Epic games to make announcement in Nintendo press conference!

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So Mark Rein tweeted "We have another pretty cool announcement coming today at around 10AM PST :)" that is about an hour into Nintendo's conference. So is he just going to announce that Epic games are going to support the "stream" or perhaps 3DS support? Maybe he actually has a game to show? Anyone got any thoughts on how this will go down. Mark Rein has talked some yang on Nintendo in the past.

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gears of war 4 on the nintendo; you heard it here first

#3 Posted by Jolt92 (1644 posts) -

That's pretty great to see that Nintendo is getting third party support.

#4 Posted by Callumrides (381 posts) -

might be something to do with cafe

#5 Posted by Marz (5716 posts) -

Unreal Tournament 4 is my guess!

#6 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

Seeing how the conference is only an hour long, my guess is that that's the surprise reveal. Bulletstorm maybe?

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It'll be a third person shooter starring Wario and Waluigi as they are hired by Princess Peach as mercenaries to save the Mushroom Kingdom due to the disappearance of Mario and Luigi. It'll use the brand spanking new Unreal 4 engine and will be the best game not made directly by Nintendo for "The Nintendo". Done and done. Enjoy that fever dream.

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