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I love the music.

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Weekend Update.

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it just exploded

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Please do a weekly show like 1up/gamespot!!

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Hey Vinny, any chance I could get a hold of that music? I really do enjoy it.

Once again, love the work you do with videos, they are amazing.

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God I love this site

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dude - great video vinny ---- i like these wrap up vids.... hope they become a regular segment :)

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I think GB should do what gamepro mag does. They also have a "out of 5" rating system but they also do half stars like "4.5 out of 5". and they wouldn't have to change their cartoon expression things that they have at the top of the reviews. For those they could just have have 4.5 and 5 be the current expression for 5 and have 3.5 and 4 be the current expression for 4 and so on. Then they really wouldn't have to exaggerate anymore, for instance, Fallout 3 and fable 2 deserved better then 4, but they weren't good enough for 5, so they would be "4.5". What do you think?

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Yeah, I like your new take on previews.  I hope you do written ones with them because I still love to just pour over a lot of your write ups just because I love your writing styles.

But when I am at home or have time I love the video previews/impressions that you have.  They give you a lot better feel for the game just playing rather than taking "vertical slices" of the game and posting them on the internet.

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another classic vid

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Im loving how you guys are doing this weekly updates, well the first one but you know what i mean ;-D

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Good way to summarize a week. I don't know what to think though because I saw ALL of those videos. Good for me I guess.

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awesome! I want more of these!

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Bring this feature back!

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I wish they did these again.

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Bring these back!

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Oh, I remember that Crash Time quick look.