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Snot and farts in High Definition 0

Earthworm Jim was definitely one of those concepts that you had to be around at the time to appreciate. Back in 1994, all you needed to dazzle people was a fluid animation of a character climbing a ledge for people to think your production was the real deal. Who cares if there’s a lack of cohesion within the universe’s design; look at the way light shimmers off your gun! And maybe Earthworm Jim was a token case of graphics over gameplay. I loved this franchise as a youngin. The cartoon was vastl...

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This Worm Could Look Better 0

Note: This review is being mirrored from If you have any suggestions about this review or any of my reviews in the future, be sure to leave a comment either here or on PODiMOUTH.    Digital download services seem to be the home of old franchises and genres hoping to make a big return to the industry, especially the platformer. No character has been as sorely missed as Shiny’s Earthworm Jim. But now, Virgin has crawled back from the dirt to next generational consoles to...

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As the worm turns. 0

I'm actually embarrassed to say this, but I cannot beat this game. If my life were to be hanging in the balance and the fates of the world, the universe, the parallel-universe from Fringe, and everyone living within them were to depend on me getting past the last boss of Earthworm Jim, everyone would be doomed. It's the What The Heck level that gets me. I can't get past it. I've been trying my darndest since the 90s, but I just can't pull it off.Earthworm Jim...consider my ass kicked by you....

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:) 0

Earthworm Jim : A 16-bit platformer from Dave Perry and Doug TenNepal and a developer called Shiny Entertainment, all of which are only famous for making…well, Earthworm Jim.Story : Here’s as good a synopsis as any. It’s your typical scenario with games of the day where the only way to understand the story is to read either the back of the box or the manual, as the game itself had no form of dialogue or storytelling, (other than the story of one cow’s journey.) Come to think of it, I kind of wis...

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