Fearbeard - 2011 Game Rankings

So the year is over, but I'm not going to let that stop me from editing this list. Basically if a game I play from 2011 would score high on this list then I will add it. I still need to finish up some games that will probably rank fairly high on my list such as Dark Souls, and Rayman Origins.

Note to self: Game progress

Dragon Age 2: 20 hours in. Probably enough to give it a rank.

Dark Souls: A few hours played. Not sure I'll have enough time to give it a proper rank.

Rayman Origins: Pretty close to end. Played enough to give it a rank.

Forza 4: I'm really more of an arcade racer person so I really haven't spent much time with this game. Maybe I'll add it later, but probably not.

Dirt 3: Spent a fair amount of time with this last summer. It's been awhile though so I'll need to play some more to refresh my opinion of it, and finish off a few races.

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