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The planet Helghan's harsh and unforgiving environment forced human colonists to physically adapt, a process which claimed many lives. Those who survived and evolved founded the Helghast race. No longer considered human by the oppressive Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA), the people of Helghan conquered their planet and managed to spark social and economic change against all odds.



Killzone 2 Helghast Troopers
Killzone 2 Helghast Troopers

In an era of futuristic empires, mankind takes to the final frontier and begins a period of planetary colonization. These new-found colonies rally together in unity under the Earth-loyal banner of the ISA.

But behind the false facade of new prosperity and galactic growth, unrest is growing and separatist voices begin to speak out against Earth. On the colonized planet of Helghan, the colonists find themselves warped by atmospheric radiation and inhospitable conditions. Radiation forces the colonists to lose their hair and grow weak and the caustic air of Helghan burns the lungs of its inhabitants. Many lives are lost, but the ISA doesn't bother sending aid to help the Helghan colonists, considering them expendable. Those that are left are stronger and form a burning hatred for humanity and the people responsible for sending them to this unforgiving planet, the ISA. The colonists adapt to these unforgiving conditions and rename themselves the "Helghast". Taller, stronger and hardier than any normal human, the Helghast must survive harsh conditions in order to live. Because of this, the Helghast grow to become a ruthless and bitter race.

Killzone 1 Helghast Troopers
Killzone 1 Helghast Troopers

They distance themselves from Earth and the ISA and begin to plot revenge against the ISA. Tension builds amongst the colonists of Helghan and the ISA; this results in an uprising on Helghan. Despite fighting courageously, they were promptly denounced by the ISA and the uprising that took place did not last. Hoping to be freed from the ISA, the Helghast launch an assault against surrounding ISA colonies and ships, thus beginning the First Helghan War.

However, as quickly as the war had started, the Helghast were quickly defeated by ISA forces. Demoralized, crushed and defeated, the Helghast return to their planet.

All that stood for Helghan is weak, bitter and fallen people.

When all hope seems lost for the broken people, an unnamed and untested man rises through the ranks of Helghan. This man is Scolar Visari. He proves to become a very well-respected man amongst the Helghast and promptly asks the people of Helghan to become exactly what they need - a leader. Scolar Visari takes the stand and becomes the Supreme Leader of the Helghast and the holder of the "Helghast Dream". Visari rallies the Helghast into an industrial and militaristic high. In only 10 years, Scolar Visari turns the Helghast from a weak, broken nation into a military superpower bent on destroying the Human race.

Killzone 1 Helghast Troopers
Killzone 1 Helghast Troopers

What once was a small colonized outpost, became a powerful militaristic nation capable of planetary colonization themselves. The Helghast begin a massive scale of war production and training. The Helghast are prepared for war.

At 4:45 VST (Vekta Standard Time) the Helghast invasion begins. The Second Helghan War has begun.

The Helghast Military

The "Helghast Triad" - Duty, Obedience and Loyalty

The Helghast Army comprises of elite and driven soldiers capable of accomplishing tasks only of the highest proficiency. Conscripted at a young age, Helghast soldiers train to become the best soldiers there are. Because they are recruited at a young age, it gives the recruits plenty of time to train and hone their skills in order to fight and excel in combat situations.

The caustic unbreathable air of Helghan has completely mutated the lungs of the Helghast. To deal with this, Helghast are equipped with respirators and face masks in order to breathe both the air of Helghan and even the air on other planets. While their glowing orange goggles have been equipped to help protect their eyes from dust and debris caught in the harsh winds of Helghan. Some goggles have been augmented with interfaces and scanning devices to help higher ranking soldiers and snipers observe the battlefield. Civilians are also seen wearing these goggles, after having their eyes damaged.

The three arrows on the Helghast Flag represent the three virtues of Duty, Obedience and Loyalty:

The Duty every Helghast has to the dream of a Free Helghan.

The Obedience every Helghast must show if all are to survive.

The Loyalty every Helghast should feel to their Government.

Base Soldier

Helghast Base Soldier
Helghast Base Soldier

These Helghast soldiers are the very backbone and core of the Helghan Army and are the very definition of a Helghast trooper. Usually equipped with a standard

Helghast STA-52 LAR Assault Rifle
Helghast STA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

Helghan Army issue STA-52 LAR Assault Rifle, base soldiers excel in all military operations including assault maneuvers similar to the Blitzkrieg and defensive encounters. Base soldiers are well-rounded, well-armed and well-trained. They are recruited at a young age, allowing flexibility amongst the ranks of the Helghan Army, as well as providing considerable amounts of forces for the Army.


The Helghast Snipers are possibly one of the deadliest forces in the Helghan Military. They are few in numbers, due to not many soldiers make the cut to enroll as a marksmen. They are highly trained, lethal, and require less than a second locked on to pull the trigger, and they rarely miss. Most the time the enemy won't even know that there is a sniper on the battlefield until its far too late.


Snipers are equipped with a VC32 Sniper Rifle with a laser scope. Although their red laser has been known to give them away, that doesn't make them any easier to find. Higher ranking snipers usually wear cloaking devices activated though a projector found on their backs. Helghast snipers have been known to be camped out in building for days without food simply waiting for their next mark. Although the Helghast snipers prefer their solitude, they tend to keep a support unit near by, just in case they need to make a quick escape from a flank.

Elite Shock Trooper

Elite Shock Trooper
Elite Shock Trooper

The Elite Shock Troopers are the Special Forces of the Helghast corps and are also referred to as "Shocks" or "Leets" by the ISA Soldiers. They focus on minimalistic and lightweight gear in order to maximize efficiency and speed. Their lightweight gear allows them to be very flexible and capable of performing a wide variety of mission tasks. The Shocks train for every possible battle situation and can work as an independent unit with no need of support. This ability to work as small, individual and independent units grants the Elite Shock Troopers a heavy advantage against their other Helghast counterparts whom rely heavily on one another's support and work in large numbers through brute force. The Elite Shock Troopers are equipped with StA-11 SMGs furthering their ability to travel lightly.

StA-11 SMG
StA-11 SMG

Due to their speed and agility, Elite Shock Troopers are extremely effective in close combat. Their armor allows the Shocks to freely move around the battlefield as their armor is extra tough, rendering the Shocks to be not-so reliant on cover. This allows them to use maneuvers that are up-close-and-personal as the Shocks excel in close quarters combat. Elite Shock Troopers hold the pinnacle of Helghast military training and their combat style, gear and skills prove so. Given the chance, a Shock would kill his opponent with a knife, rather than using a gun or weapon to melee an opponent. If an Elite Shock Trooper manages to get close enough to his target, he draws his combat knife in order to obtain satisfaction of the kill. This lethal combination of close quarters combat and 'in-your-face' fighting makes the Shocks one of the most dangerous, and feared, divisions in the Helghast Army.

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