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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, the fifth game in the Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games, was first revealed to the public on April 20, 2010 in a teaser trailer presented by Capcom and

The game was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and has the following features:

  • Powered by an advanced version of MT Framework
  • Evolved VS. Fighting System with signature aerial combos, hyper combos and other original systems
  • 3-on-3 Tag Team Fighting
  • Living Comic Book Art Style
  • Themed Stages based off of the Marvel and Capcom Universes
  • More than 30 playable characters
  • Mission Mode where the player can train themselves in a series of challenges designed for each character
  • Customizable online Player License Cards displaying information such as unlockable titles and icons, character usage rates, win/loss percentages, and fighting style ratings based on offense, defense, and stability


Victor Von Doom and Albert Wesker, two diabolical villains from different universes have formed an unholy alliance in an effort to conquer both of their worlds. But doing so has awakened a phenomenal threat, a threat that will set into motion a battle of the highest stakes, a battle that will decide the fate of two worlds.

Capcom Characters

Akuma (Unlockable - 2000PP)

The brother of Gouken, Akuma's thirst for power knows no bounds, seeking to test his might against the world's strongest. His Ansatsuken style makes him both deadly and unpredictable.

Fighting Style
Similar to his Marvel vs. Capcom 2 iteration, Akuma has a wide range of attacks granting him numerous methods to initiate and extend combos. Players will be able to experience this after unlocking him with 2000 Player Points.

  • First Appearance: Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Attire Description: Street Fighter IV / Super Street Fighter IV
  • Normal Moves: Senpukyaku
  • Special Moves: Ashura Senku, Gohadoken, Goshoryuken, Hyakki Goho, Hyakki Gojin, Hyakki Gosho, Hyakkishu, Tatsumaki Zankukyaku, Zanku Hadoken
  • Hyper Combos: Messatsu-Gohado Agyo, Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo, Messatsu-Goshoryu, Tenma-Gozanku Agyo, Tenma-Gozanku Ungyo, Raging Demon***
  • Assists: α - Gohadoken; β - Tatsumaki Zankukyaku; γ - Hyakki Gojin


Taking the form of a white wolf, the Goddess of the Sun fights with the powers of nature and the artwork created by her celestial brush. Her name means "Shining Heaven."

Fighting Style
Amaterasu can change between three different weapons, allowing her to effectively fight from close, medium, and long range. Her Hyper Combos allow her to instantly slow or attack enemies from anywhere on screen.

  • First Appearance: Ōkami
  • Attire Description: Ōkami
  • Normal Moves: Thunder Edge Stab
  • Special Moves: Cold Star, Fireworks, Glaive Chop, Head Charge**, Power Slash, Solar Flare, Thunder Edge, Weapon Change**
  • Hyper Combos: Okami Shuffle**, Vale of Mist, Divine Instruments***
  • Assists: α - Solar Flare; β - Cold Star; γ - Bloom


On a quest to rescue Princess Prin Prin, Arthur has fought many a foe and has even gone toe to toe with Satan himself.

Fighting Style
A keepaway character with numerous projectiles, Arthur uses various weapons from Ghosts N Goblins to prevent opponents from closing in and taking advantage of his low mobility. With a Hyper Combo he is able to don his Golden Armor, powering up his projectiles for a limited time.

  • First Appearance: Ghosts N Goblins
  • Attire Description: Revamped
  • Normal Moves: Lance Charge
  • Special Moves: Ax Toss**, Dagger Toss, Fire Bottle Toss, Heavenly Slash, Hellbound Slash, Lance Toss**, Scatter Crossbow, Scythe Toss, Shield Deflect
  • Hyper Combos: Goddess' Bracelet, Golden Armor**, For the Princess***
  • Assists: α - Heavenly Slash; β - Dagger Toss; γ - Fire Bottle Toss
Sir Arthur

Chris Redfield*

A member of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS), founder of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), and one of the first to fight against the Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil series.

Fighting Style
Chris brings all his tools from Resident Evil 5 to bear, using guns and grenades as projectiles and proximity mines as traps. His Grenade Launcher Hyper Combo is quick to land and does good damage.
  • First Appearance: Resident Evil
  • Attire Description: Resident Evil 5
  • Normal Moves: Stun Rod, Flamethrower
  • Special Moves: Body Blow, Combination Punch, Grenade Toss**, Gunfire**, Heavy Blow, Magnum Combo, Payoff, Prone Position, Prone Shot
  • Hyper Combos: Grenade Launcher**, Sweep Combo, Satellite Laser***
  • Assists: α - Combination Punch; β - Gunfire; γ - Grenade Toss
Chris Redfield


A police agent on a quest to avenge the death of her father, "The First Lady of Fighting Games" is known for her large thighs and fearsome kicks.

Fighting Style
Chun-Li is still fragile, but she has seen a major upgrade to her speed and is now one of the fastest characters in the game. Her Hoyokusen Hyper Combo ends in a launcher and can be followed up with an air combo.

  • First Appearance: Street Fighter II
  • Attire Description: Street Fighter IV / Super Street Fighter IV
  • Normal Moves: Kakukyakuraku
  • Special Moves: Hyakuretsukyaku**, Kikoanken, Kikoken**, Spinning Bird Kick**, Tenshokyaku
  • Hyper Combos: Hoyokusen, Kikosho**, Shichisei Ranka***
  • Assists: α - Kikoken; β - Tenshokyaku; γ - Hyakuretsukyaku

Crimson Viper*

Loving mother by day and undercover CIA agent by night, she uses the latest in weapons technology to contend with martial artists and metahumans alike.

Fighting Style
The ability to spend Hyper Combo Gauge to "EX" her Special Moves and perform a Focus Attack give Viper a uniquely Street Fighter IV flair. Her high mobility makes it very easy to pressure her opponent.

