The blue star bottle caps?

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So i am only a few hours into the game and through murder and a mini glitch i have a fair stack of them already ..... without being too spoilery how many do you actualy need?
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@SilenceUK: no idea.  Have you run into people trying to get them from you?  I ran into the first merchant who tells you about it and then on the way to...Primm...or wherever you see the town demolished by Legion I was attacked by a lady pretending to be in trouble.  I thought if you had enough someone came to you?
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@SilenceUK: From "Cha Cha: Answers from the People"  (I don't really think this is a spoiler, but just in case)
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@SilenceUK: And a follow-up: 
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had the first guy who intros you to them killed him got a few from his body then ran into a couple fighting killed the girl got some from her and then asked the guy for his to keep him safe and fo some reason it bugged and i could ask him for them twice  
Also found a few around and on a couple of dead raiders etc not that many it seems in teh big picture but like 20plus in the first few hours seemed high to me
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What!? Over 50!? I have played this game like 40 hours and I have about 10 of them..

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I got a lot early on, and then haven't seen any for quite a while. I haven't really been looking, though. If it's just a side-story element, I doubt I'll go out of my way for them.

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You get most of the caps from just finding them in the world, can't image how many Sunset Sarsaparillas you would have to drink.

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Hmmm well once i decide to try and fight these 6 or 7 guys ive just ran into out side pimm i might get the chance to find more lol
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Im 30 hours in and haven't found any!

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I kinda cheated and entered player.additem 00103b1c 1000 into the console, this gave me 1000 of the star caps but I haven't had anyone attacking me for them yet.

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If you ever see crates with 2 big X's there are usually a few bottles. And you can also find them in   Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machines of course. Just be sure to drink the stuff and a cap will be added to your inventory.

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I haven't found any, but I also haven't been looking.

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Remember that you have a 10 percent chance of pulling one when busting open a new bottle of that SASSY fresh taste!

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You can get a bunch just by drinking the Sarsaprilla bottles when you find them.  About one of ten will have a special cap, and the machines seem to refill at a decent clip.

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The new vegas wiki shows a 5% chance of getting a blue star cap off a fresh bottle of sarsaparilla. But they can also be found just about anywhere that there is a few empty bottles just hanging around (among other, normal caps). I have somewhere around 22 or so. You need 51 of them in order for them to be useful.

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With 51 caps, head to the Sunset Sarsaparilla bottling plant, and speak with Festus. You'll know him when you see him.
Other than a story, you'll find a bit more narrative, a unique Laser Pistol, and you'll have proof that you are a real Sunset Deputy...

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Whenever I am in a place that has empty Sunset Sarsaparilla bottles on the counters or tables I seem to always find one on the table next to it. I am maybe about 20 hours in and have over 30.  I have never gotten one from drinking the soda though, even though I have probably ingested at least 20,  just to see what happens.

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I dunno how you guys haven't found more of the caps... are you just playing along the storyline and nothing else?

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They are easy to miss, especially if you are not looking for them.
I've done almost all sidequests leveled to 30 long before finishing the game and explored while not everything more than 75% of the locations and still ended up with about only 35 caps by the end of the game even tho there are 101 in the world statically placed. Like I said they are easy to miss.
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@Tennmuerti: Really?  They're usually lying next to a bottle of Sunset Sarsparilla in little houses and what not, just remote areas.  There's also two characters, Tomaz/Tomas and some chick who you encounter somewhere on the far-west of the wasteland, they start fighting as soon as you get near 'em.  They both have quite a few of them on them.  I haven't been looking at all and I have about twenty, not finished the sidequests yet and I've not seen anywhere near all of the map yet.  I guess I just got lucky...

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