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Doctor Doom is a supervillain in the Marvel Universe.  Originally focused on the Fantastic Four, he soon became a threat to every superhero in the Marvel Universe.


Victor Von Doom was the son of gypsies.  A wealthy baron demanded that his father cure the baron's wife of a disease, when he could not, he was murdered.  It was after this tragic event that young Victor discovered his mother was a witch. 
He studied magic and technology and soon developed a brilliant mind, which he used to take revenge on the baron.  He is later given a chance to attend college in New York City.  It is there that he meets Reed Richards, a fellow genius.  While developing a device to communicate with his dead mother, Reed tried to advise him of a miscalculation, which he ignored.  When he tried to activate the device, it caused an explosion that scarred his face and led to his expulsion.  Doom then traveled the world, ending up in Tibet, where he was taken in by a clan of monks.  Having mastered their teachings, the monks created a suit of armor for Doom.  He put on the face mask while it was still hot from the forge, scarring his face further.  He then swore revenge on Reed Richards, and became the supervillain Doctor Doom.

Physical Appearance

Doctor Doom is usually seen in silver metal armor, with a green cloak and tunic over it.  He wears a metal mask with rectangular slits for eye holes, with terrible burn damage underneath.  He also usually carries a pistol on his belt.


Height:6'2";(in armor) 6'7"
Weight:225 lbs;(in armor) 415 lbs
Strength level:Doom can lift 100 tons (with armor)


Gaming Trivia

Though the character himself does not appear in the game, Doctor Doom's likeness first appeared in the form of a statue in the game Questprobe Featuring Human Torch and the Thing.

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