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It's time to get out of Dodge.

Killzone 3 is a first person shooter developed exclusively for the Playstation 3 by Guerrilla Games. It will be released on February 22, 2011. This game is a direct sequel to Killzone 2, continuing almost immediately where the previous game left off. In it, Tomas Sevchenko, the protagonist from the previous game, and Rico Velasquez try to escape Helghan. Meanwhile, the Helghast are showing internal struggles after the death of their leader, Scholar Visari. The gameplay stays true to Killzone, playing very similarly with several tweaks, changes and new additions.


The game starts with the disguised Sev and Rico rescuing Captain Narville from execution by Jorhan Stahl, the main antagonist of the game. It then flashes six months back to right after the end of Killzone 2 with Sev sitting on the steps of the palace that belonged to the now dead Visari. A resurgent Helghast army, which appears to have received massive reinforcements, begins to decimate the remaining ISA forces. The ISA is now desperately trying to regroup and withdraw from the planet Helghan due to the imminent threat of defeat and annihilation.

New Features

  • Revamp of controller input responsiveness - The "weighty" control issues of Killzone 2 have been addressed, allowing for faster movements without sacrificing precision.
  • Brutal Melee - Players will now be able to violently melee their opponents, similarly to Halo: Reach's Assassination system. The melee is also context sensitive allowing various executions depending on the location and status of both the attacker and victim.
  • Full 3D and PS Move support - The game features Playstation Move controls, as well as full support for 3D viewing.
  • Jet Packs - These new modes of transport allow for new levels of tactics on the battlefield.
  • Sliding into cover- This allows for a faster means of reaching cover, which may be vital for survival, and can be used to close the gap between you and the enemy.
  • Co-Op Campaign - Two players can play through the story at the same time locally.
  • Operations - A new multiplayer mode in which teams attempt to breach/defend objectives in various stages in a similar fashion to the campaign mode. at the end of each stage the highest ranked players are featured in cut scenes.
  • Class based multiplayer - These are determined by Experience Points gained from online battles.
  • Clan Squad based online multiplayer - Players can form clans online and battle together.
  • 24 player online - Online matches have been reduced from 32 to 24 players per match.


The urban environments of Pyrrhus.

The planet Helghan is the setting of Killzone 3. In addition to the familiar urban setting from Killzone 2, the game will also move away from the city of Pyrrhus and will take place in many diverse environments and locations, including an icy research station, a jungle, nuclear wastelands, and outer space.


Killzone 3 now features offline split-screen co-op for the Single Player campaign alongside the class-based online play. In online matches, the player can now choose from 5 different classes. Every class has two abilities, which can be upgraded twice, and can unlock two primary weapons, an additional secondary, and a single heavy weapon. In Killzone 3, players have access to every class from the start (unlike Killzone 2, in which they must be unlocked first), and have to earn 'Unlock Points', which are awarded by ranking up, to upgrade their skills, and to get more weapons. Ranking up will also earn you certain other abilities that are usable by any class. Below are the available classes:


The Engineer has the ability to build turrets, and repair ammo crates or various weapons (mounted guns, etc). Higher level turret skills mean faster firing rate and missiles for the bot, while higher repair skills allows the Engineer to actually hack other players' bots and stationary gun placements, along with repairing at a significantly increased speed.

Main Weapons

  1. M22A-1A LMG
  2. STA11 SMG
  3. STA3 LMG

Secondary Weapons

  1. STA 18 Pistol
  2. VC8 Shotgun Pistol
  3. STA2 Battle Pistol


Marksman with VC32 Sniper Rifle

The Marksman has the ability to cloak (which makes them almost completely invisible), and can scramble the enemy's radar (varies depending on level). Players can unlock the ability to stay cloaked as long as they do not fire their guns. They can also end up being undetectable by turrets as well.

