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Street Fighter IV, first released in 2009 in arcades, with numerous ports to home and portable consoles, is the first entry in Capcom's classic fighting game franchise developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game brings back the full cast of fighters from Street Fighter II, in addition to fighters from the Street Fighter Alpha series. The story is set between the events of Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III.

One of Street Fighter IV's most noticeable features is its new visual style. The game utilizes 3D animation while maintaining the 2D gameplay that has become the series' staple. The art style is inspired by East Asian calligraphy, with characters and backgrounds rendered in 3D. This is a major departure from the 2D sprites used in previous games in the franchise.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Seth gives M.Bison a beating

The basic gameplay mechanics are modeled after Street Fighter II, but add some new features as well. For instance, SFIV includes mechanics from previous Street Fighter titles, such as 2-Button throwing, EX Supers, and a variant on Parrying (called Focus Attacks in this game). Additionally, the execution of moves is more lenient than past titles, making the game more accessible to newcomers and casual players. Street Fighter IV uses a 6-button layout that has been the series' standard since Street Fighter II. There are three punch and three kick buttons of varying strength (Light, Medium, and Hard).

One of the brand new mechanics in Street Fighter IV is the Focus Attack (called Saving Attack in Japan). A Focus Attack is a ground-based normal attack, executed by pressing medium kick and punch simultaneously; the Focus Attack has a number of uses and attributes.

Charging a Focus Attack grants "Hyper Armor" which allows a hit to be absorbed. It can also be canceled by Dashing forward or backward to extend combos or escape safely. There are three different levels of the Focus Attack. Level one is used by pressing and quickly releasing the two buttons; level two is activated by holding the buttons for a brief moment (identified by the character quickly glowing white); and the final level is activated by holding both buttons until the full attack is finished. Level two and three Focus Attacks will leave the opponent in a crumpled state, granting the attacker a chance for a free hit or a combo. While charging a Focus Attack, it can be Dash Canceled at nearly any point before a full charged (level 3) Focus Attack is released, or upon contact. A dash cancel, as the name implies, cancels the Focus Attack itself, or the subsequent recovery after execution, respectively.

Hyper Armor is activated immediately upon pressing medium punch plus medium kick, and lasts until those buttons are released (with the exception of level 3 Focus Attacks) grants a character the ability to absorb one hit without damaging or throwing him out of the attack. Dashing or releasing a level 1 or level 2 Focus Attack immediately forfeits Hyper Armor.

EX Special Attacks are a more powerful version of a character's normal Special Attacks; the move is executed by hitting two Punch or Kick Buttons (depending on the character) at the same time. Using an EX Special takes away a bar of the Super Gauge, which is built up through the use of a character's special moves (such as Ryu's Hadoken or Ken's Shoryuken). The character flashes and their Special deals extra damage, and will typically produce different

Super Attacks are used when the Super Gauge is filled completely and flashes "Super". Super Combo's are performed after executing a character specific input and will drain the entire Super Gauge. Ultra Attacks are extremely cinematic moves that will change the camera angle and hit multiple times, causing devastating damage. These Ultra Attacks utilize the Revenge Gauge, which fills upon taking damage. The Ultra will have the same button inputs as Super Attacks, except instead of hitting just one Punch or Kick, all three buttons (Light-Medium-Hard) must be pressed at the same time. An Ultra can be performed when the Revenge Gauge is half-filled, though the attack does more damage as the gauge is filled.


  • 25 characters: Six all-new characters, 15 returning characters from Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II, and four characters from Street Fighter Alpha.
  • The console versions have anime openings and endings for all characters.
  • The Limited Edition of the game includes a Street Fighter IV animated movie, The Ties That Bind, which leads into SFIV's story.
  • One of the arcade version's features is its card system, which allows a player to customize a single character, giving them alternate costumes (such as Guile's Charlie costume, a battle-damaged M. Bison, Zangief 's Mike Haggar (of Final Fight fame) costume, and a shirtless Ryu).
  • The characters' signature background themes play only during the last fight before the final boss, Seth.
  • This installment features online play and leaderboards, much like Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. The Battle Points System that is in Japanese arcades will also be in some capacity while playing online.
  • English or Japanese voices can be selected for each character according to a player's preference. This feature can only be unlocked by completing Arcade mode with any character.
  • Championship Mode was released on April 24, 2009 on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
  • Players who have 5000 CP are allowed to upload Replays via Championship Mode. Players can view these clips at any time.


