UFGT9 Preview (May 23-26) DIVEKICK comes home! Injustice goes to EVO ahead of Skullgirls and FGC News!

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Dave Lang in the Mystery Tourney right now.

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@gaspower said:

@starvinggamer said:

@gaspower: Actually Seth says "What an answer!" ~20x per match when he commentates. I lost it when he said it in-game during the stream. So on the nose.

OH YEAH! Hahaha! I keep forgetting that he does say that a lot when he commentates. Yipes has just been saying that a lot lately so the association I have retained in my mind just goes to him

EDIT: I'll be at the venue in 15 minutes! Dunno who else is going though but if any other duders are going to be there I'll be in a Lincoln FORCE shirt. :D

Have fun! Take some pictures or something? It'd be cool to see what's going on inside off stream.

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Man, Injustice fans are really angry at Divekick/no Injustice for 30min on stream two.

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Man, Injustice fans are really angry at Divekick/no Injustice for 30min on stream two.


Yeah they got quite hostile for a while there.

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Bah, I should have been watching stream 2 then.

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@chibithor: I'm the opposite: I'm mad that now all I've been seeing is Injustice and Marvel and apparently I missed all that sweet, sweet Divekick.

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@churrific: Alright, I actually took most of my pictures with my phone and most of them ended up being super blurry and that made me really, really sad :( Instead I'll just upload the pics I got with the iPod instead. I apologize for the crappy quality ahead of time duders.

Divekick station 1 (pictured Bananaken in the green shirt)
Divekick station 3 (with Divekick station barely seen to the left)
Iron Galaxy booth featuring Reynald of KOF XIII fame (bottom left)

Also I didn't remind myself to take a picture, but I was able to finally meet and talk (for awhile too!) to The Lang Zone himself, Dave Lang. It was awesome being able to talk to him about Divekick, the community, his experiences in game development, and a bunch more. I'm not sure if I can share with some info though that he shared in regards to game development and the publishing side in general but I can share a nice trivia that I found out that night. Ari Weintraub aka EG.Fl0e is originally from Chicago and is good friends with Dave and once upon a time he worked with them at Iron Galaxy on Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition but had to leave prior to release since he was moving out to Los Angeles. I was also able to talk to a bunch of Divekick players during casuals, one of which was Graham, the man who won one of the midwest Divekick tourneys and challenged Dave Lang to a hundred dollar money match during the pre-show. Very cool guy that has deep appreciation for the game and a ton of knowledge and strategies as well. All in all, a great tournament and a great experience for me.

Parting shot:

That's me grinning behind the guy with his eyes open wide while pumping his arms at the camera. Good times!

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injustice players are apparently just as pissed as the stream monsters because (according to tom brady) they only had 4 setups for 200 plus entrants to do pools.

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@casper_: I think I saw more than 4 units since I saw 4 units in the area beside the second stage, also during the 2 or 3 o'clock pools, Injustice was also being played on the 2nd big screen stage and there were about two or more consoles near one of the conference hall entrances also playing that game. Perhaps at a later schedule during the day they had to use those other consoles for a different game but there were definitely more than 4 units that i saw where injustice was being played during pools.

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Day 2 is go!

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I think I'll stick to stream 2 today as well. Good to see Yukikos, the one that was on previously was amazing

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I'm stream monstering this at home now since we've got people coming over. Hopefully I can go again tomorrow for the finals but for now I'm just crossing my fingers since I might not be able to make it back in time. It really feels different being there where you really do hear the nasty stuff at times being said from somebody in the crowd. Hahaha!

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@gaspower: you were supposed to enter all the tournaments and get that eSports money and run around saying Spooby Plz. #BibleThump

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UMVC3 stuff is making my head spin holy shit the game is so fast.

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@gaspower: GaspoweR pls

Shout-out to KOF and P4A. I'm sure lots of people have been Mahveling it up but they're hype too.

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Hahaha! Those crowdmonster guys from yesterday are still there! :D

EDIT: Woah Latif got sent to losers by Mike Ross and got eliminated by Chris G.... Tsktsk. Now Wolfkrone is also in losers. MAAAAAN....