Main Weapons

  1. STA14 Rifle
  2. STA52 Assault Rifle
  3. VC32 Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapons:

  1. STA18 Pistol
  2. VC8 Shotgun Pistol
  3. M66 Machine Pistol


The Tactician is able to capture tactical spawn areas, which, once captured, allow members of the same faction to spawn there and use any benefits of that spawn location, such as mortar fire and jet packs. They can also mark enemy players so they show up on the mini-map. Tacticians also have the ability to call in a remote drone which will secure an area and provide cover fire.

Main Weapons

  1. STA11SE SMG
  2. LS13 Shotgun
  3. M82 Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapons:

  1. STA18 Pistol
  2. M4 Revolver
  3. VC9 Missile Launcher


The Infiltrator can disguise themselves as a member of the opposing faction, and has the survivalist ability, which adds various increases to stamina, sprint, and speeds of 'use' actions. Upon upgrading the disguise ability, the player will be able to melee attack while staying concealed, and be very close to enemies before they can tell if it is a teammate or not.

Main Weapons

  1. LS13 Shotgun
  2. STA11 SMG
  3. STA52SE Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapons:

  1. STA18 Pistol
  2. STA2 Battle Pistol
  3. VC9 Missile Launcher

Field Medic

The Field Medic can revive mortally wounded players, and has various healing abilities (such as an aura of healing, which heals the medic and faction members based on proximity). This class will also eventually unlock the ability to revive themselves if they are critically wounded (limited to once per life). Additional benefits to resuscitation by a Field Medic with unlocked skills include more ammo for all weapons upon getting back up and a boost to maximum health (also works with self-revival).

Main Weapons

  1. LS57 SMG
  2. M224-1A LMG
  3. M82SE Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapons:

  1. STA18 Pistol
  2. M4 Revolver
  3. M66 Machine Pistol

Multiplayer Modes

Killzone 3 features several multiplayer modes, few of which return from Killzone 2.

Guerrilla Warfare

  • 16 players, 8 vs 8
  • This is Team Deathmatch, referred to as Bodycount in the game.


  • 24 players, 12 vs 12
  • Game cycles through various objectives based gameplay:
  • Body Count - Basic team death match.
  • Assassination - Game picks one player from either team and he must be defended from being killed by the opposing team in a time limit.
  • Search and Destroy - One team must plant charges in various locations, while the opponent must defuse them.
  • Search and Retrieve - Each team must find a propaganda speaker and bring it to a certain location near the opposing team's base. The team to retrieve a specific number of speakers first wins.
  • Capture and Hold - Each team must capture and hold specific locations around the map and prevent the opposing team from doing the same.


  • This is objective based gameplay that has a more campaign-like structure, with objectives and a narrative. at the end of each stage, the top 2 players will take part in a cutscene as a reward.


Players will also have the ability to play with up to fifteen A.I.-controlled Bots. During this mode, players can choose any of the online maps that are available. All classes are fully unlocked with complete access to all weapons and abilities. This mode gives players a chance to try out new classes as well as new weapons and abilities before going online, giving vital practice.

Multiplayer Maps

Killzone 3 features eight new maps for the multiplayer portion of the game, and all pre-ordered games will also feature a code for a map pack that contains two classic maps from Killzone 2.

Time to shoot dudes .

Corinth Highway

  • Allows for 24 players in Warzone
  • WASP turret mounts
  • Theme of the map takes place on an old, degraded highway bridge
  • It is the only map with EXOs

Pyrrhus Crater

  • Playable in Warzone
  • Playable in Guerrilla Warfare
  • Map takes place the devastated city of Pyrrhus.

Bilgarsk Boulevard

  • Playable in Warzone
  • Playable in Guerrilla Warfare
  • Map includes a long stretch that runs down the center of the map and narrow hallways.

