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Since her return from exile, she has taken the reins of New Helghan as her chancellor, trying to negotiate a peace with the Vektan government, while also dealing with more hard-line members of her people.

Unlike most Helghast, she doesn't desire open war with the Vektans, seeing peace as the true path to prosperity for her people. However, her attempts to make peace have not only been rebuffed by Vekta, but have also impacted her popularity with the Helghast military.

Feeling pressured into action and out of choices, she falls in line with a plan hatched by Jorhan Stahl to re-purpose a Vektan-made bio-weapon for use against their nemesis as part of an all-out war. This has caused tension between herself and her daughter, Maya, who is completely opposed to the bio-weapon for fear of it only bringing annihilation to both sides.

Despite her desire for peace, she fully understands the threat that Vekta, under the influence of VSA Shadow Marshal Director Thomas Sinclair, poses to the Helghast. She's more than willing to use every tool at her disposal to defend her home and her people.

Trivia: A much younger Hera appears for a brief moment in the opening of Killzone 3.

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