Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fighter wish list

20 fighters from each side, plus one boss from each company.

List items

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Posted by doublezeroduck

Good list

Posted by kingfrogger666
Nemesis is awsome in any game
Posted by dbz1995

Maybe they can make Silver Surfer the main boss for bad guys and Galactus the main boss for good guys? Or maybe they'll fuse together to make Galactusilver

Posted by FraserCunningham

I would love to see the monster hunter character, taking a potion and waiting there for 5 minutes awaiting to be pummeled. Ahhhh good times ;D

Posted by Mussab86

 No Morrigan Aensland?

Posted by FUN

This is a pretty good list with some unorthodox/unexpected choices, but that adds to the uniqueness :)

Posted by Toxin45

what no venom and carnage

Posted by zameer

You got a surprising number of these correct!

Posted by TechHits
@zameer:  that what I was gonna write, the marvel side is almost dead on.
Posted by jkuc316

Damn alot of those guys I rly wanted in there

Posted by solidejake

It's too bad they ended up underdoing it.