  • First Appearance: Street Fighter IV
  • Attire Description: Street Fighter IV / Super Street Fighter IV
  • Normal Moves: Focus Attack
  • Special Moves: Burning Kick**, Seismic Hammer**, Thunder Knuckle**
  • Hyper Combos: Burst Time, Emergency Combination**, EX Burning Kick, EX Seismic Hammer, EX Thunder Knuckle, Viper Full Throttle***
  • Assists: α - Thunder Knuckle; β - Seismic Hammer; γ - Burning Kick
Crimson Viper


The son of Sparda, the legendary knight that defeated the demon emperor Mundus. Dante is a mercenary who spends his time hunting and killing demons.

Fighting Style
Ebony and Ivory, the Rebellion sword, the Agni and Rudra swords, the Nevan Axe Guitar and the Cerberus nunchuks give Dante the ability play both a rushdown and keepaway style. He has a huge variety of specials and can enter his Devil Trigger form as a powerup Hyper Combo.

  • First Appearance: Devil May Cry
  • Attire Description: Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening
  • Normal Moves: Cold Shower, Prop Shredder, Stinger, Weasel Shot
  • Special Moves: Acid Rain, Air Play, Air Trick, Beehive, Bold Move, Crazy Dance, Crystal**, Drive, Fireworks, Grapple, Hysteric, Jam Session**, Jet Stream, Killer Bee**, Million Carats, Multi-Lock, Reverb Shock, Revolver, Sky Dance, Tempest, The Hammer, Twister, Volcano
  • Hyper Combos: Devil Trigger, Million Dollars**, Devil Must Die***
  • Devil Trigger Attacks: Air Raid, Thunder Bolt, Vortex
  • Assists: α - Jam Session; β - Crystal; γ - Weasel Shot


Cute catwoman of the Darkstalkers franchise, this ex-nun is on a quest for fame and fortune.

Fighting Style
Felicia is a fast character with many attacks that allow her to close space quickly. If she can keep the opponent at bay with knockdowns and assists, she can use the opportunity to rapidly charge up her Hyper Combo Gauge.

  • First Appearance: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
  • Attire Description: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
  • Normal Moves: Kitty Slash, Toy Touch
  • Special Moves: Cat Spike, Delta Kick, EX Charge, Foreground Dash, Hell Cat, Neko Punch, Rolling Buckler**, Rolling Slide, Rolling Uppercut, Sand Splash**
  • Hyper Combos: Dancing Flash**, Kitty’s Helper, Please Help Me***
  • Assists: α - Rolling Buckler; β - Sand Splash; γ - Cat Spike


A professional wrestler turned mayor, the Hero of Metro City put his skills to the test when he took to the streets to rescue his daughter Jessica from the Mad Gear gang.

Fighting Style
With a move set similar to Zangief's from Street Fighter II, Haggar is a wrestler who uses grapples as his main techniques.

  • First Appearance: Final Fight
  • Attire Description: Final Fight
  • Normal Moves: Steel Pipe
  • Special Moves: Double Lariat**, Flying Piledriver**, Hoodlum Launcher, Skyhigh Back Drop, Violent Axe, Wild Swing
  • Hyper Combos: Giant Haggar Press**, Rapid Fire Fist, Final Haggar Buster***
  • Assists: α - Double Lariat; β - Violent Axe; γ - Steel Pipe
Mike Haggar

Hsien-Ko* (Unlockable - 6000PP)

Through powerful, forbidden magic, Hsien-Ko became a Jiang Shi (Hopping Vampire) in order to save her mother's soul. The charm on her forehead contains the spirit of her twin sister Mei-Ling and grants Hsien-Ko special abilities.

Fighting Style
Hsien-Ko is a fairly slow keepaway character, although she does have a two-way air dash. She fights using her claws and a large arsenal of concealed weaponry. She only becomes available after players have earned 6000 player points.


Jill Valentine (DLC)

Key member of the Raccoon City Police Department's Special Tactics and Rescue Services (STARS) and the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) alongside Chris Redfield.

Fighting Style
Completely changed from her previous iteration, Jill is one of the fastest character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  • First Appearance: Resident Evil
  • Attire Description: Resident Evil 5
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Arrow Kick, Cartwheel Kick, Double Knee Drop, Ensnarement, Fallen Prey, Feral Crouch, Flip Kick, Jumping Roundhouse, Low Sweep, Position Exchange, Somersault Kick, Teleport
  • Hyper Combos: Machine Gun Spray, Raven Spike, Mad Beast***
  • Assists: α - Cartwheel Kick; β - Arrow Kick; γ - Somersault Kick
Jill Valentine


This green haired succubus lives for battle. Known for her vanity, she once gave birth, although not in the literal sense, to a twin named Lilith.

Fighting Style
Morrigan is largely similar to her Tatsunoko vs. Capcom iteration with slightly enhanced mobility. A new Hyper Combo allows her to summon a clone that attacks the enemy from the opposite side.

  • First Appearance: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
  • Attire Description: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
  • Normal Moves: Deep Crescendo
  • Special Moves: Flight, Shadow Blade**, Soul Fist**, Vector Drain
  • Hyper Combos: Astral Vision, Finishing Shower**, Shadow Servant, Darkness Illusion***
  • Assists: α - Shadow Blade; β - Soul Fist; γ - Dark Harmonizer
Morrigan Aensland


The Wandering Warrior, Ryu travels the world in his iconic gi and red headband to test his strength against the world's finest.

Fighting Style
Ryu has learned a few new tricks since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 including the ability to aim his Shinku Hadoken while airborn.

  • First Appearance: Street Fighter
  • Attire Description: Street Fighter IV / Super Street Fighter IV
  • Normal Moves: Roundhouse Kick
  • Special Moves: Hadoken**, Jodan Sokuto Geri, Shoryuken**, Tatsumaki Senpukyaku**
  • Hyper Combos: Shinku Hadoken**, Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Shin Shoryuken***
  • Assists: α - Hadoken; β - Shoryuken; γ - Tatsumaki Senpukyaku


After Nathan 'Rad' Spencer lost his left arm in combat serving for the American Military, he was equipped with an experimental bionic arm. The Bionic Commando then resumed his duties, saving his country on numerous occasions.

