Playing Stealth did not prepare me for gun fights

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I'm not the biggest gamer in the world and I'm certainly not one that seeks out extreme gaming challenges to feel achievement or a sense of accomplishment. I usually do the single player story and then move on.

With Far Cry 3, ever since I got the bow, I've spent the majority of the game sneaking around silently taking everything done, animals and enemies. What I have found is that when I'm in a serious gun fight, I can't cope! The speed at which your health goes down coupled with the laggy or even buggy Press Y to heal (I'm playing on Xbox 360) makes the game just no fun anymore. I'm on the 6th to last mission on the second island 'Paint it Black' and I get so frustrated at the rate my health falls. I press Y to heal, there is a clear second delay before anything happens, I also have to stand still or it's like I never even pressed Y.

I'm so close to finishing the story, I've liberated all the outposts on the first island and hunted everything to get all the upgrades, I'm just so not looking forward to open air gun fights.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I just turning into a casual gaming pussy?

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Get the endorphins boost syringe. That stuff basically is a instaheal heal double your health cheat. That plus skills like increasing your hp and reducing damage from fire should make is fairly easy ( I just finished on the 2nd to hardest difficulty without much trouble.)

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I always carry an LMG with a sight on it to bust out when a firefight breaks out. Seems to work out pretty well.


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