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ESPN College Hoops brings you all the pageantry, tradition, pride and competitive spirit of real college basketball. New features include: 
Dazzling fastbreaks, buzzer-beater jumpers, and the new IsoMotion and Slam Session features bring the intense world of college basketball right into your home. 
Commentary from Mike Patrick and Jay Bilas along with detailed ESPN overlays, make every game feel like an exciting championship broadcast. New ESPN Cams follow all the action, both on the court and in the crowd, capturing everything from high-flying cheerleaders to the Cameron Crazies. 
Unleash new offensive moves using your right analog stick. Pivots, Jab Steps, Crossovers, Spins, and Step Backs are all at your disposal to break the defenders down. On defense, use the manual stealing system to rip the ball out of your opponent's hands.
Create your own dynasty from the ground up, customizing everything from the arena to team schedules. Use assistant coaches wisely to recruit year-round or suffer losing that prized JuCo prospect right out from under your nose. Attend high-school games to seek out the nation's best players. Hire the right assistant coaches to hep you on your quest to cut down the nets in San Antonio.
With over 310 real division schools, 3-D crowds, and more than 100 mascots and fight songs to choose from this is as close as you can get to the real thing. 
Compete in five different slam dunk competitions: Beat The Clock, Style, Horse, Dunk-O-War & Championship. 
Unlock numerous items, including Classic teams, Mascot teams and other goodies, like wacky stadiums or air hockey.
Play with up to 8 friends offline with the use of a multi-tap. Or take your game online and play with up to 10 people.

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