Fighting Style
Spencer is slow on foot, but his bionic arm can be used for both grapples and traversing the screen in all directions quickly. Many of his combos utilize the wall and/or ground bouncing properties of his moves.

  • First Appearance: Bionic Commando (1988)
  • Attire Description: Bionic Commando (2009)
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Armor Piercer, Come' ere!, Critical Smash, Jaw Breaker**, Reel in Punch, Smash Kick, Swing Grapple, Swing Wire, Wire Grapple**, Zip Kick
  • Hyper Combos: Bionic Lancer, Bionic Maneuvers**
  • Assists: α - Wire Grapple; β - Wire Grapple; γ - Armor Piercer
Nathan Spencer


Created by the demon Mundus in order to trap Dante, Trish was ultimately saved by Dante from destruction at the hand or her master. Now a partner in Dante's demon hunting business, she bares an eerily close resemblance to Dante's mother.

Fighting Style
Trish’s magical abilities, combined with her guns Luce and Ombra and the Sparda sword, make her a character comfortable at any range in any situation.

  • First Appearance: Devil May Cry
  • Attire Description: Devil May Cry 4
  • Normal Moves: Stiletto Kick
  • Special Moves: Air Raid, Low Voltage**, Round-Trip**, Switch Sign, Trick “Hopscotch”, Trick "Peekaboo"
  • Hyper Combos: Maximum Voltage**, Round Harvest, Duet Pain***
  • Assists: α - Trick "Hopscotch"; β - Trick "Peekaboo"; γ - Low Voltage

Tron Bonne

The only female Bonne in a family of pirates, this hot-headed but capable mechanic has a huge crush on Mega Man and is rarely seen without her servbots.

Fighting Style
Tron Bonne's powerful Bonne Strike is now much easier to use in combos than in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. In addition to her old arsenal, she has gained a new command grab Level 3 Hyper Combo that can be canceled from her Bonne Strike.

  • First Appearance: Mega Man Legends
  • Attire Description: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
  • Normal Moves: Bandit Boulder, Gustaff Fire
  • Special Moves: Beacon Bomb**, Bonne Mixer, Bonne Strike**, Servbot Launcher
  • Hyper Combos: Servbot Surprise, Servbot Takeout**, Shakedown Mixer***
  • Assists: α - Bonne Strike; β - Gustaff Fire; γ - Bandit Boulder
Tron Bonne

Viewtiful Joe*

Movie fanatic and everyday loudmouth, Joe's life changed forever when he was sucked into Movieland. After being granted special powers by his favorite film hero Captain Blue, the two of them were able to rescue Joe's girlfriend Silvia.

Fighting Style
Viewtiful Joe can charge his Voomerang projectiles, throw bombs, and utilize a powerful Red Hot Kick. His smaller stature and easy-to-land Hyper Combos make him a force to be reckoned with.

  • First Appearance: Viewtiful Joe
  • Attire Description: Viewtiful Joe
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Air Joe, Groovy Uppercut**, Red Hot Kick**, Shocking Pink, Voomerang**
  • Hyper Combos: Desperado**, Viewtiful God Hand, Mach Speed
  • Assists: α - Voomerang; β - Groovy Uppercut; γ - Shocking Pink
Viewtiful Joe


Once a key member of the Umbrella Corporation and now part of Tricell, this power hungry individual seeks domination of the entire human race. He is a skilled martial artists with superhuman abilities granted to him by an experimental virus.

Fighting Style
Wesker is an aggressive character whose strategy largely depends on pressuring the enemy with his teleports. His Rhino Charge Hyper Combos allows him to counter any melee attack, even from another character's Hyper Combo.

  • First Appearance: Resident Evil
  • Attire Description: Resident Evil 5
  • Normals Moves: Samurai Edge
  • Special Moves: Cobra Strike, Ghost Butterfly, Jaguar Dash**, Jaguar Kick, Mustang Kick, Phantom Move**, Tiger Uppercut**
  • Hyper Combos: Phantom Dance**, Rhino Charge, Lost in Nightmares***
  • Assists: α - Ghost Butterfly; β - Samurai Edge; γ - Jaguar Kick
Albert Wesker


The last creation of Dr. Wily, he was reprogrammed and has become a Maverick Hunter alongside Mega Man X as his ally, mentor, and friend.

Fighting Style
Zero has low health but high damage potential with his complex combos. His Sougenmu Hyper Combo creates a duplicate that behaves similarly to Yang’s Seiei-Enbu from Street Fighter III.

  • First Appearance: Mega Man X
  • Attire Description: Mega Man X
  • Normal Moves: Shipuuga
  • Special Moves: Hadangeki**, Hienkyaku, Hyper Zero Blaster, Raikousen**, Ryuenjin**, Sentsuizan**
  • Hyper Combos: Rekkoha**, Sougenmu, Genmu Zero***
  • Assists: α - Ryuenjin; β - Hadangeki; γ - Shipuuga

* new to Marvel vs. Capcom

** available in Simple Mode

*** Level 3 Hyper Combo (requires 3 Hyper Combo Gauges to perform)

Marvel Characters

Captain America

Steve Rogers was enhanced to the peak of human perfection by an experimental serum in order to aid the United States of America during World War 2. Accidentally frozen at the end of the war, he was recovered in modern times and joined The Avengers.

Fighting Style
Captain America retains his primary move set from previous entries. However, his Shield Slash now passes through enemies and strikes a second time on its return trip.

