If they made one from the ground up...

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So, as we've heard, 2K isn't going to let this franchise die. What is glaringly obvious from Duke Nukem Forever is that a lot of stuff that was put into the game from years ago has been left in. What I wondered is if Gearbox started working on a Duke Nukem game from scratch, would it be good?  
Gearbox have already proved they're capable of making good games and funny games with Borderlands, but the humour of Duke Nukem is very dated. The question is whether Gearbox could modernize Duke, or if whatever they make will seem dated.  
Personally, I'm not sure. Gearbox are a good studio but maybe Duke is beyond saving. As many on this board have pointed out though, Bulletstorm was the sort of Duke Nukem game that could stand up in these modern times, so maybe it can be done. What do you guys think?

#2 Posted by Evilsbane (4743 posts) -

It just needs to turn the volume up to 11, Duke was funny because of how insane all the shit he would say was, in today's world that is old hat so it needs to be taken to such an incredible level of Awesome and Stupid that no one could hate it.

#3 Posted by Minion101 (91 posts) -

I found the humor in DNF to be funnier then Bulletstorm. Dick tits.

#4 Posted by ComradeKhan (686 posts) -

I'm excited too see what they do to be honest.

#5 Posted by Mesoian (1574 posts) -

With gearbox doing furious four, I still don't see the need for a new Duke Nukem game.

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