Returning Characters

  • Ryu

    "Continuously polishing the art of fighting he learned from his master Gouken, this solitary fighter trains tirelessly for his own betterment. His power and nomadic way of life are a big draw to admiring challengers. He seeks the path of the "true warrior", but his pursuit of this lofty goal has set him squarely in the sights of evil organizations who would seek the same for their own ends."
    Ryu is the definition of the lone-wolf street fighter. His stern determination to become a master of his fighting style has inspired many fellow martial artists. His training is his life and he will do whatever it takes to perfect his technique. When Ryu was a boy, a master martial artist named Gouken adopted him. The young boy grew under Gouken’s care, learning his unnamed fighting techniques with his best friend and fellow student, Ken Masters. Once Ryu turned 23, Gouken deemed him ready to leave the dojo and test his skills against the best fighters in the world in the first World Warrior Tournament. Ryu won, but the championship fight with Sagat, the Emperor of Muay Thai, was brutal and a dark power known as the Satsui no Hadou was released. Though he was victorious, Ryu was still troubled by the experience, becoming unsure about his fighting abilities. It was only after Ken encouraged him to improve that Ryu began to understand that there was still much he had to learn about himself and his fighting style. The Satsui no Hadou, or Surge of Murderous Intent, was similar to M. Bison’s Psycho Power and Ryu tried to avoid using it at all costs in order to keep true to his sensei’s peaceful teachings. But there were those who wished to use Ryu and harness the power of the Satsui no Hadou for themselves, including the CEO of S.I.N. (and head of the new tournament), Seth.
  • Ken

    "Scion of the American financial group that bears his name, Ken Masters is also the closest friend and rival of Ryu. With a brand new life on the way to get his and his wife's family started, he hesitates when invited to climb back into the ring with Ryu. Eventually, with some prodding from Eliza, he decides to take the plunge."
    The heir apparent to the largest conglomerate in the United States, 12-year old Ken Masters was shipped off to Japan by his father to learn discipline under his good friend, Gouken. Although hesitant at first, Ken eventually warmed up to his new environment, getting along especially well with his fellow student, Ryu. Ken’s warm and passionate nature contrasts his best friend, and the two love to test one another. He just can’t say no to a challenge from Ryu. Now settled into a comfortable life in America with his expecting wife, Ken is reluctant to enter the new fighting tournament. It is only after Ryu issues a personal challenge that he enters the tournament, ready to show his good friend that he still has his fighting spirit.
  • E. Honda
    E. Honda

    "This bad boy of the sumo circuit continues to make a name for himself on the world stage. He has attained the rank of Oseki, though he is generally considered good enough to take on the mantle of Yokozuna. He travels the world in an effort to spread sumo's appeal around the world."
    This larger-than-life sumo wrestler has only one thing on his mind: show the world the potential of his sport. Although wildly popular in his native Japan, E. Honda is upset at the rest of the world’s disinterest toward sumo wrestling. When caught up in the passion of his sport, E. Honda is a fierce warrior with aggressive moves. But this belies his honest and sportsman-like nature. He cares deeply about his sport and isn’t afraid to stand up against any evil that may be targeting it or his fellow athletes.
  • Guile

    "This American Air Force Major has dedicated his life to taking revenge on Bison, the man who killed his best friend, Charlie so many years ago. His fighting style is a unique blend of military trained martial arts and other moves that he finds useful in combat. When a series of incidents in which Shadaloo's involvement is suspected come to light, he is quick to partner up with his old friend Chun-Li to get to the bottom of it."
    Guile of the U.S. Air Force learned his fighting form from his best friend, Charlie Nash. Hot headed and impatient, Guile added his own unique additions, creating a personalized combat style. After Charlie’s demise at the hands of M. Bison, Guile vowed to have his revenge, but when he had his chance he realized killing Bison would make him no better than the deranged warlord. Now, with Bison’s Shadaloo criminal organization returning from the shadows, Guile teams up with Interpol detective Chun-Li to investigate his long time enemy.
  • Chun-Li

    "This Interpol detective uses an arsenal of deadly kicks as she scours the world in search of her missing father. She became a detective at the age of 18. She is currently engaged in an investigation with Guile into rumors of Shadaloo's re-emergence."
    Interpol investigator Chun-Li joined the force at the age of 18 searching for clues regarding her father’s death. After gaining a lead from her father’s friend about the crime organization called Shadaloo, the young detective found the murderer she was searching for, M. Bison. She challenged the demented tyrant but was quickly defeated. With tears in her eyes, she swore vengeance. Her time would come at the second World Warrior tournament where she played a major part in crushing Bison’s crime syndicate, Shadaloo. The peace was short lived as the organization begins to stir once more. This time Chun-Li is ready to bring Bison and his Shadaloo organization to their knees and break them once and for all. They will not out run justice. Chun-Li’s power lies in her strong and beautiful legs. Her rapid charging attacks take opponents by surprise and strikes such as the Kikoken send them flying even farther than her kicks.
  • Blanka

