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The Brotherhood of Steel clean ED-E right up
The Brotherhood of Steel clean ED-E right up

Eyebot Duraframe E (ED-E) is an enclave eyebot built in the east coast at the Adams Air Force Base by an enclave human named Whitley, and it's recruitable by the courier. ED-E is a prototype duraframe model built primarily for combat instead of a mobile radio like other models.

ED-E has an interesting companion quest, which progresses when other NPCs talk about either technology or the Enclave. It is only through this quest that ED-E can gain an armor upgrade (16DT), which makes the appearance of ED-E much more clean looking, Or the player can choose to have ED-E's laser weapon upgraded, though this does not change the appearance of ED-E dramatically.


  • SPECIAL - 6 STR, 10 PER, 5 END, 5 CHA, 5 INT, 7 AGI, 9 LUC
  • Stats - 180 to 396 Health, 8 Damage Threshold (upgraded to 16DT)
  • Karma - Neutral
  • Perks - Enhanced Sensors
  • Level - 10 to 22

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