Turbine Concourse SE-6

  • Playable in Warzone
  • Miniguns turrets
  • It is the only map to feature jetpacks
  • There will be intermittent EMP blasts, which will affect players' gear and load outs

Frozen Dam

  • Large map for Warzone
  • Also playable in Guerrilla Warfare
  • Playable in Operations
  • Map features various bases on opposite ends of a large valley of snow
  • Each base is multi-tiered with numerous catwalks, stairways, and other choke points

Akmir Snowdrift

  • Playable in Warzone
  • Playable in Guerrilla Warfare
  • Playable in Operations
  • Persistent snowstorm throughout the entire map, making visibility a minimum

Mawlr Graveyard

  • Playable in Warzone
  • Playable in Operations
  • Various mortars and traps can be activated throughout the map
  • Urban environment, various factory buildings scattered about

Kaznan Jungle

  • Guerrilla Warfare only
  • Very different color palette from many of the other maps
  • Dark and secluded environment
  • ISA ship has crash landed near the middle of the map


Steel Rain

Features two new multiplayer maps that are base on the single player campaign; Junkyard and Stahl Arms. The DLC will cost 4.99 or free for PS+ members and will be release on April 12th.


In Killzone 3, players will have the ability to equip three weapons. The player carries one main weapon (such as an assault rifle, machine gun, submachine gun, etc), one side-arm (pistol or revolver), and the third slot is used to carry a heavy support weapon (mini-gun, W.A.S.P. Launcher, etc). Heavy weapons can clear out crowds of enemies, but players are restricted from going prone while wielding heavy weapons. Normally ISA-made weapons start with M or LS while Helghast-made weapons bear the StA (Stahl Arms) or VC monikers.

M4 Revolver

M4 Revolver

Successor to the M3 Revolver, the M4 is the standard sidearm for all ISA personnel. It features tritium sights, a double action trigger and a six bullet cylinder. Though the fire rate is slow, the revolver packs a punch needing only two shots to drop an unarmored enemy. The reload only takes 2.8 seconds because the entire cylinder is removed and replaced instead of adding individual bullets. In multiplayer the M4 is a second tier unlock for the Tactician and Field Medic classes.

M66 Machine Pistol

M66 Machine Pistol

The preferred sidearm of ISA Shadow Marshals, the M66 has a very high rate of fire but not much accuracy unless fired from a crouched position. It features a holographic reflex sight and a silencer. The magazine holds 30 rounds. Though normally a fully-automatic weapon, when scoped it becomes semiautomatic but the shots become more powerful and accurate. In the multiplayer, the M66 is a third tier unlock for the Marskman and Field Medic classes.

M82 Assault Rifle

M82 Assault Rifle

The workhorse of the ISA, the M82 is the standard fully automatic assault riffle for all Alliance soldiers. Featuring a 1.5x holographic reflex scope, a 32 round magazine and high accuracy, it's an excellent medium-range weapon. The M82 saw heavy action during the Second Extrasolar War. Earlier versions featured a grenade launcher, but that has been removed. It's the starting weapon in most singleplayer missions. In multiplayer it's a third tier unlock for the Tactician class.

M82SE Assault Rifle

M82SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed)

A modified version of the M82 that features a suppressor and burst fire in order to reduce recoil. Because of the suppressor, players will not show up on the map when firing in multiplayer. It's a third tier unlock for the Field Medic class.

M194 Frag Grenade

M194 Fragmentation Grenade

The basic grenade of Killzone 3, it can be held for a few seconds before throwing to be "cooked." In game, four lights can be seen on the side of the grenade, the fourth signaling detonation; using these lights, a player can cook the explosive to their desired timing.

M32 Combat Knife

M32 Combat Knife

Forged from a hardened, wear-resistant cobalt/chromium alloy that won't chip or lose it's edge, the M32 is the perfect weapon for close quarters combat. Though you can no longer wield it freely like in Killzone 2, it's still present in the new Brutal Melee attacks.

LS13 Shotgun

LS13 Shotgun

A pump action shotgun manufactured by the ISA. Nicknamed "Lucky Strike" it is extremely lethal at close range though almost worthless at long range. The new model features a reflex sight that replaces the flashlight from Killzone 2. In multiplayer it's the starting weapon for the Infiltrator class and a second tier unlock for the Tactician.