    "Following a harrowing plane crash in his youth, Blanka found himself alone in the Amazonian jungle, struggling to survive and live on his own, granting him extraordinary survival skills and a unique set of characteristics. He now fights to earn the love and respect of his mother."
    When the plane young Jimmy was on crashed into the jungles of Brazil, he suddenly became an orphan. Abandoned to the wild, he survived by fighting predators and using camouflage to blend in with the South American plant life, which took to his skin permanently. The locals came to call the boy Blanka. After traveling to civilization, Blanka quickly found himself fighting against the strongest warriors in the world. Due to his upbringing Blanka attacks with fluid animalistic movements, rolling with the punches. Recently reunited with his mother, Blanka now fights to make her proud of her uncultured son.
  • Zangief
    "This Russian wrestler is popularly known as the "Red Cyclone". Inside his massive chest beats the heart of a true patriot. He throws himself into another worldwide fight in order to keep a promise he made to a group of doubtful children."
    A man who trains with polar bears in Siberia should not be taken lightly. Zangief is the greatest professional wrestler the Soviet Union has ever produced and his ferociously muscular body is packed with blazing passion and love for his home country. He is a patriot to his very core and is disgusted at acts of selfish evil. Zangief is ready to prove he is the strongest fighter in the world and fights for his land and the little ones who look up to him. Using close range combat, Zangief will gladly take a punch in order to grab his opponent. He is called the Red Cyclone for a reason and his famous Spinning Piledriver is to be feared.
  • Dhalsim

    "This mystical Indian yogi is reluctant to harm his opponents and is a pacifist at heart. Nevertheless, when his family's village is threatened, he once again ventures into the world, steeled for combat and ready to teach evil a lesson."

    Dhalsim claims to be a pacifist, but this Indian mystic's words are proven to be empty time and time again as he deviates from his nonviolent beliefs if he believes his village is in danger. Although he looks hard and serious, he is very caring. The skulls he wears around his neck are in remembrance of the children in his village that died during a plague. Dhalsim is a long range fighter and his intense yoga training has granted him mastery of fire techniques and the ability to contort his body in impossible ways. With his village threatened once again, he readies himself for combat.
  • Balrog

    "This boxer, whose violent tendencies led to his being expelled from the realm of professional boxing, teamed up with Bison to make money. He has not been heard from since Shadaloo's collapse."

    Mike "Balrog" Bison, a former boxing champion and prizefighter, will work for whoever offers up the most cash. After being tossed from boxing for permanently injuring his opponent with illegal moves, Balrog joined Shadaloo and moved through the ranks to become Bison’s enforcer. After Shadaloo’s collapse, Balrog disappeared into the shadows. But you know this boxer can’t stay out of the spotlight for too long.
  • Vega

    "This narcissist values and trusts in beauty above all else. He joined Bison's organization purely to improve his own aesthetic senses. His extreme speed and beautifully executed move set makes it difficult for opponents to keep their minds on the battle. He has not been heard from since Shadaloo's collapse."
    The privileged Catalonian has an obsession with beauty and one hell of a dark streak. Having studied both bullfighting and ninjutsu, Vega blended the two together, forming a quick, acrobatic combat style. He began his wicked ways after witnessing the death of his mother at the hands of his stepfather. Enraged, he murdered his stepfather. The incident left a huge imprint, changing Vega into a pitiless killer. It is this characteristic, as well as his fighting abilities, that drew M. Bison to entice Vega to join Shadaloo. Vega is the only fighter to keep a weapon with him at all times, using a claw to extend his reach and deliver slashing strikes. His other accessory, a white mask, is used to protect his flawless face.
  • Sagat

    "Also known as "the Invincible Tiger", Sagat is exalted as the King of Muay Thai. His legendary kicks are said to be the most powerful in the world. A fateful defeat at the hands of Ryu left a broad scar on his chest and drove him to even more intense training."

    Sagat, the Emperor of the Muay Thai boxing world, is the national hero of Thailand. He has defeated many opponents who sought his title, including Dan Hibiki’s father, but no fight has left as strong an impression as his first encounter with Ryu. After a shocking defeat, Sagat was left with a wound that still burns through his chest to this day. The pain and hatred that followed this loss lead Sagat to briefly join M. Bison’s criminal organization. He left after realizing Bison’s devious plans and returned to Thailand to train his body and mind in hopes of a true rematch with Ryu. Sagat’s towering form is a large asset, granting him long-reaching attacks. His punishing kicks and knees are impressive to watch, but they should be avoided at all cost.
  • M. Bison
    M. Bison
    "Drug trafficking, human experimentation, weapons dealing; no crime was beyond the reach of Bison's foul Shadaloo organization. He uses his Psycho Power to strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose him and further his own twisted and vile machinations. Thought to have perished in the fall of Shadaloo, Bison garnered a new lease on life via a replacement body and now seeks to usher in a new dark age of terror and intimidation the world over."
    The former overlord of the secret crime organization Shadaloo is beyond morals and the very ideas of right and wrong. From drug rings to human experiments and weapon sales, M. Bison was once the ruler of the underworld and his Psycho Power could not be stopped. With his supposed demise at the end of the second World Warrior Tournament and the fall of Shadaloo, many believed that was the last they’d see of Bison. How wrong they were. Bison has returned with a new body constructed by Shadaloo scientists, and this time the body is strong enough to withstand the full power of his Psycho Power. The dark warlord emerges once again, ready to reclaim his rightful place at the head of Shadaloo and return it to its former terrifying glory.
  • Akuma (Hidden, playable in console version, playable in the arcade version as of September 2008)

