Anymore else here play this game? Thoughts on the ending SPOILERS

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So I went a bought this game after watching the Quick Look for it because it looked so god damn weird in a way I haven't seen that much. The idea of being a cute little girl that keeps murdering people without realizing it is pretty neat.

Ok so the big twist at the end is that Dr. Marcel reveals that although Edna did really escape from the Asylum, no one has seen her since and the Edna you've been talking to the whole game is not real along with Garritt. I'm not quite sure I believe it though. How did Lilli know what Edna looked like? We're did she get Edna's Diary which revealed a hidden hideout in the cave? Garritt gave Lilli a truth serum though the eye's of the painting in Mother Superior's office. If he's not real how did she get that? What about all the hidden passages she uses to escape?

On the other hand there are some strong cases for it being true as well. For example, though out the whole game none of the other characters ever mentions Edna or Garritt. They are only mentioned by the Narrator or by each other.

In the end it doesn't really matter. Its meant to be weird and out there. Still, its fun to think about. I'm curious if anyone else has beaten the game and what they think.

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I would recommend going back and playing The Breakout. I actually liked that one a bit more, particularly because of Edna. It was very disappointing to find out she wasn't real in New Eyes.

And I agree, far too many inconsistencies regarding the ending. There's also the part of Dr. Marcel's henchmen mentioning that they captured "her", referring to Edna.

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I didn't mind the ending as much as I hated the fucking pizza sequence. Why the hell didn't they put the topping and color blindness info on the screen like they did with all the other mini games?

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