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X-Men: Children of the Atom is the first fighting game by Capcom that uses characters from the Marvel universe. Playing much like Street Fighter, it also used the voice actors from the animated series to voice their characters for the game. Released originally in 1994 in arcades, then the game was later ported to the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC. This game was also praised for using the costumes and color schemes from the 1990s cartoon.


X-Men: Children of the Atom start screen.
X-Men: Children of the Atom start screen.

The gameplay for X-Men Children of the Atom follows closely to Capcoms Street Fighter II, and Darkstalkers using the same arcade button configuration and style. You can pick from six heroes and four villains for a total of ten playable characters.

Each player has an "X-Power" gauge similar to that of Super Street Fighter II Turbo as well as the "Special" gauge in Darkstalkers. The "X-Power" gauge builds up as the player performs moves during a match and has two levels, in which the player can then perform "X-Ability" which uses a smaller amount of the gauge and the "Hyper-X" which uses a lot more of the power gauge. Alos, countering throws will also drain some of your power gauge.

Wolverine Fighting Iceman
Wolverine Fighting Iceman

X-Men Children of the Atom also introduces to fighting games, the ability to do super jumps, roll toward or away from an opponent after a throw to perform more attacks, and also being able to determine projectile attacks, such as Cyclops' Eye Beam. As well the player can choose between manual or automatic blocking, but some in game features will not be available if the player chooses automatic.

The single player portion of the game has six AI controlled characters ,and two unplayable boss characters. Unlike most fighting games their is no mirror matches. Akuma (from Super Street Fighter II Turbo) makes an appearance in the single player as a secret character if the proper requirements are met.


ColossusHe is the strongest member from X-Men. His stage is underneath a city being destroyed by Sentinels.
CyclopsCyclops uses mainly optic blasts. His stage is located in the Danger Room.
IcemanHis stage is ice pieces floating across a tropical beach.
PsylockeHer stage is located in an elevator revolving around a skyscraper.
StormStorm is the only X-Men character that can fly, and attacks using wind, ice and lighting attacks. Her stage is located on top of the Blackbird.
WolverineHe can heal part of his health. Wolverines' stage is in the Savage Land.
Omega RedHis stage is in an undersea laboratory.
SentinelHe is the largest regular character to choose from. His stage is located in a Sentinel Factory in Genosha, in which Master Mold, who is seen in the background, will either fly away or get destroyed depending if the Sentinels win the match or not.
Silver SamuraiHis stage is located in Kodokan.
SpiralHer stage is in the Mojo World. Her stage has a different design, as the floor can be destroyed up to three times in a match.
JuggernautHe is the first boss in the game. His stage is located in a space ship launching bay
MagnetoHe is the final boss in the game. His stage is located in Avalon, his space station.
Secret Character
Akuma (Gouki in Japan)He is a character from Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and uses the same sprites from that game. His stage is also located in the Danger Room. Akuma can be selected at the character selection screen using a specific cheat code.


X-Men Children of the Atom Arcade Hardware
X-Men Children of the Atom Arcade Hardware

like many Capcom games of the time X-Men Children of the Atom ran on CPS-2 arcade hardware, and featured the same arcade panel layout as previous Capcom developed fighting games, the only difference being different artwork and button colors.


The PSX Box Art in North America
The PSX Box Art in North America

A Sega Saturn version was was released in Japan on November 22, 1995 by Capcom, and released in North America and Europe by Acclaim a few months later. The Saturn version was developed by Rutubo Games, and allows the player to enter a cheat code in two player versus mode that allows you to play as the boss characters.

PlayStation and PC versions were release in 1998 and 1997 and were released in North America and Europe, and were developed by Probe Entertainment and was published by Acclaim.

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