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This remake of Street Fighter II featured a new scoring system that kept track of combos, first attacks, and reversals. Additionally, 4 new characters join the returning twelve characters from the original. Super Street Fighter II is also the first game in the SFII series to give full move sets to the boss characters. Previously in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and Street Fighter II: Turbo, whilst the four boss characters were available, they did not have different animations for some punches and kicks. Although this was expected for Balrog (being a boxer), it was unusual to see a character doing a punch when pressing a kick button, or vice-versa.

Aside from the bosses' added moves, some of the main characters' moves were adjusted in some ways. For example, the differences between Ken and Ryu became more defined - Ryu focusing on deadlier fireballs, and Ken's fierce Dragon Punch being able to set opponents on fire.



For all the additions and improvements Super Street Fighter II makes over Street Fighter II: Turbo, its biggest failing is arguably that it does not include the same degree of speed that made Street Fighter II: Turbo such a hit. It is perhaps for this very reason that, in most cases, this game is overlooked in preference to it's follow-up - Super Street Fighter II: Turbo.


SSFII featured four new characters

Returning characters

New characters

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