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With +6 Fire Damage, and +7 Ice, I'm ready for anything...but not

Oh man fourth edition, you are just so easy.

Yes, that shoddy cell phone pic is of a dwarf. And as such a dwarf, that the shitty picture does it no justice of how bad and ugly this thing really is. I'm sorry, but I really hate his face...

Anyway, Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale is a multiplayer-focused class based action RPG ruled by the 4th edition from the table top version of D&D. It is loot heavy and a very simple dungeon crawler. Only having four classes to pick from; Dwarven Cleric, Human Warrior, Elven Rouge, and Half-ling Mage, and a 10 level cap, the game is very fast paced.

The story, by itself, is very rudimentary. There is this demon and there's another evil dude trying to resurrect the demon by destroying and imprisoning the locals. You, the four classes, are selected to help these locals stop the evil dude by any means necessary. You start off by helping the dwarves, then some more dwarves but in caves, then human/wizards in caves and a dilapidated castle and finally the evil dude's own castle. There are some twists and turns with some character kills and their own reveals, but that really doesn't matter because the story is kinda blah.

The combat is easy to get into, with melee and ranged attacks mapped to "A" and "X" respectively, the player has the choice to pick whatever they want to map to "B" and the combo of LT+the four face buttons. I used the last combos as my abilities which help take legions of the Undead and Goblins alike that much more quick. I used as my first character an Elven Rouge named Syyrthen Undervine. Pretty awesome name, right? For each and every character you choose, they have a D&D name generator so everyone is different. My second character, Dwarven cleric named Xexxien Minerswipe. Not as good as the first, but still pretty damn good.

With the combat, there comes the loot and with the elicit color coated loot system; gray, blue, green, and purple, you'll have a hell of a time trying to find or buy the ultra rare purples. I lucked out finding my spectral longsword in a barrel halfway through the campaign and never found anything better. My longbow on the other hand was switched out for higher damage producing throwing hammers and crossbows until I noticed that my abilities didn't work with the hammer or as well with the crossbow.

Along with the loot, the combat caused more than just random dice rolls, as I've previously posted. The game has a tendency of locking up, lagging, dropping players, and glitching dead enemies frozen in the environment, looking like they are still active and about to attack. The online multiplayer is probably the worst part about the game, besides the none voiced voice acting. I spent the first twenty minutes of multiplayer trying to join and host a game with other players, and each and every time I tried, I either was booted, missed the host's server, or was just never connected. The first actual game I was welcomed in by the Gods of the Internet, I had a partner who glitched through the ground of a cave into the abyss of nothingness and was brought back as a level one character, same class, just no other character progression. Horrible for that guy. I had a similar case where my first fully upgraded ability, mapped to my LT+A, vanished and was not available to me until level 10. I had used that ability for the majority of my game and to just have it striped out of fucking nowhere is complete bullroar.

I can't say that Atari and Bedlam did a fantastic game for introducing a D&D game to console players, because its not that good of a game. I don't want to play it anymore... Anyway, 2 Eternally Burning Helms of Glory out of 5.

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