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English of the Dead is a language-learning tool on Nintendo DS released exclusively in Japan. As the title implies, players focus on their English skills while attempting to take out hordes of zombies in another rendition of The House of the Dead 2's plot. This is done with the help of the touch screen, as players are meant to write specific words found on the upper screen which are attached to the enemies. Vocal clips also accompany the words so that the proper pronunciation is made clear.


English of the Dead can be considered a spiritual successor to an earlier line of educational games known as The Typing of the Dead, which also relied on The House of the Dead 2 for much of its content. Although not hugely successful, The Typing of the Dead went on to become a cult classic due to its tongue in cheek humor and absurd premise which involved using the power of typing to kill zombies. Nevertheless, it managed to spawn a sequel which used The House of the Dead 3 as its respective backdrop. As the most recent entry in the educational spinoff series of The House of the Dead franchise, The English of the Dead is thusly influenced by its older keyboard-reliant brethren in terms of gameplay structure, although many tweaks are included to better work with the DS' capabilities.

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