  1. Classic red, white & blue
  2. Red Guardian
  3. MvC2 alternate
  4. Punisher post " Civil War"
  • Normal Moves: Air-Raid Kick, Anti-Ground Kick
  • Special Moves: Backflip, Charging Star**, Shield Slash**, Stars & Stripes
  • Hyper Combos: Hyper Charging Star, Hyper Stars & Stripes**, Final Justice***
  • Assists: α - Shield Slash; β - Stars & Stripes; γ - Charging Star
Captain America


While dying of cancer, Wade Wilson was offered a chance for a cure by the Weapon X program. The experiment gave him an enhanced version of Wolverine's healing factor, keeping his cancer at bay, but also horribly scarred his body and drove him insane. He now works as a mercenary for hire.

Fighting Style
Always looking for a laugh, Deadpool moonwalks, executes "faux"ryukens, and breaks the fourth wall by yelling at the player. He delivers an endless stream of quips and one-liners before, during, and after battle.

  1. Classic black & red
  2. " Weapon X: Days of Future Now"
  3. Weapon X uniform
  4. X-Force uniform
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Chimichangas!!, Katana-Rama!, Ninja Gift, Quick Work**, TELEPORT, TELEPORT Malfunction, Trigger Happy**
  • Hyper Combos: Cuttin’ Time, Happy-Happy Trigger**, 4th-Wall Crisis***
  • Assists: α - Quick Work; β - Katana-Rama!; γ - Trigger Happy
  • Voiced by Nolan North

Doctor Doom

Ruler of Latveria and arch enemy of the Fantastic Four. Victor Von Doom mixes amazing scientific knowledge with dark gypsy sorcery to devastating effect.

Fighting Style

Doctor Doom retains most of his move set from his previous appearances. He now has the ability to fire up to eight missiles that fly skyward and, after a short delay, rain down on his opponent.

  1. Classic gray & green
  2. Doom 2099 '93
  3. Doom 2099 '95
  4. " Old Man Logan"
  • Normal Moves: Hard Kick, Hidden Missiles
  • Special Moves: Flight, Photon Shot**, Plasma Beam**, Molecular Shield
  • Hyper Combos: Photon Array**, Sphere Flame, Doom's Time***
  • Assists: α - Plasma Beam; β - Hidden Missiles; γ - Molecular Shield
Doctor Doom


Flame-headed lord of the Dark Dimension, Doctor Strange's nemesis possesses unimaginable power and constantly plots to gain dominion over earth.

Fighting Style

Unlike most long-range characters, Dormammu can conjure attacks that instantly appear in various locations across the screen. Give enough space, he can power up his hands to unleash more unique attacks.

  1. Modern blue & red
  2. MvC3 alternate
  3. Classic purple & red
  4. Original blue & green
  • Normal Moves: Dark Matter, Flame Carpet
  • Special Moves: Dark Hole**, Dark Spell: Creation, Dark Spell: Destruction**, Flight, Liberation, Mass Change, Purification
  • Hyper Combos: Chaotic Flame**, Stalking Flare, Dark Dimension***
  • Assists: α - Dark Hole; β - Purification; γ - Liberation

The Hulk

The once timid Bruce Banner was caught in a midst of a deadly radiation bomb, turning him into a gamma ridden freak. Hulk's immense strength is unrivaled and an enduring fight causes his rage to reach into untapped power.

Fighting Style
Hulk returns with most of his classic moves, but gains a speed boost so he can be allowed to combo easier.

  1. Classic green & purple
  2. Gray Hulk
  3. MvC2 alternate
  4. Red Hulk (General Thunderbolt Ross)
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Gamma Charge**, Gamma Tornado, Gamma Wave**
  • Hyper Combos: Gamma Crush**, Gamma Quake, Gamma Tsunami
  • Assists: α - Gamma Charge; β - Gamma Charge; γ - Gamma Wave
The Hulk

Iron Man

When multi-billionaire Tony Stark dons his mech armour he becomes the Invincible Iron Man. The founder of the Avengers has had to battle with a deteriorating body since his earliest adventures.

Fighting Styles
Iron Man has a great level of mobility and now has the ability to fire his Proton Cannon at a 45 degree angle.

  1. Modern Extremis suit
  2. Original gray suit
  3. Silver Centurion suit " Armor Wars"
  4. Stealth Suit
  • Normal Moves: Focus Shot
  • Special Moves: Flight, Repulsor Blast**, Repulsor Spread, Smart Bomb**, Unibeam**
  • Hyper Combos: Angled Proton Cannon, Proton Cannon**, Iron Avenger***
  • Assists: α - Unibeam; β - Repulsor Blast; γ - Smart Bomb
Iron Man


The master of magnetism and the X-Men's greatest foe, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr has headed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Acolytes and even the X-Men on occasion.

Fighting Style
While his Hyper Gravitation Special Move has been made slightly less effective, Magneto plays largely like he has in his previous iterations. Thanks to a boosted Electromagnetic Disruptor, his ability to play keepaway is now greater than ever.

  1. Classic purple & red
  2. Mutant X universe
  3. MvC2 alternate (MAG-F#$%IN'-NETO)
  4. Ultimate universe
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Electromagnetic Disruptor**, Flight, Force Field, Hyper Gravitation**, Magnetic Blast
  • Hyper Combos: Magnetic Shockwave, Magnetic Tempest**, Gravity Squeeze***
  • Assists: α - Electromagnetic Disruptor; β - Hyper Gravitation; γ - Force Field


When a group of scientists altered George Tarleton using the Cosmic Cube, he became M.O.D.O.K (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.) Psionic powers, superhuman intelligence and computer like memory make him a deadly adversary for many of Marvel's heroes.

Fighting Style

M.O.D.O.K. is a zoning character that controls space though shield and traps. Unlike other characters, he lacks the ability to jump and instead can only move upwards by flying.