LS57 Submachine Gun

A new weapon, the LS57 was introduces as a counter to the StA-11. Based on the M82 design, it features a fast rate of fire with little recoil, iron sights and a 40 round magazine. It's perfect for close to midrange fighting. The LS57 is only available in multiplayer or Botzone as the starting weapon for the Field Medic class.

M224-1A Light Machine Gun

M224-1A Light Machine Gun

The standard ISA LMG, the M224-1A features a clip that holds a whopping 96 bullets. Though it lacks a scope, the accuracy is more than sufficient for midrange fighting if burst fire is used. The M224-1A also packs a punch and is capable of bringing down regular enemies with just a couple of hits. In multiplayer it's the default weapon for the Engineer class.

LS209 Exo

LS209 Exoskeleton

A mass-produced prototype, the Exo provides superior firepower, maneuverability and

defense. It features a heavy machine gun with explosive rounds on the right side and a two-slot rocket launcher on the left. It can also run and even jump with help of two rocket boosters. Though the machine gun is prone to overheating with extended use, it has unlimited ammo. While the Exo self-repairs up to 75% of it's health, it can easily be taken down by a portable rocket launcher or a WASP. It's also possible for a skilled marksman to snipe the driver through the small glass window in the cockpit.

STA-18 Pistol

STA-18 Pistol

A standard, semi-auto pistol meant for short range encounters. Best used against weakened enemies when a main weapon is out of ammo.

VC8 Shotgun Pistol

VC8 Shotgun Pistol

A three-round handgun that fires shotgun shells. Less powerful than main shotguns, but has a faster fire rate.

STA-2 Battle Pistol

STA-2 Battle Pistol

A handgun that fires grenades over long distances. The damage and proximity of explosion appear to be similar to the M194 Fragmentation Grenade.

STA-52 Assault Rifle

STA-52 Assault Rifle

This is the normal Helghan rifle also seen quite a bit in the campaign. It has a reflex sight attached.

STA-42SE Assault Rifle

STA-52SE Assault Rifle (suppressed)

Same as the standard StA-52, but equipped with a silencer. No other immediately noticeable differences.

STA-14 Rifle

STA-14 Rifle

The basic scoped, long-range rifle of Killzone 3. Powerful, semi-automatic, and a Marksman's standard equipment.

VC32 Sniper Rifle

VC32 Sniper Rifle

Very high damage and featuring a better scope than the StA-14, this is the final main weapon unlocked for the Marksman class.

STA-11 Sub Machine Gun

STA-11 Submachine Gun

The small clip and fast firing rate mean this weapon is highly suited for short range encounters, though it is still somewhat effective at medium distance.

STA-11SE Sub Machine Gun

STA-11SE Submachine Gun (suppressed)

The silenced version of the StA-11, this helps an Infiltrator, for whom this is the starting weapon, stay off radars.

STA-3 Light Machine Gun

STA-3 Light Machine Gun

This non-iron sighted LMG's fast fire rate and massive clip that make it a close-range, hip-fire style weapon.

STA-62 Minigun

STA-62 Minigun

A mounted Gatling gun, it can be grabbed by the player for use during sections of the campaign. In online play it is strictly mounted.

VC9 Missile Launcher

VC9 Missile Launcher

With limited target tracking, missiles fired can easily take out turrets, sentries, and EXOs, rendering artificial enemy assistance moot.

STA-X3 W.A.S.P Missile Launcher

STA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher

This launcher has excellent tracking abilities and fires three missiles in quick succession at a target. In the campaign, secondary fire empties the clip to rain down rockets.

STA-X6 Jetpack

Useful for very fast traversal of a battlefield, the jet pack's powerful mounted guns can also serve as suppression or force multiplier.

PXM199 Proximity Mine

PXM199 Proximity Mine

Since they stick to any surface and can instantly kill anyone in proximity of the explosion, this item's ideal purpose is keeping the enemy away from specific strategic locations.

VC116 Sentry Turret

VC116 Sentry Turret

A basic robotic support item, this turret can be upgraded to have a faster fire rate and with the ability to launch missiles at regular intervals. This is the Helghan version.

