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On the continent Valorim the mighty Empire banishes criminals, malcontents and other enemies into a life of exile. They are teleported deep underground into a cavernous maze where they must live their remaining years in darkness. However, many political opponents were sent as well. Wizards, scholars and mages including Erika Redmark the Empire's most powerful sorceress. Deep underground Erika gathers enough power to teleport directly into King Hawthorne's throne room assassinating him with one spell. The Empire immediately gathers a counter force to attack the meagre exile army. Just when the battle seemed lost the exile's mysterious allies, the Vahnatai appear to overwhelm the Empire. Intelligent, cunning and powerful the Vahnatai use their advanced magical prowess to push the Empire back to the surface. Shortly after led by Ericka the exiles build caverns close to the surface in order to scout Valorim.

Many years later, your team of adventurers are tasked to spy, scout and infiltrate the surface world.

Character Creation

Players can choose up to five characters to form a party, however only one is required. Each character must choose a visual avatar, traits, skills and race. Some traits increase exp gained, in return for negative effects. While other traits give positive effects for decreased exp gain. Based of a characters skills, they will start with related items ie an archer would start with a bow. Interestingly no matter what visual appearance you choose, npc's throughout the game note your pale skin immediately assuming your an exile.

Nephil+Dexterity, archery and thrown weapons-12% exp
Slith+Strength, intelligence and Pole arms-20% exp
Good TraitsExp gainedBad TraitsExp gained
Magically apt-20%Magically inept+8%

Nimble fingers-10%

Cave lore-4%


Good constitution-10%Frail+8%
Highly alert-7%

Exceptional strength-12%Bad Back+8%
Recuperation-15%Chronic disease+20%
HealthIncreases health points directly
Spell pointsIncreases magic reserves
StrengthIncreases health points based on level, higher chance to break down doors and physical damage.
DexterityIncreases combat speed, thieving abilities and dodge chance
IntelligenceIncreases spell effectiveness
Blade weapons+Damage with swords, axes and daggers
Bashing weapons+Damage with clubs, maces and hammers
Pole arms+Damage with spears, halberds and bardiches
Thrown weapons+Damage with knives and darts
ArcheryIncreases accuracy and damage with bows and crossbows
DefenseReduces penalties from wearing larger, heavier armor
Mage spellsDetermines what tier of Mage spells are available
Priest spellsDetermines what tier of Priest spells are available
Mage loreIncreases the chances to decipher spell books
AlchemyIncreases the chance to make potions successfully ,and which are available
Disarm TrapsIncreases chance to disarm traps
LockpickingIncreases chance to unlock doors and chests
AssassinationHigher values increase chance of a second physical attack
PoisonIncreases the chance to successfully apply poison to a weapon
LuckHigher values increase chance of a mortal blow failing, leaving you with 1 health.


Exile III is non-linear turn-based adventure game. All characters can perform an action or move per turn. Outside of combat the leading avatar represents your entire party. On the word map random mobs of enemy's roam the surface and can attack the players avatar initiating combat. In combat each party member is controlled individually. With caves hostility will immediately separate the party's individual characters and start combat.


Players emerge from Exile to travel the vast surface. Trees, stones and water are not passable in the world map unless using a flying spell. Towns may be visited to obtain from residents information, items, quests and shelter. Dialogue is executed through a word parser, words within the text are clickable which automatically enter that word. Caves often hold monsters and treasures for those brave enough to venture within. There are many secret areas within the game, often through a visually impassable barrier such as a wall. Players may camp to regain health or find a bed within a town or cave as long as there are no monsters within range. Characters will consume food and will suffer damage if none is available. Passing certain areas may trigger traps or events, such as a floor trap summoning a demon.


When faced with a hostile force, your party separates into its individual characters. Initial order of who has the first turn is based on a characters speed and dexterity. Each action requires "action points" which includes moving, attacking, casting spells, using items, defending or accessing inventory. Killing an enemy will drop its loot onto the floor which must be collected before leaving the combat zone or it will be lost. Within caves and towns loot will remain until its otherwise disposed of. This also includes permanent spells such as quickfire, which endlessly spreads throughout a level. Friendly NPCs will become hostile if attacked or if you are witnessed stealing.

Plagues and Enemy's

The main quest that drives the story revolves around five plagues of monsters terrorizing Valorim. The first is the "slims" which are acidic creatures who's whole purpose is consuming everything. The second is a plague of giant cockroaches spreading disease and death wherever they go. The third is a war between the savage Troglodytes and powerful Giants. Next is an ominous and powerful army of lifeless Golems ravaging the Empire and anything that gets in their way. The final plague is a mysterious appearance of "alien beasts", giant dog-like creatures with six massive appendages whose intent are still not known.

Demons are an ever present force, often summoned or found in ruins. The Naga are an ancient snake creature still lurking in the depths. The most rare creature however are dragons. All Wyverns will attack the player, however some adult dragons will allow an audience before devouring them.

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