  1. Classic gold & purple
  2. Original purple & silver
  3. M.O.D.O.K.'s 11 inspired
  4. M.O.D.A.M. (Mental Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers)
  • Normal Moves: Anti-air Force Beam, Barrier, Force Beam
  • Special Moves: Analysis Cube**, Balloon Bomb, Battering Ram**, Flight, Jamming Bomb, Psionic Blast**, Psionic High Blast
  • Hyper Combos: Hyper Battering Ram, Hyper Psionic Blast**, Killer Illumination***
  • Assists: α - Barrier; β - Balloon Bomb; γ - Psionic Blast


She's one of the world's most powerful mutants, a super hero that even death can't defeat, but Jean Grey has a dark side within her...a god-like power known only as the Phoenix Force.

Fighting Style
Phoenix is a fast ranged fighter using fire in most of her attacks. If she has five full meters of Hyper Combo Gauge when she runs out of health, she immediately returns to life as Dark Phoenix. In this mode, her attacks are greatly powered up but her health continually drains.

  • First Appearance: The X-Men #1 (as Jean Grey)
  • Attire Description:
  1. Classic gold & green
  2. " Phoenix: Endsong"
  3. " New X-Men"
  4. 90's uniform
  • Normal Moves: Burn Out Beak, Flare Sword
  • Special Moves: Flight, Teleportation**, TK Overdrive**, TK Shot**, TK Trap
  • Hyper Combos: Healing Field, Phoenix Rage**, Dark Phoenix Rising***
  • Assists: α - TK Shot; β - TK Overdrive; γ - TK Trap

Sentinel (Unlockable - 4000PP)

Latest in a long line of cold and calculating machines created for one purpose - to destroy mutantkind.

Fighting Style
Sentinel returns with his trademark flight canceling, projectiles and keep away game. 4000 player points are required to unlock this character.

  • First Appearance: X-Men #14
  • Attire Description:
  1. X-Men: Children of the Atom
  2. " Second Coming"
  3. X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse
  4. MvC2 alternate (Da Mango Sentinel)
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Flight, Human Catapult, Rocket Punch, Sentinel Force
  • Hyper Combos: Hard Drive, Hyper Sentinel Force, Plasma Storm
  • Assists: α - Sentinel Force; β - Sentinel Force; γ - Rocket Punch


Upon receiving a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters became She-Hulk, gaining superhuman strength and endurance.

Fighting Styles
Unlike other brawlers, She-Hulk is an extremely mobile character with a variety of charging and off-the-wall attacks.

  1. Classic purple & white
  2. Lyra ( Frightful Four uniform)
  3. Ultimate universe (Betty Ross)
  4. Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross)
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Catapult, Chariot, Clothesline**, Diving Senton, Emergency Landing, Emergency Stop, Flying Drop Kick, Heavy Strike, Runner’s Start, Shooting Star, Somersault Kick**, Somersault Kick , Torpedo
  • Hyper Combos: Emerald Cannon**, Emerald Disaster, Emerald Impulse, Taking out the Trash, Road Rage***
  • Assists: α - Torpedo; β - Clothesline; γ - Sommersault Kick

Shuma-Gorath (DLC)

Former ruler of earth, this demon possesses ancient powers including the ability to shapeshift. He is best known for his encounters with Doctor Strange.

Fighting Style
Shuma-Goratch brings all of his favorite powers and forms back to the fray.

  1. Classic green
  2. Classic purple
  3. MvC2 alternate
  4. MvC3 alternate
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Devitalization, Mystic Ray, Mystic Smash, Mystic Stare
  • Hyper Combos: Hyper Mystic Ray, Hyper Mystic Smash, Chaos Dimension***
  • Assists: α - Mystic Ray; β - Mystic Stare; γ - Mystic Smash


When shy teenager, Peter Parker, was bit by an irradiated spider, he became the Amazing Spider-Man. The accident gifted him the proportional strength of a spider and a danger-detecting "spider-sense", along with a pair of mechanical web-shooters he created himself.

Fighting Style
Spider-Man retains most of his moves from his previous appearances with few additional tricks. With webs that zip him to anywhere on the screen and the ability to chain attacks from his Web Swing, Spider-Man has gained added mobility and extended combos.

  1. Classic blue & red
  2. Black symbiote
  3. Iron Spider suit
  4. Stealth suit " Big Time"
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Spider Bite, Spider Sting, Web Ball**, Web Glide, Web Swing**, Web Throw
  • Hyper Combos: Crawler Assault, Maximum Spider**, Ultimate Web Throw
  • Assists: α - Web Ball; β - Spider Sting; γ - Web Swing


Ororo Munroe is Storm - African Goddess and staple of the X-Men since joining the team's second incarnation. Storm can command meteorological energy, allowing her to direct air currents, call down lightning bolts and summon clouds in order to bring forth precipitation.

Fighting Style
Retaining her arsenal from previous games, Storm remains an extremely fast, high pressure character with a powerful mix-up game.

  1. Modern black & gold
  2. 90's uniform
  3. X-Treme X-Men #36
  4. X-Treme X-Men
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Double Typhoon**, Flight, Lightning Attack, Lightning Sphere, Whirlwind**
  • Hyper Combos: Elemental Rage, Hail Storm, Lightning Storm**
  • Assists: α - Whirlwind; β - Typhoon; γ - Lightning Strike


Biologically engineered to possess the combined powers of the Fantastic Four and created for the sole purpose of destroying them, this alien is bad to the bone.

Fighting Style
Super-Skrull combines the stretching powers of Mr. Fantastic, the rocky strength of Thing, the forcefields of the Invisible Woman, and the intense firepower of Human Torch in a variety of close and long-range attacks.

  1. Classic black & purple
  2. Rl'nnd
  3. MvC3 alternate
  4. Ultimate universe
  • Normal Moves: Brutal Pile Bunker, Stone Smite
  • Special Moves: Elastic Slam**, Fatal Buster, Meteor Smash, Orbital Grudge**, Tenderizer**
  • Hyper Combos: Inferno, Skrull Torch**, Death Penalty***
  • Assists: α - Stone Smite; β - Orbital Grudge; γ - Tenderizer
Super Skrull

Taskmaster* (Unlockable - 8000PP)

Taskmaster is somewhat of an anti-hero, as well as a versatile foe and is capable of observing his opponents movements and replicating them with almost perfect detail.

