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Dyntos is the God of the Forge in the Kid Icarus universe. He is the one that crafted the Three Sacred Treasures; the Arrow of Light, the Wings of Pegasus, and the Mirror Shield. After Hades destroys all three treasures, Palutena takes Pit to request his aid in crafting a new treasure that can defeat Hades. Old and powerful, Dyntos commands far greater respect than the other gods, and Palutena makes every effort to remain gracious and polite while in his presence. Dyntos agrees to present Pit with a new sacred treasure, but before he will grant it, he requires that Pit complete three trials.

Dyntos's Trials

The first trial that Dyntos assigns Pit is a series of battles against duplicates of three bosses that he personally crafted to resemble their originals; the Phoenix, the Space Kraken, and Cragalanche. In the second trial, Pit must fight both Magnus and Gaol, and then Pseudo-Palutena; a twisted copy of Palutena that Dyntos crafted as a joke. In the third and final trial, Pit must defeat the Great Sacred Treasure; a powerful suit of transforming armor that he will receive should he emerge victorious.

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