LS116 Sentry Turret

LS116 Sentry Turret

Exactly the same functionality and power as the VC116, this is the ISA version.


On February 3rd 2011, North American Playstation 3 owners were able to try out the game for two weeks until February 15, a week before the game's release. The Beta included one map, "Frozen Dam" and four modes to play on it, three online multiplayer modes namely Warzone, Guerrilla Warfare and Operations, and Botzone, which is an offline multiplayer mode filled with AI bots.


The single player demo for Killzone 3 was made available to download from the Playstation Store on February 15th in North America and February 16th in Europe. The demo was available one week earlier on February 8th for Playstation Plus subscribers. The demo is available in 3D and 2D versions, both of which are Playstation Move compatible and the 2D version also supports co-op.

Both versions of the demo take place on the Icy Incursion level, a winter landscape of an arctic environment on the planet Helghan, where there will be icebergs, derelict Helghan oil platforms and oil rigs which the player will have to navigate through using jetpacks while engaging Helghast troops in combat.

Patches and Updates

on February 16th 2011, announced multiple fixes from the Beta of the game, leading from general glitches to fixing and balancing Clan matches and a few game re-balances, and even support for color-blind players.

Issues fixed on release (22nd Feb 2011)

  • A fix to the "Your Faction Has Won/Lost" issue, along with all oddities that resulted from this occurring
  • An issue that allowed more than two clans to join a clan match will be fixed
  • Increased Accuracy, Bullet Damage and Faster Reload Ribbons will update correctly on personal statistics screens
  • We've simplified the process to invite players into your game (just one button press)
  • The radius of the Marksman's Scramble has been lowered
  • Medic's Revive distance increased and cooldown to re-use is decreased
  • No collision on mortally wounded player bodies
  • Increased player stamina
  • An icon will be shown in the menu when you have a Killzone 3 message in your inbox

Issues being fixed after release

  • Support for color-blind players
  • Implement unranked custom games for players to create private or clan matches
  • Enhanced custom games functionality that will allow players to:
    • Control over games modes and settings
    • Secure games, allowing you to invite the players you want to play with
    • The ability to prevent abilities and weapons from being used
    • Toggling on and off functionality, such as ribbons, skills, explosives, etc.
    • Selecting which careers you want available to players
    • Allow friendly fire to be turned on or off
    • Faction switching enabled or disabled
  • The Clan Officer role will be added to clans
  • Separate turn speeds for hip-fire and ADS
  • Overly enthusiastic death screams will be toned down
  • Increased the amount of kills required to win a Guerrilla Warfare match
  • Increased Accuracy ribbon will have its effectiveness lowered
  • Likewise, the Bullet Damage ribbon will have its effectiveness lowered as well
  • Matches will end if the other team forfeits (i.e. too few, or no players on the enemy team)
  • Matchmaking enhancements that will close and merge games based on player count, which will keep games more full
  • Balance factions out by moving players to the other team at the end of the match if one team is lopsided
  • The ability to turn off HUD markers for point pop-ups and objectives
  • A menu option to allow squad-only chat
  • The addition of a Mute All button
  • Scoreboard flickering will be fixed
  • Clans will no longer get matched against other clans that have many more players than they do (i.e. 4 vs. 7, 5 vs. 8)

Helghast Edition

An advertisement for the Helghast Edition of Killzone 3.

The Helghast Edition of Killzone 3 costs $129 USD and includes the following:

  • Killzone 3 Game
  • Killzone 3 Artbook
  • Cloaking Marksman Action Figure
  • Helghast Helmet Replica
  • Super Voucher (Grants access to the Killzone 3 OST, PS3 Theme, Killzone 2 multiplayer maps, plus exclusive perks for the first 24 hours in multiplayer such as double XP and early access to all weapons.)

Limited Helghast Edition

There is also a Killzone 3 Limited Helghast Edition, which contains all the same elements as the retail version of the Helghast Edition, but features a Helghast Helmet replica with illuminated LED eyes, simulating the Helghasts’ signature red lensed vision modes.