    "This demonic warrior discarded his own humanity when he let the dark power of the Satsui no Hado take over and murder his own brother Gouken in cold blood. He seeks the ultimate fight to the death and is especially intrigued by Ryu's inherent Satsui no Hado tendencies, which he frequently tempts the younger man into succumbing to once and for all."
    Akuma has used his martial arts to become something more than human, and definitely something more cruel. He treks the globe in search of warriors worthy to be his opponent. Having trained with his brother Gouken under Goutetsu, he learned a nameless assassination style as well as an incredibly powerful technique called Shun Goku Satsu. However, this death technique came with a price, putting the user in great danger. Akuma nonetheless mastered the Shun Goku Satsu by embracing the principle of Satsui no Hadou, or Surge of Murderous Intent, and as a result lost all compassion. With this new power Akuma killed his master and presumably destroyed his brother. He enters the new fighting tournament looking for another challenge.

New Characters

  • Abel
    "This young amnesiac desperately chases down the remnants of Shadaloo. His fighting style is based upon mixed martial arts and is well-suited to his mercenary background. Though he may appear to be a bit of a misanthrope at first glance, this is merely a side effect of his earnestness. He has no memories of his past."
    After being saved from a burning lab by the commander of a mercenary group, Abel woke severely injured and with a case of amnesia. The commander looked after the young Frenchman and became a father-like figure. Before the commander’s passing, he told Abel that the lab he was found in was actually the former base for Shadaloo and he should be wary of the crime organization. Now out on his own with his amnesia still haunting him, Abel works with Chun-Li to investigate the rumors surrounding the presumably destroyed Shadaloo syndicate, using his mixed martial arts combat to enter the new fighting tournament.
  • Crimson Viper
    Crimson Viper

    "This tough and beautiful agent assumes a business-like demeanor, seemingly ignoring the pettiness of human emotion and obligation to fellow man in favor of her own goals. She wears a high-tech suit equipped with an assortment of deadly gadgetry. Her true goals and identity are unknown."
    Part of the Battlesuit project currently under development at S.I.N. corporation, Crimson Viper is taking the high tech suit to the tournament in order to properly demonstrate its abilities. Though beautiful on the outside, she has a cold personality. She is all business and prefers to ignore the pettiness of emotions and obligations, instead doing whatever it takes to ensure her goals are reached. Just what those goals are though, is a mystery. Her Battlesuit is loaded with hidden gadgetry that improves her already skilled combat abilities, propelling her kicks and jumps with fiery boosts and adding an electric touch to her punches.
  • El Fuerte
    El Fuerte

    "This fighter divides his time between perfecting his lucha libre skills and his cooking abilities. His indomitable spirit is a match for even the legendary Red Cyclone. He now travels the world in an effort to assemble the greatest recipes on the planet."
    One part lucha libre super star and aspiring chef, El Fuerte is full of ambition and ready to do what it takes to collect the world’s greatest recipes. When this passionate wrestler is told of an upcoming fighting tournament, he knows he must enter! Just think of all the amazing warriors he will be able to fight, and all the recipes he’ll be able to gather! His combat style is flashy and energetic, perfectly matching his personality. But don’t be fooled by his glitzy moves, - they still pack quite a punch!
  • Rufus
    "This portly fighter uses his own unique brand of kung fu. He has declared himself to be the America's greatest fighter and he has a deep, though decidedly one-side rivalry with Ken Masters. He fights to prove that he is indeed better than Masters, though he frequently mistakes other fighters for his supposed rival."
    Calling Rufus a big boy would be putting it lightly. Mr. Large-and-in-Charge is livid that Ken Masters is being paraded around as America’s greatest fighter when he is obviously better…at least that’s what he thinks. Rufus is determined to challenge Ken and prove just who is the best in America, but his eagerness gets away with him and he often mistakes other fighters for his supposed rival. With his own interesting form of kung fu that makes the most of his portly stature, judging Rufus on his appearance might be the last mistake you make.
  • Seth (Final Boss, playable in console version, non-playable in arcade version)

