapon and 3 new enemies. Once the original game has been upgraded by the Plutonium Pak, the game is now called Atomic Edition.

New Enemies

Pig Cop Riot Tank

Pig Riot Tank

Main page: Pig Cop

A pig cop driving a single-seater tank-ish vehicle. They can deal a lot of damage if the player isn't aware of them. Their weakness is their slow turning, so the player can move behind them to defeat them easily.

Protector Drone

Protector Drone

The toughest non-boss enemy you'll encounter in the entire game. These creatures can take quite a punch, run very fast and deal tons of damage. Melee is their preferred combat style, but they're also able to shoot shrink rays and squish you.



The final boss for the 4th episode. She's able to take a lot of damage and shoot lighting at the player. Throughout the fight she will continously give birth to Protector Drones

New Weapon



The new Microwave Expander weapon looks a lot like the Shrinker from the original game, but instead of a green glowing crystal it's equipped with a red crystal and a small satellite. Compared to the Shrinker from the original game, the expander does the exact opposite: expands enemies untill their bodies burst. The burst even deals damage to nearby enemies, making the Expander one of the coolest and funniest weapons in the Duke Nukem arsenal.

New Levels

Episode 4: The Birth

  • Level 1: It's Impossible
  • Level 2: Duke-Burger
  • Level 3: Shop-N-Bag
  • Level 4: Babe Land
  • Level 5: Pigsty
  • Level 6: Going Postal
  • Level 7: XXX-Stacy
  • Level 8: Critical Mass
  • Level 9: Derelict
  • Level 10: The Queen
  • Secret Level 11: Area 51 (Entered from "Going Postal")

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