Fighting Style
With numerous weapons and gadgets, Taskmaster fights using the collective techniques of numerous characters such as Captain America, Spider-Man, and Hawkeye. However, players will need to earn 8000 Player Points before unlocking him.

  1. Classic blue & white
  2. Original blue, orange & white
  3. Udon series
  4. Frightful Four uniform
  • Normal Moves: Charging Star, Web Master
  • Special Moves: Aim Master, Below the Belt, Head Butt, Knee Kick, Lights Out, Low Kick, Guard Master, Shield Bash, Sword Master
  • Hyper Combos: Aegis Counter, Legion Arrow**
  • Assists: α - Aim Master; β - Aim Master; γ - Aim Master


A god amongst mortals, banished to Earth to learn humility. The Asgardian God of Thunder can command the powers of the storm through his magical hammer Mjolnir, and possesses nearly unmatched strength.

Fighting Style
One of the slowest characters in the game, Thor makes up for it with amazing brute strength and an extremely effective projectile attack.

  1. Modern gray & red
  2. Thor Girl inspired
  3. Beta Ray Bill inspired
  4. MvC3 alternate
  • Normal Moves:
  • Special Moves: Flight, Mighty Hurricane, Mighty Smash**, Mighty Spark**, Mighty Speech, Mighty Strike**
  • Hyper Combos: Mighty Thunder, Mighty Tornado**, Mighty Punish**
  • Assists: α - Mighty Spark; β - Mighty Smash; γ - Mighty Strike


Cold-blooded killer, noble Samurai and mutant leader. This short tempered X-Man is one of Marvel's most ferocious fighters with animal like senses, rapid healing capabilities, and indestructible adamantium claws.

Fighting Style
Wolverine has kept his classic move set with a few minor tweaks. His ability to suddenly strike enemies from behind with his Berserker Slash makes his mix-ups dangerously unique.

  1. Modern blue & yellow
  2. X-Force uniform
  3. Classic brown & yellow
  4. " Age of Apocalypse"
  • Normal Moves: Diving Kick
  • Special Moves: Berserker Barrage**, Berserker Slash, Drill Claw**, Tornado Claw**
  • Hyper Combos: Berserker Barrage X, Berserker Charge, Fatal Claw**, Weapon X***
  • Assists: α - Tornado Claw; β - Beserker Slash; γ - Beserker Barrage
  • Wolverine


    Filled with as much rage as unbreakable adamantium. As a clone of Wolverine, X-23 possesses many of his abilities including acute senses and a healing factor. Although raised to be a killing machine she is currently trying to fit in with her fellow X-Men teenagers.

    Fighting Style
    X-23 is designed to be very dangerous on the ground, with several combos that mix-up high and low attacks to deceive the opponent.

    • First Appearance: NYX #3
    • Attire Description:
    1. Modern black
    2. '07 uniform
    3. Street clothes
    4. Captain Universe
    • Normal Moves:
    • Special Moves: Ankle Slice**, Crescent Scythe**, Decapitating Slice, Mirage Feint, Neck Slice, Talon Attack**
    • Hyper Combos: Rage Trigger**, Weapon X Prime, Silent Kill***
    • Assists: α - Neck Slice; β - Ankle Slice; γ - Crescent Scythe

    * new to Marvel vs. Capcom

    ** available in Simple Mode

    *** Level 3 Hyper Combo (Level 5 in the case of Phoenix)

    Alternate Colors

    A new look for Spidey revealed at New York Comic-Con 2010

    As is customary with most games in the fighting genre, characters are granted multiple choices of costume color to allow players to differentiate between themselves and their opponent if both pick the same character. Unlike previous games in the series, an extra amount of care was put in to the Marvel characters by Chris Baker, Manager of Licensed Games at Marvel. Rather than simply assign character colors based on a distinct contrasting color scheme, Baker looked into the history of each character for inspiration.

    For most characters like Wolverine this simply involved a more thoughtful palette swap, going from his modern yellow and blue to his classic gold and brown. However, a few characters received numerous adjustments to the details of their four color options. One of Captain America's alternates takes its inspiration from the Punisher's post " Civil-War" comic book story arc costume, removing the wing-tips from his cowl and replacing the star on his chest with the Punisher's trademark skull. Spider-Man has distinct variations for all four of his color options including his classic red and blue, the black symbiotic, his red and gold Iron Spider suit, and the entirely new stealth suit that made its debut simultaneously in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the " Big Time" comic book story arc.

    Other notable alternates include:





    As the sole survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang, Galactus is an entity billions of years old. After fusing with the sentience of his original universe, he gained unimaginable powers and a hunger that could only be sated by consuming the energy of entire planets. Thwarted numerous times in the past by the Fantastic Four and other heroes, the Devourer of Worlds has turned his attention and appetite once again to Earth.

    Fighting Style

    Too large to fit onto a single screen, only the chest and head of Galactus are visible during the final encounter of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 located high above Earth's atmosphere. With fists larger than The Hulk and powerful lasers from his hands and eyes, Galactus has the ability to inflict terrible, terrible damage on his opponent from any point on screen. Only the most patient of heroes will be able to whittle down his massive life bar before being crushed in his mighty hands.

    Heralds of Galactus

    Dormammu & Wesker


    To aid him in seeking out new planets to feast upon, Galactus has created numerous heralds by granting them a portion of the Power Cosmic that flows within him. Most notable among them is Norrin Radd AKA the Silver Surfer.

