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Danny Rand was a young boy when we was led deep into the Himalayas along with his mother, Heather, by his father who was obsessed with once again finding the mystic city of K'un-lun. Tragedy struck and he found himself wandering the snow covered mountains. He was saved when he found the gates of K'un-Lun. Danny was trained in the art of Kung Fu, and eventually passed the rigorous tests put before him to become the city's champion, the Iron Fist.

Danny soon returned to his home in New York City, and began to fight crime on the street level. He joined up with Luke Cage and Misty Knight to form Heroes for Hire, a superhero group that made their powers available for a certain price.

Danny has been a member of the Avengers, and also filled in for Daredevil during the Civil War.











Danny Rand's extensive training has his body and mind in peak shape. His physical abilities are beyond a normal human. He is a master of multiple forms of martial arts. Danny can harness his chi to augment his physical and mental abilities. He is called the Iron Fist because he concentrates his chi into his hands and feet when striking, making them as hard as iron. His chi can also be used to accelerate his healing exponentially.

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