    "Seth is the CEO of a weapons manufacturing and trading company known as S.I.N. He has collected data from the world's top fighters and assimilated it into his own fighting style. Though he was developed to be a replacement body for Bison, he has plans of his own. Plans to rebel and make Shadaloo his own."
    CEO of the new weapons corporation, S.I.N., Seth leads the company into new combat technologies, which he isn’t afraid to use on himself. This enhanced being uses the data gathered on the worlds greatest warriors to create a mixed martial arts the likes of which has never been seen. This puppet master now aims to hold a new fighting tournament where he will be able to gather enough data to complete S.I.N.’s BLECE project, their ultimate weapon program. And the fighter that lies at the center of the project is none other than Ryu.
  • Gouken (Secret Boss, playable in console version, non-playable in arcade version)
    "Akuma's brother and mentor to Ryu and Ken, this legendary fighter is responsible for developing and refining Ansatsuken, a fighting style he taught to his pupils Ryu and Ken. He was defeated at the hands of the vile Akuma and now makes his triumphant return after having been presumed dead for decades."
    Akuma’s brother, Gouken is the legendary martial arts master of Ryu and Ken. After training with his brother under Goutetsu and learning the unnamed assassination style, the siblings separated. Gouken rejected the Satsui no Hadou side of the fighting style and developed his own additions, removing the killing power of Hadouken and Shoryuken, turning them into tools for self-defense. Gouken was challenged twice by his demonic brother and would eventually be killed by his hands…or so many believed.

Console Only Characters

  • Dan
    "This fighter boasts an impressive set of taunts, but his fighting moves are often half-baked. Though he has trained with Gouken in the past, his moves are based more upon his own unique technique, a style he has dubbed Saikyo."
    After the death of his father, Dan sought power from Gouken’s dojo hoping to use his acquired knowledge to one day avenge his father. Once his master discovered his motives for training, he was swiftly booted out. This did not deter Dan, whose self-induced delusions of grandeur know no bound. Left on his own, he somehow developed a personal fighting style, mixing what little he learned from Gouken with whatever he knew of Muay Thai. Dan called it Saikyo, The Strongest Style, despite the weakness of the techniques. Having missed the previous fighting tournament, Dan is ready to enter the ring and show the world just how great he is! Which according to him, is pretty great.
  • Fei Long
    Fei Long
    "This young man has made a big name for himself in the world of Hong Kong cinema. Having trained hard since childhood, there is not a single fighter in Hong Kong that has kung fu skills worthy of being compared to his own."
    After making a name for himself on the streets of Hong Kong, Fei Long caught the eye of a movie director and before he knew it, he became an international sensation, acting in major motion pictures. However, the world of staged choreographed fights is stifling and Fei Long dreams of fighting freely. The Flying Dragon is a master of Hitenryu Kung Fu and his swift precise attacks are as deadly in real life as they are on the big screen. With his newest film project in jeopardy and the mega corporation S.I.N. rumored to be behind the latest movie crew injuries, Fei Long heads into the corporation’s fighting tournament in search of answers.
  • Cammy
    "This swift and deadly fighter is a member of a British paramilitary group known as Delta Red. She had been brainwashed by Shadaloo and put to use by that evil organization as nothing more than a living weapon, but she does not let this past hold her back and now fights alongside her comrades on a new and dangerous mission."
    Cammy was created to be a soulless assassin for M. Bison, but after becoming aware of herself she left Shadaloo. The escape was difficult and she made it out of the organization’s base only to fall unconscious. She awoke with amnesia at the doorstep of the British paramilitary government organization, Delta Red. With elite fighting abilities implanted by the Shadaloo flowing through her, Cammy was welcomed into the Delta Red team. Through her work with the government organization, she encountered Bison in the second World Warrior tournament and her memories returned. After the defeat of Bison and Shadaloo, Cammy returned to her Delta Red teammates ready to live her own life. Now rumor is Shadaloo is back and Bison along with them. Cammy is ordered by Delta Red to join the tournament and use her superior close range combat to climb the ranks and investigate the crime syndicate’s activity.
  • Sakura
    "This high school girl followed her idol Ryu into the world of street fighting. Bright and energetic, she finds enjoyment in all she does and never misses the chance to fight a strong opponent."
    Don’t be fooled by her schoolgirl charm. Sakura is far from your average teenager. After witnessing her idol, Ryu, win the first World Warrior Tournament, she was instantly inspired to become a fighter he would be proud of. She traveled the world in hopes of persuading Ryu to train her, but is turned away when he confesses that he himself has much to learn and cannot take on a pupil. Now word on the street is that a new fighting tournament is starting up and Sakura enters with head held high, hoping to see Ryu once more. Sakura’s fighting style is similar to Ryu’s, having memorized his movements and trained with Dan, a previous student of Ryu’s sensei, Gouken. She may not have the same power as her idol, but her impressive ability to manipulate ki is hard to ignore.
  • Gen
    "This assassin enjoys legendary notoriety in the underworld. He continues to scour the world for foes worthy of the fight to the death he seeks. He has a connection with Chun-Li's father and, as such, possesses very complex feelings toward her."
    Gen was good friends with Chun-Li’s father, who was murdered by M. Bison. The stern old man trained the beautiful detective for a short time in her youth and still watches over her from afar. Though his body is weak, he is constantly seeking out opponents who can stand up to his assassination abilities and will stop at nothing to ensure his best friend’s daughter remains safe. Gen’s combat styles incorporate a wide variety of stances. He targets his opponent’s vitals, causing great damage with precise movements.
  • Rose
    "This beautiful and enigmatic fortune teller is well-known in Genoa, where she has set up shop. She relies on her mastery of Soul Power, an energy that draws its source from her very life-force, rather than on physical technique to vanquish foes."
    Rose, a fortuneteller from Genoa, was once Bison’s soul mate, literally. After facing Bison for the first time, she discovered the two shared the same soul, his corrupt and her’s pure. The demented warlord briefly possessed the mystic before he moved to another body. Rose cannot remember what happened while Bison controlled her, but knows he is still out there no matter what others may say. She embraces her mysterious Soul Power, the one weapon Bison cannot command, and uses it to wield her golden scarf against the wrongs of the world. Entering the new fighting tournament, Rose is determined to put an end to Bison once and for all.