    Fighting Style

    Though he typically only has one herald at a time, for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Galactus has chosen four of Earth's mightiest villains to fight for him. Akuma, Wesker, Dr. Doom, and Dormammu have all received the cosmic treatment, taking on a silver metallic sheen. Before they are allowed to face Galactus players will first need to eliminate two heralds, one Capcom and one Marvel. As an added degree of difficulty, players will have to fight with both heralds on screen simultaneously in a 2-on-1 situation this happens 20 seconds into the fight.

    Cameo Appearances

    Black PantherAndore (Hugo)
    Dr. StrangeAstaroth
    DustBon Bonne
    Fin Fang FoomDan Hibiki
    Ghost RiderFirebrand
    Hope SummersLord Raptor
    Iron FistMega Man
    KingpinMiles Edgeworth
    MephistoPhoenix Wright
    Nick FuryPoison
    SatannishTeisel Bonne
    Silver SurferTwo P

    Online Play

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 features brand new netcode and a profile system allowing players to create and save up to three teams for easy selection, similar to the class system featured in the Call of Duty franchise.

    In order to help reduce the impact that rage-quitters have on the general playing population, Capcom is bringing a system originally created for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This system will track the number of times players disconnect before the end of a match and, once a certain threshold has been reached, these constantly disconnecting players will only be paired with other players with the same bad habit. While players will be able to eventually earn their way back with consistently good behavior, there is no way for them to view their current rage-quitter status.

    Capcom's focus on improving the online experience also carries over to training mode. A new network connectivity option allows players to simulate the input lag they would normally experience at anywhere from 0 to 5 bars of connection strength.

    Noticeably absent from the Online mode at launch are features which Capcom implemented in their 2010 hit, Super Street Fighter 4, such as:

    • Spectator mode for players not currently fighting in endless lobbies
    • Tournament mode


    Button Configuration

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 makes the switch to a simpler control scheme similar to the one introduced in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Rather than two punch buttons and two kick buttons, players will have access to four general attack buttons with a set progression of Light > Medium > Heavy > Special. While the nuances from character to character may vary, weaker attacks will always chain into stronger attacks allowing for easier combos with Special functioning as a uniform launcher.

    Simple Mode

    Button Layout

    In an effort to make the fast paced action of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 more appealing to newer players, Capcom has developed a Simple Mode which greatly reduces the level of execution necessary to perform advanced techniques such as combos, Special Moves and Hyper Combos.

    • Light Attack - In Simple Mode all regular attacks have been assigned to the Light Attack button. Pressing the button once will perform a standard light attack, but pressing it repeatedly will automatically chain together a character's medium and hard attacks when appropriate.
    • Medium Attack - In Simple Mode the Medium Attack button is used to instantly execute Special Moves. A different Special Move will be executed depending on whether the joystick is in the neutral position, being pressed in a direction, or the character is airborne. Since the player will only have access to a maximum of four Special Moves per character, this can be a severe disadvantage when using characters such as Dante who normally have a significantly larger arsenal
    • Heavy Attack - In Simple Mode the Heavy Attack button is used to instantly execute Hyper Combos. Each character will only have access to one of their Hyper Combos as opposed to the two or more they normally are able to use.

    The functions of the Special, Assist 1, and Assist 2 buttons remain unchanged.

    New Mechanics


    X-Factor is a state in which the character receives a speed and power increase and regenerates the red portion of their health meter. It can be activated once per match by pressing all four attack buttons simultaneously, and instantly resets a character to a neutral state. While it cannot be used while being hit, it can be used defensively to instantly recover from block stun. The strength and duration of X-Factor is determined by the number of characters remaining on the player's team: 10 seconds with three characters, 20 seconds with two characters, and 30 seconds with one character. During its duration the character will glow with a red aura.

    X-Factor Canceling (KFC)

    When X-Factor is used offensively, it allows a character to cancel out of the animation of any attack to extend the duration of a combo. This technique is referred to as X-Factor Canceling. X-Factor Canceling is also used for defense to take advantage of the no chip damage that X-Factor gives, this can be used when a hyper move is launched from an opponent.

    Downloadable Content


    The first two downloadable characters, Jill Valentine of the Resident Evil franchise and Shuma-Gorath of Marvel Super Heroes, were released on March 15th, 2011 at the cost $5 on PSN or 400 Microsoft Points on XBL each.

    There was a glitch in the first few weeks of release of the first two DLC characters. Owners of the limited edition for the Xbox 360 version came with a comic with a code on the back to download Jill and Shuma-Gorath when they were released. The game was released a month before the characters would be open. The problem with the 360 version was the code was a smaller digit code than regular Xbox Marketplace 25 digit codes. The code was to be entered on the official website of the game along with an email for a reply. The PS3 version avoided this problem completely.

    The problem came from the fact that many people did not get an email at all and missed out on their opportunity for the DLC characters. Once the code is used once the website would give you an error stating that the code was already used. Even after the release of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Capcom has not done anything to help out the people who experienced this glitch.

    Balance Patches

    On March 22, 2011 Capcom released the first balance patch for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 without any official patch notes. However, Capcom was more forthcoming with a detailed list of changes to accompany Version 1.03 released on April 15, 2011.

    Version 1.02 (March 22, 2011)

    • Sentinel's vitality reduced from 1,300,000 to 905,000
    • Haggar/ Spencer Rapid Fire Fist xx Bionic Maneuvers freeze glitch removed
    • Spencer's Zip Kick now bounces him off the ground, preventing a loop combo
    • Akuma's jumping Tatsumaki Zankukyaku now experiences hitstun scaling, preventing an infinite combo

    Version 1.03 (April 15, 2011)

