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Ferid is Queen Arshtat's husband and the Commander of the Queen's Knights. Both of them had two children. The first child is the prince, Freyjadour Falena and the second is the heir to throne, Princess Lymsleia. In the course of the game he is just 34 years of age. In the game there were references that he is the son of Admiral Skald Egan, which would make Bernadette Egan as his younger sister.

16 years prior to the game time line, Ferid came to Falena from the Island Nations, where he took part in the Sacred Games for Arshtat hand in marriage. People would expected Arshtat's hand would be won by one of the gladiators for the nobles, the foreigner Ferid wins instead. A brave and skilled commander of the Queen's Knights was unusual but it proved useful in the war against Falena enemies such as Armes, where Ferid, Raja, and Lucretia Merces helped lead and defend Falena from the invasion. He abolished harsh rule on gladiators in Stormfist and ordered Takmu to do a map of the Queendom of Falena. After the lost of the Dawn Rune shortly after the Armes invasion, Arshtat decides to bear the Sun Rune to protect it, Ferid fears that the Sun Rune might make her lose her grip on her sanity and arranges for his old good friend, Georg Prime, to be one of the Queen's Knight shortly before the events of Suikoden V.

Douglas Rye is the voice actor for Ferid in the North American release.

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