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An upcoming first-person shooter.


Poisonous red vines spread through a New England town, causing a state of quarantine to be declared. The mysterious, otherworldly vines strangle and taint the environment into an alien wasteland.

The protagonist finds four other survivors and teams up with them to combat the strange new threat.


In 2009, development on the game was put on hold indefinitely due to financial problems. Though it was not mentioned as a reason for halting development, 3D Realms had been sued over Earth No More by Cinemagraphix Entertainment in early 2008. Cinemagraphix claimed to have pitched a game to 3D Realms in 2005 that had the same name, concept, and even extremely similar concept art. Copyright infringement, unlawful competition, misappropriation, unfair business practices, unjust enrichment, conspiracy and other claims were filed against 3D Realms, though no resolution has been publicly announced.


In September 2012, 3D Realms announced they were financing continued development of Earth No More using crowd funding though Gambitious. Notably, 3D Realms founder Scott Miller made special mention that George Broussard (notorious for his involvement with Duke Nukem Forever) was not involved in the project.

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