    • Ryu Cross Counter / X-Factor float glitch removed
    • Zero Sougenmu double snap glitch removed
    • Captain America Shield Slash hitstun glitch vs Ryu, Amaterasu and Hulk removed
    • Glitch for displaying more than 128 victories in game lobby removed
    • Glitch involving Haggar blocking an attack in the air after Hoodlum Launcher removed
    • Glitch for displaying consecutive victories over 99 in a Player Match removed
    • Amaterasu's F+H now experiences hitstun scaling, preventing an infinite combo vs Taskmaster, Amaterasu, Zero, and Shuma-Gorath
    • Remnants of Haggar/Spencer Rapid Fire Fist xx Bionic Maneuvers freeze glitch removed when used against Arthur or Viewtiful Joe
    • Glitch for displaying damage when using Spencer's Bionic Maneuvers with Haggar's Steel Pipe and Rapid Fire Fist removed


    A downloadable costume pack was announced by Capcom on the day of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's release, costing $5 on PSN or 400 Microsoft points on XBL. Released on March 1st, 2011, the pack contained the following costumes:

    Shadow Battle Mode

    On March 1, 2011, players gained access to the new Shadow Battle mode through a free update offered through PSN and XBL. In this mode, players are able to fight against themed teams, some of which have been programmed after the habits and tendencies of Capcom's staff as well as famous players from the competitive fighting scene.

    Pack 1 - (March 1, 2011 - FREE)

    Tsuma - Ryota Niitsuma (Producer)

    • Strength Level 5
    • Team - Morrigan -β; Dante - α; Wolverine - γ

    Kadotty - Akihito Kadowaki (Associate Producer)

    • Strength Level 3
    • Team - Tron Bonne - α; X-23 - β; Phoenix - γ
    un - QA Tester
    • Strength Level 15
    • Team - Hsien-Ko - α; Chun-Li - γ; Morrigan - β

    Pack 2 - (March 29, 2011 - $0.99 on PSN or 80 Microsoft Points on XBL)

    Street Fighters

    • Strength Level 12
    • Team - Ryu - β; Chun-Li - α; Akuma - β

    Vampire Girls

    • Strength Level 4
    • Team - Morrigan - γ; Felicia - α; Hsien-Ko - α


    • Strength Level 8
    • Team - Chris - β; Wesker - γ; Jill - β

    Pack 3 - (April 12, 2011 - $0.99 on PSN or 80 Microsoft Points on XBL)

    Classic X-Men

    • Strength Level 10
    • Team - Phoenix - α; Wolverine - γ; Storm - α


    • Strength Level 14
    • Team - Wolverine - γ; Deadpool - α; X-23- β

    The Big Three

    • Strength Level 18
    • Team - Captain America - α; Iron Man - α; Thor - α
    Pack 4 - (April 26, 2011 - $0.99 on PSN or 80 Microsoft Points on XBL)

    The Big Mouths
    • Strength Level 5
    • Team - Deadpool - α; Viewtiful Joe - γ; Spider-Man - α
    Celebrity Heroes
    • Strength Level 8
    • Team - Iron Man - α; Morrigan - γ; Felicia - α
    Broke Heroes
    • Strength Level 9
    • Team - Tron Bonne - α; Spider-Man - α; Ryu - β
    Pack 5 - (May 10, 2011 - $0.99 on PSN or 80 Microsoft Points on XBL)

    Neo_G - Combat Designer
    • Strength Level 12
    • M.O.D.O.K. - α; Dormammu - α; Ryu - β
    Kana - e-Capcom Staff
    • Strength Level 10
    • Chun-Li - β; Amaterasu - γ; X-23 - α
    Woshige - QA Tester
    • Strength Level 20
    • Wolverine - β; Sentinel - α; Akuma - β
    Pack 6 - (May 24, 2011 - $0.99 on PSN or 80 Microsoft Points on XBL)

    Dark Hunters
    • Strength Level 8
    • Dante - γ; Arthur - γ; Hsien-Ko - α
    Public Heroes
    • Strength Level 10
    • Haggar - α; Captain America - γ; Chun-Li - β
    Space Invaders
    • Strength Level 12
    • Dormammu - β; Super Skrull - γ; Shuma-Gorath - α
    Pack 7 - (May 31, 2011 - $0.99 on PSN or 80 Microsoft Points on XBL)

    Shooters Club
    • Strength Level 13
    • Taskmaster - α; Chris - β; Doctor Doom - β
    Swinger's Club
    • Strength Level 15
    • Spider-Man - α; Spencer - γ; Taskmaster - α
    Bad Science
    • Strength Level 17
    • Wesker - β; M.O.D.O.K. - γ; Hulk - β
    Pack 8 - (June 7, 2011 - $0.99 on PSN or 80 Microsoft Points on XBL)

    • Strength Level 10
    • Zero - α; Sentinel - β; Hsien-Ko - β
    c.bake - Chris Baker
    • Strength Level 7
    • Wolverine - α; Dr. Doom - α; Phoenix - α
    Legendary Heroes
    • Strength Level 19
    • Spencer - γ; Captain America - α; Wolverine - β
    Pack 9 - (June 13, 2011 - $0.99 on PSN or 80 Microsoft Points on XBL)

    Jimmy Rey
    • Strength Level 4
    • Spider Man - α; Super Skrull - β; Deadpool - α
    • Strength Level 7
    • Hulk - α; Felicia - β; She-Hulk - γ
    s-kill - Seth Killian
    • Strength Level 20
    • Dante - α; C Viper - α; Sentinel - α

    Event Mode

    Unlocked on March 25, 2011, Event Mode gives players the opportunity to accomplish various goals in order to unlock special titles which can be assigned to their License Card. As of yet, 36 of a reported 50 events have been released including challenges to beat Arcade Mode with a draining vitality gauge, win 10 online matches in a row, or clear an Arcade Mode consisting entirely of M.O.D.O.K.s. Among the arcade modes are also infinite x-factor or changes on the whole character selection such as 1vs1, 2v2, 1vs2, 2vs3.

    Special Edition

    Contents of the Special Edition

    A special edition was released in North America including the following features:

    • Steel-book case
    • 1-month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics
    • Fate of Two Worlds comic and art-book
    • Redeemable codes for downloadable characters Jill Valentine, and Shuma-Gorath.

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