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Factorio is a mixture of top down crafting/survival game with production line design similar to Spacechem.

As the sole survivor from your space ship it is your job to prepare the randomly generated planet for the arrival of colonists. You start with only basic hand tools that let you gather materials (wood, coal, stone and ores) to produce better tools with.

Machinery can be developed to automate the collection of most materials. With the use of conveyor belts and robotic arms you set about building a factory that can produce a wide variety of components that you will need to advance.

Most machines require fuel to run so initially you are filling each one with coal by hand, but as with everything they can be automated until you develop steam power and are able to power your factory with electricity

New technology is unlocked through the production of 'Science Packs' and gives access to a wider variety of products and components for your machines to build as well as more advanced transport systems for your factory.

The native creatures do not take kindly to the pollution that is produced so defense must also be factored in, either by yourself or by sentry turrets. Except they need reloading every so often so while you're at it you may as well automate that too.

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