Cameo Appearances

Yun & Yang

Yun & Yang make a cameo appearance in one of Chun-Li's cut-scenes. Trouble occurs in China and the two brothers were about to step in and help but Chun-Li appears and tells them that she'll handle it.

Adon appears in Sagat's opening. Adon is wiped out by Sagat's Tiger Destruction and therefore loses the title of "King" to the man he originally won it from. This puts to rest Adon's whereabouts following Street Fighter Alpha 3.


Capcom created a character poll for the game to determine some of the console specific characters. The character that won the original poll was Street Fighter III's Dudley, but Capcom elected to cancel that poll and create a new one, sans Dudley.

Capcom never explained their decision to abandon the first character poll.

Interesting Developments

Ono Holding a Pre-Release Poster Advertising Street Fighter 4

Late in development of the arcade version of Street Fighter IV, almost just barely in time for release in Japan, Yoshinori Ono and crew decided to change the whole collision detect system (which was standard 3D polygonal detection). This was done in direct correlation to the feedback of the community. The dedication of Ono’s Team really shined through at the last minute, as the entire game was retooled with 2D hit-box collision detection on all characters, just in time for release. To much acclaim, the game now feels like a Street Fighter game again.

One example of how the old 3D polygonal collision detection system effected gameplay, was that if Ryu jumped onto Dhalsim’s extended arms he would get hit and take damage. With the new 2D detection system, now Ryu passes-through Dhalsim’s arms and only takes damage from his fists. Many other things were said to just feel "off" about 3D polygonal collision detection, but is now all fixed with 2D hit-boxes.

Here is a quote from Yoshinori Ono about the state of the game, just a month before going gold:

"It was a really difficult process of changing the collision detection entirely, as you may imagine. Basically, we had this much of a time period to make the game, and right as we were just a month or two out, we suddenly had a change in direction. We felt, "We have to change this. We have to fix this game and get it to feel right or else nothing else we’re doing is going to be worth it."

So basically it was a matter of buttering up the team and begging them to stay really late. I would bring them buckets of fried chicken and candy and stuff to keep them working. In the end I think it all turned out fine and it feels a lot better than it did before.

Speaking specifically of what we did... we changed it to the old-school 2D collision box, [instead of 3D], so it feels a lot closer than it used to. Using the 3D collision detection, some things didn’t work as well. Some of the punches didn’t work right when they connected, but we fixed all that."

Official controller and arcade stick

The original Tournament Edition FightStick.

In August 2008, Mad Catz announced that they would be developing the official controller and arcade stick for the console version of Street Fighter IV. There were to be for PS3 and Xbox 360/PC. They where unveiled at the GameStop Expo 2008, and it was announced that the stick's would be easily customized without soldering. These arcade sticks came out with the game's release in February, 17 2009. There are two variations of the sticks with the standard edition costing $70 dollars and the tournament edition (the one pictured on the right) costs $150.

The Tournament Edition Fight Stick uses official Sanwa buttons and joysticks and it is also bigger in size compared to the normal Fight Stick, which has generic buttons and joysticks. Since there was a limited run of TE Sticks at the game's launch, they are rare to find other than on places such as eBay. Because of this Mad Catz released a Round 2 version of the stick, which was black instead of white, and had a different face plate.

The FightPads released included artwork from Akuma, Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li and Blanka. The PS3 version is wireless, while the 360 version is wired.