The Limited Helghast Edition will not be sold in stores. Only 1000 have been made, 60 of which will be given away in the multiplayer open beta from February 4 through February 6, 2011. Other ways to obtain a Limited Helghast Edition will be announced on the PlayStation Blog. An additional sixty Limited Helghast Edition copies were to be given out to gamers who played the open beta from February 11 to February 13 2011.

Collector's Edition (EU Only)

Killzone 3 EU Collector's Edition with Steel Case

In addition to to the Helghast Edition the EU market and Australia will also have a Collector's Edition of Killzone 3 which will come in a Steel Book packaging.

Apart from the steel case the collector's edition also has a PSN voucher code to download the following:

  • Retro Map Pack (two multiplayer maps from Killzone 2).
  • Killzone 3 dynamic theme.
  • Killzone 3 soundtrack.
  • Multiplayer bonus perks such as double XP for the first 24 hours of multiplayer and unlocking ALL multiplayer weapons and abilities for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Killzone 3 will feature several pre-order bonuses depending upon where the game is ordered from. These bonuses include retailers Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon.

Fast Starter Pack (Best Buy)

  • Includes a PSN code for allowing the player to rank up quicker during the multiplayer
  • The player will earn double the amount of XP during the first 24 hours of online multiplayer
  • It also includes a DLC code for the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack (contains two Killzone 2 maps)

Guerrilla Pack (Gamestop)

  • Includes a PSN code to unlock all multiplayer weapons and abilities for the first 24 hours of online multiplayer
  • It also includes a DLC code for the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack (contains two Killzone 2 maps)

Unlock and Load Pack (Amazon)

  • Includes a PSN code to give players access to three unlock points to gain new weapons or abilities for various multiplayer classes
  • It will also include a DLC code for the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack (contains two Killzone 2 maps)

Any other pre-orders from various other retailers will include the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack code. Most pre-orders of the game will also allow access to the upcoming SOCOM 4 Beta.


Killzone 3 Official Sountrack cover art.

The original score was composed by Joris de Man and performed by the Nimrod Session Orchestra at the Abbey Road Studios in England. It is available for purchase on the iTunes store (02/22/2011 $9.99) and PlayStation store (03/07/2011 $4.99) with a runtime of 75:45.

Track #Song TitleRunning Time
01Main Menu - And Ever We Fight On2:51
02Birth Of War - Dies Irae2:13
03Just A Moment Ago3:57
04Stahl And Orlock Square Off2:21
05No Exit Strategy1:29
06"I'll Get You Home"2:02
07Unfair Fight & Captured1:55
08Frozen Shores Rescue2:55
09An Unwelcome Discovery1:37
10Moving Will Kill You1:47
11"You've Developed Energy Shielding?"4:01
12"What If I Just Killed Everyone?"2:39
13Stahl Almost Gets Away2:35
14Pyrrhus Outskirts - Fortification1:41
15Pyrrhus Outskirts - Hammer2:30
16Pyrrhus Outskirts - Sniper Crossfire2:28
17Pyrrhus Outskirts - The Boys Are Back In Action3:28
18Pyrrhus Outskirts - Grab That Minigun!3:00
19Helghan Jungle - The Horror, The Horror!1:36
20Helghan Jungle - Darkness1:58
21Helghan Jungle - I Am The Hunted2:01
22Helghan Jungle - Helghast Spotted!1:43
23Frozen Shores - The Bomb Is Set2:04
24Frozen Shores - Flight Of The Intruder2:50
25Frozen Shores - Escape On The Tram1:10
26Frozen Shores - Jetpack Flight0:42
27Frozen Shores - Enter The Wasp1:32
28Stahl Arms - Exploring Stahl Arms2:20
29Stahl Arms - Battle My Own2:59
30Stahl Arms - The Icesaw Chase4:30
31The Scrapyard - Fight On A Crane4:04
32The Scrapyard - The Mobile Factory2:50
33The Scrapyard - The Heavy Returns0:24
34The Scrapyard - Don't Mess With The MAWLR4:13

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