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@gaspower said:

Hahaha! Those crowdmonster guys from yesterday are still there! :D

EDIT: Woah Latif got sent to losers by Mike Ross and got eliminated by Chris G.... Tsktsk. Now Wolfkrone is also in losers. MAAAAAN....

been out of the house, any other upsets in the last two hours?

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@flstyle: CORN | alucarD is the one who put ChrisG into losers, then got walked over by Valle like it was nothing, then took out Air in losers. I don't know if that's an upset, but the way Valle made him look like a fool was really bizarre after his strong showing against ChrisG and his even stronger showing later against Air's Ryu.

EDIT: Also Keits got put into losers in Marvel which wasn't an upset but was certainly upsetting.

EDIT2: IIRC saltybet had the ChrisG match at almost 10:1 in Chris's favor.

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@flstyle: I seem to remember AlucarD being the guy who was pulling off upsets. I think he was the one who sent ChrisG to losers and I think Wolfkrone is also in losers but I'm not sure. Mike Ross I think is still in winners. I remember the salty bet amount between Mike Ross v Latif was <5000 for Mike and >then 10,000 for Latif. It was pretty crazy. Mike was making some pretty good decisions and reads in that match.

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Spent all day watching SF4 matches on my tv and enjoyed every bit of it. Can't spend the whole day watching tomorrow, but I'm going to try to at least catch the SF and Divekick finals. I really should watch more fighting game tournaments so I can remember who most of these people are.

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@recspec: Thanks for tuning in, I'll try to remember to list the winners and good performances of this event in my CEO 2013 blog next month as a reminder (for myself as much as everyone else).

@gaspower: @starvinggamer: Cool thanks

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Hype TTT2 finals and with that I will call it a night, I'm up for Badminton in 6 hours. Enjoy the rest of Day 2!

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Gotta love that Viscant classic with the resets.

EDIT: Viscant's almost reverse-OCV with Shuma was great.

EDIT: Oh my god this UMvC3 Auction tourney is literally the best thing ever, literally. Swiss Cheese!

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MK9 Finale was great with Dizzy coming back from losers bracket to win it. Especially by destroying the guy that put him there.

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@flstyle: @starvinggamer: @tycobb: Man I miss all those great matches, I was out of the house and I was able to watch it on mobile momentarily but I was just too busy. Will be catching up on the archives.

Btw, how much did Viscant pay for Shuma? DId he know how to use Shuma?

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@gaspower: Nah it was during the character auction tournament. IIRC the team he bid on and won was Zero/Doom/Shuma.

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Finals Day begins! Check the schedule in the OP.

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Anyone else having stutter? 720p+ on stream 2 was fine yesterday, now even 240p keeps lagging on stream 1. I figured it'd just go away on it's own but it's been this way since Injustice started.

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@chibithor: I've had TONS of issues with Twitch in general lately. Right now watching the Injustice stuff on 720 with minimal issues ATM *crosses fingers*

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@chibithor: I lagged on 720+ but 720 has been fine, there must be a problem between the venue and your internet provider/connection/area/something else

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Well holy shit Chris G with the Green Arrow win. Was expecting a Batman or Aquaman in the finals pretty nuts how this game is evolving already.

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The bear is too stronk!

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Oh shit the mystery game tournament is fucking great. That bird is too beast! PUNISHABLE BY PECK!

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Fighters Megamix son!

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I've been really enjoying watching X Tekken lately and Chris G's Hwoarang X Chun-Li is storming towards another trophy.

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Woke up just in time to see ChrisG win SFxT, I'll have to catch Injustice on the archive later.

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Starting soon

AE Top 8 on stream 1 - KOFXIII Top 8 on stream 2

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@gaspower: Lol nice pics dude. The place seems just as huge as it looks on stream.

Light up blue trophies: great idea. If Chris wins a few more, he can surround himself with them and create that DBZ powerup aura for meme of the year.

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All these people shit talking SFxT on commentary amuses me greatly.

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Oh man Chris G didn't have anywhere to go with Wolfkrone having so much meter.

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That last match with ChrisG was pretty nuts.

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Chris G in the background looking sad over his loss, he wants all the trophies.

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Go Valle!

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EDIT: OLD MAN VALLE still got it! :D

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Awesome job Alex Valle, very happy for him.

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Fuck yeah, Alex Valle winning was a win for old guys like me.


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Props to Alex Valle, exciting finals all around.

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