Limited edition sticks are also being unveiled at Convention through out the year, including:

PAX 2009 "Femme Fatale" Limited Edition

2009 San Diego Comic Con

Limited Edition

Collector's Edition

PlayStation 3 version includes:

  • Ryu Action Figurine
  • CD Soundtrack
  • "Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind" Blu-ray Movie Disc
  • Collector's Hint Book
  • Street Fighter IV Game Disc
  • PlayStation Network Voucher for 5 Alternate Costumes (Brawler Pack)

Xbox 360 version includes:

  • C.Viper Action Figurine
  • CD Soundtrack
  • "Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind" DVD Game Disc (only playable on an Xbox 360)
  • Collector's Hint Book
  • Street Fighter IV Game Disc
  • Xbox Live Marketplace Voucher for 5 Alternate Costumes (Brawler Pack)

Both versions that were released in the PAL region didn't include the CD Soundtrack but did have both Ryu and C. Viper Figurines, positioned in the familiar settings of the crowded Chinese downtown.

Downloadable Content

The costume packs cost 320 Microsoft Points, $3.99 on PlayStation Network.

The release schedule for the packs was as follows:

  • February 17: Grapplers Pack - Zangief, Rufus, E. Honda, Abel, and El Fuerte
  • February 24: Beauty Pack - Chun-Li, C. Viper, Sakura, Cammy, and Rose
  • March 3: Shoryuken Pack - Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, and Dan
  • March 10: Shadaloo Pack - Balrog, Vega, Sagat, M. Bison, and Seth
  • March 17: Classic Pack - Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Fei-Long, and Gen
  • April 30: Alternate Costumes Bundle at a discount of 1000 Microsoft Points.

C. Viper
E. Honda
El Fuerte
Fei Long
M. Bison

Free download-able content was also added in the way of Championship Mode, a tournament style network-play mode, where top ranking players will get their data uploaded to Capcom's servers and then it will be freely made available to the public. A Replay mode was also added to the update where, just as the name suggests, you will be able to watch and upload replay data and watch top ranked players as well. You will be able to vote for your favorite replays. Competitors in tournaments will earn GP or "Grade Points" to earn entry into tournaments.

The characters Dee Jay and T.Hawk were supposed to be in the game, they even had their models developed but they were omitted from the game for some reason. It was hinted that they might be implemented into the game in the future if they get enough support from the fans. It was unclear if via downloadable content or some other method. They are the only two characters that did not make it over from Super Street Fighter II. It was revealed that these characters will not be available as DLC and instead appear in SuperStreetFighter IV, an updated version of the game which was released on April 27th, 2010.

Tier List

Tier lists show how strong the characters can be evaluated relative to each other. Expected from the potential of a character, practically from that in the context of human potential, perfectly played character.

They come from a mixture of experience (how top players cut-it with characters, as well as from the big tournaments, etc.) and partly from a theoretical consideration. Tier lists give tendencies of potential outcomes, but are not absolute, i.e. if a character is one or two spots higher in the tier ranking than another character, when one considers the entire cast, usually benefit from more Matchups than the characters in the tier under him, but if compared directly with him only has a 5:5 or even worse matchup. Tiers can be traditionally divided in Top, Mid or Low, whereby if one wants to define it even more, in Mid Upper / Lower Mid split. Low, sometimes called the Garbage tier, usually comprises the "garbage" characters, i.e. those who have so many bad Matchups that in a tournament, that character has no real chance.

Top Tier Characters in the best case, have no or minimal bad Matchups. Upper Mid are usually characters who do have one or the other bad Matchup, but are still able to do well, even in direct comparison with the Top Tier Characters. Depending on how far or close the Tiers are together, this is often the line, where tournament able characters are drawn.

Occasionally there is also a so-called God Tier. These are usually characters from the top of the list and their worst possible Matchup are often only themselves, as they dominate everything else. One finds in this context sometimes referred to as God Semi Tier, which usually means that the character is still on the regular list of tier, but dominated from another tier God.

Tier classification is different today, displaying in more of a disposition of the Tier characters with Letter grades, since you can split them a much as you wish and add even more levels with and - that allows a flexible and more dynamic display of tiers. (where the S rank is usually the Top Tier, and the Tiers start at A).

It must be said that Tier lists always are a little spongy. Most Top tiers (or God tiers if there are any) and Low Tiers are normally clear, the rest in the middle are to a certain extent, debatable. Also of heavily changing tier lists, especially if the game is still new, because not all the tactics are discovered and exploited plus the full potential of every character isn't known.


This is the official soundtrack for the game, which also comes with collector's editions of the game.

