Grade E3

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Now that all the big guns have been fired. i thought it'd be fun for everyone to grade what theyve seen.

Microsoft: B-

it was pretty cool. i hated that as usual they pushed aside all of the games in favor or kinect shit. i would have rather seen more about gears of war as opposed to usher but whatever.


I dont even own a ps3 but i have to admit,im really wanting one now. last of us looks great. glad we are FINALLY getting PSONE CLASSIC support.other than that, no info on vita stuff. wanna hear more about COD VITA and ASSASSINS CREED VITA? well fuck you, heres a harry potter book of magic shit.

Nintendo: D

i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to like the WII U. i was fucking psyched! but aside from pikmin 3 and zombie U, i didnt see anything. i really think the promise of the WII U is amazing. if i was grading just the console, id give it an A+. But im starting to reallize that nintendo is just releasing a last generation console. ive allready played arkham city and mass effect 3. i dont want or need to play them again just on a diffrent console. whats gonna happen when next gen really gets here? will the WII U get left behind when mass effect 4 or arkham world comes out? they are gonna be left behind.


far cry 3, watchdogs,splinter cell and assassins creed 3 stole the show. i wasnt even the least bit interested in assassins creed 3 and now im buying it on day one. they were the highlight of the show,no doubt.

your guys turn.

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