Workout Group (Xbox360)

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If anyone wants to join in, I've created a workout group for those of us who got the game on Xbox360: 
Group name: GBombers
Password: havefun    

#2 Posted by zerok (180 posts) -

Sorry, typo: The group's name is GBombers and not Bombers :-)

#3 Posted by Gianorama (3 posts) -

Is anyone still active in this workout group? I'll like to join to get an that achievement and some extra motivation.

#4 Posted by nukkajdav (21 posts) -

I'm in! Let's raise the achievement average and lower the pounds! 
I'm sorry, that was terrible. But I'm in!

#5 Posted by EpicSteve (6501 posts) -

That sounds really cool. Too bad I don't have a Kinect.

#6 Posted by Faramir82 (68 posts) -

I'm active in the group.

#7 Posted by Cypher (114 posts) -

I'm in. 9-week program is GO!

#8 Posted by nukkajdav (21 posts) -

The unfatness begins.

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