Disc 1

1. Introduction [0:13]

2. The Next Door [1:34]

3. AC Mode Select Screen -Game Arrange- [0:59]

4. Character Select Screen -Game Arrange- [1:03]

5. Old Temple Stage -Japan- [3:29]

6. Crowded Downtown Stage -China- [3:25]

7. Snowy Rail Yard Stage -Russia- [3:17]

8. Cruise Ship Stern Stage -Europe- [4:01]

9. Beautiful Bay Stage -Vietnam- [3:32]

10. Drive-in at Night Stage -USA- [3:14]

11. Small Airfield Stage -Africa- [3:22]

12. Inland Jungle Stage -Brazil- [3:37]

13. Historic Distillery Stage -Scotland- [3:25]

14. Overpass Stage -Tokyo- [3:22]

15. Volcanic Rim Stage - Street Fighter IV- [3:29]

16. Deserted Temple Stage -Japan- [3:02]

17. Run-down Back Alley Stage -China- [3:25]

18. Morning Mist Bay Stage -Vietnam- [3:32]

19. Pitch-black Jungle Stage -Brazil- [3:37]

20. Secret Laboratory Stage (Round 1) -Unknown- [2:44]

21. Secret Laboratory Stage (Round 2) -Unknown- [3:24]

22. Training Stage [2:21]

23. VS Screen -Normal- [0:10]

24. Results Screen [1:48]

25. A New Warrior Has Entered the Ring [0:11]

26. Continue Screen [0:43]

27. Revival [0:10]

28. Game Over [0:10]

29. CS Lobby Screen [1:13]

30. VS Screen -Rival- [0:10]

31. Congratulations Screen [0:53]

32. AC Ending -Type A- [0:40]

33. AC Ending -Type B- [0:53]

34. AC Ending -Type C- [0:52]

35. AC Ending -Type D- [0:42]

36. AC Ending -Type E- [0:40]

Disc 2

1. The Next Door -Indestructible- [1:34]

2. Theme of Ryu -SFIV Arrange- [3:19]

3. Theme of Ken -SFIV Arrange- [3:25]

4. Theme of Chun-Li -SFIV Arrange- [3:36]

5. Theme of Guile -SFIV Arrange- [3:15]

6. Theme of Zangief -SFIV Arrange- [3:13]

7. Theme of C.Viper [3:02]

8. Theme of Abel [2:34]

9. Theme of Rufus [2:52]

10. Theme of El Fuerte [3:11]

11. Theme of Sagat -SFIV Arrange- [3:15]

12. Theme of Vega -SFIV Arrange- [2:59]

13. Theme of Gouki -SFIV Arrange- [2:52]

14. Theme of Gouken [2:55]

15. Theme of Sakura -SFIV Arrange- [3:14]

16. Theme of Cammy -SFIV Arrange- [2:43]

17. Theme of Rose -SFIV Arrange- [2:50]

18. Theme of Gouki vs. Ryu [1:42]

19. Theme of Gouken vs. Ryu [2:38]

20. Staff Roll [5:22]

21. TGS'08 PV BGM [3:15]

22. Shop PV BGM [5:06]

23. Street Fighter IV -Orchestra ver.- [4:48]

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP.

CPU: HT Technology-capable Intel Pentium 4 processor or higher/ Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or higher/ AMD Athion 64.

Memory: Windows Vista 1 GB or more/ Windows XP 1GB or more.

Free Hard Drive space needed: 10GB or more.

Monitor: 640x480 or higher.

DVD-ROM drive.

Video Card VRAM: 256 MB or more, DirectX 9.0c/Shader 3.0 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce 6600 series or higher.

Sound Card: DirectSound compatible: DirectX 9.0 or higher.

Input Device: Mouse, Keyboard.

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista.

CPU: Intel Core i7 Processor or higher/ AMD Athlon 64 X2.

Memory: Windows Vista 2GB or more/Windows XP 2 GB or more.

Free Hard drive space needed: 10GB or more.

Monitor: 1280x720 or higher.

DVD-ROM drive.

Video Card VRAM: 512 MB or more, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series or higher, ATI Radeon X1900 or higher.

Input Device: Game Pad (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended).

Internet Environment: Broadband Connection(In order to operate on the internet, a broadband connection is needed).

iPhone Version

On March 10th, 2010, the iPhone/ Pod version of Street Fighter 4 was released. The game originally only offered 8 characters (Ryu, Ken, Guile, Dhalsim, Blanka, Abel, Chun-Li and M. Bison) but Capcom is offering free updates that include character additions (Zangief, Cammy, C. Viper and E. Hondahave already been added).

The game offers simplified controls. There are 4 buttons on screen: Punch, Kick, Focus and Special. Since there are no Jab, Strong and Fierce options on screen, the player can only control the strength of their punches and kicks by holding different directional button while taping the respective attack. The "Special" button acts as a shortcut for Special moves. Instead of inputting quarter-circle forward, punch for Ryu's fireball, the player simply press Forward, Special to pull off the move. This makes it a little easier to deal with inputs on what is, essentially, a digital D-pad. Ultras and Supers can also be executed by simply tapping on the meter/ icon for the respective move.

Modes include:

  • "Tournament" mode
  • "Dojo" mode
  • A challenge mode where players can complete various requirements and be given a letter grade upon completion
  • Online versus mode

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