Anyone else have a favorite game like this?

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I don't buy AAA blockbuster titles.  Name any 'masterpiece' from last year and I haven't played it.  I don't have the time or money to buy every $60 'experience' that I play through once, put on a shelf in it's limited edition collectors case, and defend on gaming forums until it's replaced in my mind by another recent title that got good reviews.  I'd much rather boot up good ol' EU3.  I've played this game for hours and hours and hours and I still don't have half a clue what I'm doing.  I've only played three countries extensively.  I get my ass beat on normal.  The possibilities on this game are so seemingly limitless that I can lose myself for hours at a time pressing the spacebar.  Does this game have awesome graphics that melt my $10,000 72" 1080p plasma screen?  Does it cause my $2,000 'gaming rig' with seven graphics cards to crash every 30 seconds?  Do my bowels erupt every time the Dolby 10.1 surround sound lets out an explosion?  Do I get to have rousing conversations with fellow messageboard users about how EU4 will kick ass because Random Japanese Man is doing the music for it, or how the PS3 has a better lineup of similar games?
Am I really missing out on the fun by not playing the HAWT NEW GAMES?
I don't think so.

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Lol long wait for EU4

Paradox are working on Hearts of Iron 3 which is due for release next month and they will then be beginning work on another project but that is expected to either be an entirely new game in the series or one of their old 2D games brought onto the 3D engine.

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I think EU3 is indeed a pretty good game, although I never got that into it myself.

That doesn't stop me from enjoying the big releases though.

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@MC_Izawa Why are you such an angry and bitter person?
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Anyone still play this game? Think I clocked over 260 hours in this game...

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While I'm well late, most definitely play this game. One of the first where I got my butt handed to me on a silver platter, and the expansions made this even better ; it's nice playing a game where every move impacts dozens of things, rather than one or two. Originally I'd thought I'd hate it (being an expansion minded player and all) but it turns out... I actually like it.

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EU3 and its expansions (and to a lesser extent, Vicky 2 and CK2) are my favorite games. Not 'favorite strategy games' or 'favorite PC games' but literally my favorite games, full stop. I'm just hoping Paradox's next project is Rome 2 given how amazing it could be if it were polished to CK2's standard.

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Posting in a three year old thread, because I can - not because I have anything to add.

The OP was mostly spouting his supposed "indie-ness" anyway, which MB promptly disproved :P


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