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Radec is the human personification of the Shark. He is highly evolved for his specific function and utterly focused on his duties. It is almost as if he has willingly burned out any personality, education or characteristics that do not contribute in the swift and resolute execution of his duties. Radec is a gifted tactician, but a merely competent strategist. His genius is not in the planning but in the fighting of battles. He combines situational awareness with a near-perfect assessment of the capabilities of both his own men and the opposing force. He is supremely skilled in the meshing of the various arms of combat – capable of meshing Armour, Infantry, Air and Artillery forces into a single tactical operation with precision and flair. In personal combat he is ruthless, vicious and overwhelming.

He is voiced by Sean Pertwee.

Killzone 2

In Killzone 2, Colonel Radec is portrayed as the primary antagonist whom seeks the destruction of the ISA by attempting to obtain the codes for the nuclear weapon Red Dust.

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