Flavor of the Month: Alternative RTS Experiences

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I've been playing almost exclusively a strange subset of the RTS genre lately, and I want more. 
Games like Emergency 2012, Dungeon Keeper, Evil Genius, Stronghold 2, even DEFCON
They all fit this "Alternative RTS Experience" label. They are Real Time Strategy games, but they all differ from the standard C&C or Warcraft or Ages formula centered around war and base building. Instead they have you micro-ing emergency responders, building interesting resource chains or some other interesting angle on being a commander. 
My problem now, trying to find more, is that there is no genre or tag out there I can search for to find similar games. This ringing any bells in your head as to games that are a shot?

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theme hospital

theme park world

Sid Meier's Sim Golf

roller coaster tycoon 3

Tropico 3

Anno 1404

Settlers 7

Homeworld Catacylsm

Company of Heroes

I think you will love Startopia. It's got that RTS/god game mix you seem to be looking for.

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Nice list, thanks. 
Startopia does look totally down this alley.

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