I dont care what anyone says, Im glad Jim is back....

#1 Posted by Jettblackk (56 posts) -

.....and honestly I think it looks great!! Crisp, Smooth, and Vibrant, sure the controls are still a litte clunky, but thats part of the nostalgia, im remembering why I love this game! I just picked it up and played for about hour, but cant wait to get into the bonus lvls and the co-op! Woohoo!! But the best part is, sitting my 6 year old down with ut and watching him enjoy it as much as i did when i was a kid......priceless.....

#2 Posted by Montrealien (22 posts) -

I agree, Earthworm Jim HD is a great example of how you do a classic 2D platformer remake. I am absolutly loving this game. I even played through the original last week just to get back into it. Here`s hoping it sell well enough to warrant Earthworm Jim 2 HD. There are about 16k people on the leader boards as of this afternoon, I think it is doing ok.

#3 Posted by Jettblackk (56 posts) -

oooo, I agree, hoping for EWJ2..........(crosses fingers)

#4 Posted by JackSukeru (6083 posts) -

Have no nostalgia for EWJ so that's probably the problem. But I can relate since I've got nostalgia for other games that haven't held up well either, like Oscar and arguably Zelda 2, love that game.
#5 Posted by Piglet (138 posts) -

There is an AMAZING mod in Modnation racers of EWJ

#6 Posted by amoremono1 (151 posts) -

Im loving it, and really I dont get the hate for the HD version.  Im actually playing them side by side, and as much as Im not really a fan of Gameloft, they did a damn fine job.

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