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Fable 2 is good? Is it Fact or Fable?

Fable 2 is a Western RPG from British based Lionhead studios, and a fantastic entry to the Xbox 360 library. I'm going to say this from the get-go, although the combat is not as deep as most RPGs (particularly JPRGs) this does not particularly detract from the Fable 2 experience. 

The main strength of Fable 2 is it's atmosphere. It tries (and succeeds) in creating a world which is reminiscent of classic European fairy tales, which is an interesting and diverse land to explore, different towns and locations which all have a different feel makes traveling through the story (and traveling after its completion) entertaining. The inhabitants also lend they're talents into making this game more interesting with its (very British) dark humor and some dialogue which will make you laugh. The ability to interact with these also enriches the "feel" that Albion is a living, breathing world and although communicating with these NPCs isn't as robust as it could be (your character doesn't actually speak, he or she communicates with people with simplistic movements that convey a message to the NPC) it suits the game, if your hero suddenly launched into a Mass Effect style dialogue tree it would detract from the world and game Lionhead have created, and to be honest its not something you find yourself wanting during the game.

The story, although good, is short for a RPG. The story is engaging without introducing anything particularly new to the table (unless you count a story that spans many many years, like the original Fable - and probably other games too). The basic (spoiler free) story-line is a revenge tale where you try to gather 3 other heroes to fight against evil, pretty standard stuff really but it is enjoyable! The only disappointing thing about the story though is its length, you'll probably brush through the main story-arc in about 8+ hours and although bolstered with side-missions and jobs you'll still be wishing there was more, and the Knothole Island DLC does not extend the experience much as it only introduces 1 mission which some people will not want to cough up 800MS points for, even if it does come with some (pretty cool) exclusive items. However, where the story does fall short on length it makes up for it in sheer enjoyment, It is an interesting story with interesting characters and events that make the purchase worth while. The user-friendly controls also add to the games "enjoyment factor", with the expression wheel for interacting with NPCs is easy to access and combat moves mapped to 3 buttons for each type of attack (Melee, Ranged, Magic) which some veteran of RPGs may find irritating (or for n00bs) most will appreciate as it opens the target market up and makes it enjoyable to play for most. Co-op is also a feature in Fable 2 - you can play co-op throughout the entire story (bar the childhood introductory mission) which is a cool feature that, unfortunately, most will avoid as the camera goes to a lego star wars style camera which restricts movement and can actually deter from the fun of combat, however you can't blame 'em for adding a feature that some will appreciate for some couch or Xbox LIVE co-op, it just would have been nice to be able to move freely as your character in someone else's world (which you cannot do as you cannot import your own hero, and have to choose from a preset hero upon entering their world). 

Also, who can forget one of the main features of Fable 2. The Dog! When he was introduced by Peter Molyneux, many scoffed as he suggested you will feel companionship and love for this pup, but as the game progresses you do see where he was coming from. Although I'm not suggesting I felt some freaky (and probably illegal) bestiality feelings towards my faithful friend, i did enjoy his company and and did really miss him when he wasn't by my side. He also serves a practical tool throughout your journey since he serves as your mini-map and metal detector as he detects nearby enemies and treasure chests without ever getting annoying or in your way (which is a feat in itself) and you'll begin to enjoy your dog's company as he is easily one of the main emotive links in Fable 2 you'll get (in a good way).

Overall Fable 2 is an excellent game which although could be considered a simplistic approach to the RPG genre is a enjoyable and interesting experience that is a blast to play through and has plenty of replay value as your hero and world morphs and changes depending on your decisions and actions. Even though Fable 2 isn't an amazingly innovative game (apart from the dog) it does bring some interesting features that work well and the; the living breathing world, the fun combat, the engaging story, pick up and playability, dark humor and four-legged friend will make this characteristic game one you'll want to add to your own personal collection. 5 stars from me!
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Posted by Sammyen94

Fable 2 is a dream that you can play. Buy it and enjoy it! 
I would say it beats mw2. .. 

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