Camera is really getting on my nerves now

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*Being careful with description of setting in case of SPOILERS, very story driven game. Mostly about camera in general though* 
Later in the game there's an area where after jumping down from a tower some enemies come at you. It's quite a small space which is mostly occupied by the tower itself, and matters aren't helped by the enemy types that come at you. As these are shielded enemies you have to either get around the shield and attack from behind, or hit them with some kind of stunning attack. This is maybe the 3rd time so far in the game I've really had to fight against the camera auto "correcting" itself when I'm trying to keep an eye on where the enemies are, what they're doing etc.  
One of the two stun attack options forces the camera right up to Monkey for dramatic effect as it's charging and needs another second or so before you get to look around again. Shielded enemies are constantly circle strafing and attacking themselves as this happens.  
The other is to fire a stun shot from your staff, which I've got the splash damage upgrade for so it stuns multiple enemies. This takes a little bit of time to aim normally, but often I've gone into aiming looking the exact opposite direction of the enemies for no reason. The time taken to turn around and fire is more than enough (in this instance at least) for the enemies to have sprinted into slashing your face open.  
The evade attack is useless when fighting more that one enemy as not only does it miss most of the time, even if the attack you dodged misses, the others will get you while you're recovering. It's still a gamble against just one enemy, as they can spin around and follow you just as fast as you roll away / around / under them.

This is only the most recent example of this happening. The worst (so far) was the last fight of Chapter 5. I could easily see the camera wiggling around as it struggled against me. Theres also the problem that when I died it'd start with the boss in my face already attacking, not a single thing I tried got me away from it without taking massive damage. I've never had camera complaints about any game I've ever played before in my life, even games like Tomb Raider that got slated for camera issues never bothered me. If I just throw attacks at a direction (which is all the combat actually is, it doesn't fix onto enemies in any way) it leaves me massively open for ages that gets my health shredded. 
I can't be the only one that can't see whats going on because of ridiculous dramatic angles that has monkey take up most of the screen, has anyone else had these problems and / or found a way around them? If I'm missing a key part of combat by all means tell me so I don't have to fight the game itself.

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Yes,that is one of the problems this game has.What I did was roll out of the way untill the camera fixed itself.

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Haven't gotten there yet but have completed through chapter four and there definitely has been at least one time where I've gotten frustrated with how the camera was acting. I am however overall loving this game and its pretty fun.  
So a few camera issues aren't really going to set me off.

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   The only time I struggled a bit with the combat/camera was the bit after the tower.  That was mainly due to the fact I forgot about the stun attack for the shielded dudes so was trying to either get round the back of them or use the stun shot (with no upgrades) in that small area.  Apart from that, didn't really have any issues with the camera. 
   I can't remember which fight the Ch5 one is, but don't forget you can often use the Cloud during boss fights to get some space.
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I'm on chapter 12 or so and I've never had a problem with the camera. Sometimes enemies hit me from off screen but it's easy enough to just block once you've taken out an enemy to give the camera a chance to zoom back. I've only died a handful of times in combat sections. Just make sure to upgrade your health first. The extra attacks aren't really all that valuable. Also upgrade the strength of the plasma blase and your firing speed. When you go into first person the camera is pointing where Monkey is looking. It has worked perfectly for me. Honestly the enemies do so little damage and can be so easily blocked that it isn't much of an issue when you get hit a couple of times. Just roll and block. I assume the boss at the end of chapter five was some form of the dog. When you respawn and he is close by just quickly hit R3 to get on your cloud and fly away. You can also dodge out of the way. If it is the ball and chain dude then just dodge. He can't hit you while you are rolling. it is all about timing. I don't know, I haven't had a problem with the camera, but I have a really good sense about where enemies are in a game. I am playing on the medium difficulty or whatever it is called. Maybe on hard the enemies do a lot more damage, but on medium/normal you can survive almost any battle if you are careful.

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The camera is far too close during combat, that said, most of the time I can still see an attack coming and block/dodge accordingly. It's definitely the game's biggest shortcoming, though.

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Have you tried sucking less?

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The camera zooming up behind Monkey every time I did a stun attack was fucking infuriating, especially if you were doing it to charge up a stun to use as a first hit on incoming enemies because as soon as you hold that button down & the camera gets sucked up on monkey's back you can no longer see past him to anything that might be running at you with murderous intent.

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